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Mr.P.K. Balachandran ( Colombo, October 23, 2005 reports under the caption "Chandrika-Ranil meet threatens Rajapaksa's chances" a somewhat bi -partisan sounding news item reeking of pro UNP propaganda! This writer has previously also been cited by many observant critics for his inflammatory style of writing which is not only questionable but is likely to foment unnecessary tensions within Sri Lanka, the destructive objectives of which if he accomplishes even in some small measure is deserving of marching orders being given and the man expelled from Sri Lanka with a metaphorical resounding boot to his rear end to match! on the contention that his is not independent unbiased news reporting in the best interests of forthright and propitious journalism!

How in the name of logic does he conclude that quote" A move that could adversely affect the chances of Mahinda Rajapaksa in the Sri Lankan Presidential election is the meeting of his party chief Chandrika Kumaratunga with his rival Ranil Wickremesinghe to discuss political cooperation. According to sources, the meeting is to take place in the capital on Monday." Is Balachandran privy to the confidential goings on within the caucases of the President at a time where she has openly pledged her support for Mahinda Rajapakse or is this his own whim and fancy fuelled by UNP support that he is attempting to manipulate towards a UNP favourable end result with his flowery prose at a time when he should take great care to avoid getting involved in personal comments and innuendo relative to the explosive political climate within Sri Lanka while sticking to independent unbiased news reporting!
It also seems to be an affront to the majority Sinhala Nation whose intelligence, such writing in all appearances seem intended to undermine at least by way of rhetoric that an Indian journalist based in Colombo has the nerve to indulge in such an officious attitude ! Is he through some perverse means attempting to influence the outcome of the Presidential elections in favour of his apparent champion Wickremasinghe from the sound of it or is this an attempt at creating mischief where Balachandran's rhetoric suggests that "The public posture is that the meeting is taking place in the context of Wickremesinghe's plea that Kumaratunga and he should meet at the earliest to discuss his manifesto and explore the possibility of cooperation in solving key national issues. '' and the underlying suggestion is that the president and the leader of opposition appear to be in connivance towards a separate agenda towards creating a UNP/SLFP Chandrika Kumaratunga based alliance where to all appearances the president's loyalties have already been pledged to her own party candidate Mahinda Rajapakse! So what is Balachandran implying or insinuating here beyond attempting to ridicule the President of Sri Lanka?

The insinuations by Balachandran goes further in saying that "But political sources say that the real reason for the meeting is a shared antipathy for, and opposition to Mahinda Rajapaksa. At the meeting, Kumaratunga and Wickremesinghe are expected to discuss strategies to defeat Rajapaksa. It may be the beginning of long-term collaboration between the United National Party (UNP) led by Wickremesinghe, and a section of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) led by Kumaratunga. " which is a blatantly high handed conclusion by this somewhat confused writer who needs to clarify what exactly he means by such expression where he sums it all up while adding to the confusion of his own expresion that!"However, it is not clear as to what form the Kumaratunga-Wickremesinghe cooperation will take. There are still about three weeks to go for polling, and political sources say that anything can happen between now and then." or does he really mean something extraneous to the trend and direction the projections of the outcome of the Presidential Election which appear to be indicating presently - A RESOUNDING WIN FOR THE PRIME MINISTER !
In the heat of the rivalry between the frontrunners to the Presidency it must be observed that both Wickremesinghe and the outgoing President appear to be somewhat desperate towards setting in place their respective legacies in the political history of Sri Lanka which appear bifurcated towards the principle of outstanding patriotism as Wickremasinghe has painted himself succesfully into the portrait of a traitor willing to barter the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka with her enemies the terrorists Tamil tigers and Kumaratunga of late never openly condemning this where in the not too distant past her opposition to Wickremasinghe was unequivocal on the same theme! This could prove to be the ideal catalyst for a resounding Rajapakse win where the tide could turn against Wickremasinghe with a little inadvertent help from her new ally the President of SriLlanka as writer Balachandran has painted her to be and a further eventuality which might project the name of the outgoing President to be no better then MUD! if Balachandran's propounded political theories are put into the proper perspective!

Quite amazingly this item so indiscreetly complied by Balachandran suggests an affinity between Ranil Wickremasinghe and Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge as endearing and irrefutable when the two individuals not too long ago were at eachother's throats! His cross reference to the loss of Tamil, Christian, Muslim, and other minority votes adversely affecting Rajapakse's success somewhat wishful thinking as the Sinhalese comprising of some 74 % of the population as opposed to a miniscule 12% of Tamils further reduced to a lesser proportion according to the latest statistics of census plus the rest of the minorities appear to have united very strongly behind the issue of Sovereignity, National Security, Terrirorial Integrity and stringent measures to be taken towards dealing with the terrorist issue which are essential parts of the Rajapakse manifesto which no amount of propaganda or innuendo however beguiling they may sound as in the case of the P.K.Balachandran dialogue could ever sway in adversity for Rajapakse and in favour of Ranil Wickremasinghe if this be the intention of his prosaic dictum which is more than De Trop in the eyes of the discerning Sinhala Nation!

The inveterately biased reference to the so called 'War Mongering and Radical policies of the JVP/JHU should be further cause for this obstreperous and gregarious writer to be scrutinised for his exarcebations towards Sri Lankan political savvy whose knowledge of Sri Lankan politics in its apathetical insufficiencies are more than reflected in this dispensation of his political commentary which would probably be better suited to his own local conditions and its conglomerate melting pot of teeming masses of divided political opinions!



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