The President of Sri Lanka, has no moral right to set up a joint mechanism along with the Terrorists.

Ms. Christina Rocca spoke well, but USA should demand that the Terrorists, open the area under their control for inspection for heavy arms, like what they did for Saddam’s Iraq.

Charles Perera

The President Chandrika Kumaratunga may have a constitutional right to decide on matters concerning the unity of the country and to set up a joint mechanism with the tigers for disbursement of funds received for reconstruction work after tsunami. But she has no moral right to set any sort of a joint mechanism with the Terrorists. It is because the previous UNF government was ousted by popular vote, as they were giving in too much to the Terrorists , without receiving anything in return, and did nothing positive for the development of the country.

If the President with the SLFP backing , were to sets out to do exactly what the UNF had been doing, it means that the UPFA has become obsolete. The SLFP parliamentarians, at least some of them have a tendency to put themselves before the country, as it happened with the previous PA Government. In the provincial electorates, where SLFP is the majority, they deliberately discriminate against those who did not openly work for them during the elections. That is one reason why the SLFP cannot count on new voters, other than those who had always voted for them. This attitude has to change both provincially and nationally, if the SLFP has to oust the UNP. Importance is not to maintain the block votes looking after their needs, but attract the non-committed voters on to their side by being fair and just in all fields of activity. For that the attitude of SLFP Parliamentarians have to change.

If the UPFA were to break up, it will be because of the SLFP who have no vision and a progressive outlook. Some of the SLFP members are little different from their UNP counter parts. It is up to the President to shake them up and make them vigorous and purposeful elements. That is where they have to look up to JVP for an example. JVP are young and dedicated to the cause they have been elected to espouse. There are the media, happy always to throw bricks at the JVP harking back to their past.

It is time that the media changes their attitude and occasionally throw flowers instead of bricks at the JVP. JVP has come a long way and today they are not working against the people but for the people. The people as a whole. JVP is not against the TAMILs , but they are against the LTTE, the terrorists as most of us are. It is preferable not to call these terrorists LTTE ,as they are not the liberators of Tamils. If they are , who are the Tamils they want to liberate ? Not those whose children they have abducted, not those whose husbands have been tortured and massacred, not those from whom they have taken ransom money, not the relatives of those Tamils who are languishing in their chambers of torture, not the Tamils whose Kovils have been desecrated by tiger pistol gang.

Why a Joint Mechanism, when the Government has the means to go about with the reconstruction work in the usual manner ? Why give into the terrorists, when they do not for a moment stop aggression, by word and deed ? They continue the abductions and killings. They have done as much damage to Sri Lanka and India, as Al-Keida has done to USA.

It was good to hear what Ms. Christina Rocca had to say about the tigers being terrorist, but those are only words. What is necessary is action, such as inspection of all areas supposed to be under their protection to take a stock of their heavy arms and ammunition. There should be Inspectors to check on the military power, if they have any, as USA did to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. The areas the terrorists control should be photographed from above to see whether they have set up guns, and built air strips.

These are the positive action the America which has vowed to fight against terrorism should carryout in Sri Lanka, instead of empty words to please the media.

The Norwegian Monitors should be replaced or have Monitors from India or China to work along with them. Such that their under cover ‘association’ with the terrorists is minimized.



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