Sri Lanka's fortunes at a historic crossroads

R Chandrasoma

Never in the recent history of our country has its sovereignty been so imperiled and its destiny at the mercy of so great a host of inimical forces. Emboldened by the administrative chaos, the fecklessness of spirit of a morally debilitated population and the power-hungry wantonness of a leadership prepared to sell a nation to salvage the trappings of high office, the external imperium that menaced us since independence is ready to strike. We never had true friends. The departing Britisher had misgivings about the restored suzerainty of the Sinhala people. The Tamils were their favoured subjects and their historic loss of power disturbed them deeply. The Canadians, the Australians, the Scandinavians and like-minded others spread across the globe were fed the myth of Dravidian sufferance at the hands of an implacable enemy and sought to assuage their pangs of conscience by admitting hundreds of thousands of 'displaced Tamils' into their own territories. These now constitute a formidable expatriate force that steers the so called 'International Community' into a collision course with a hapless and moribund Sri Lanka

Prabhakaran and the ISGA are mere stalking-horses. The true intent of the interventionists -ranging from the smug and rich Japanese to the haughty and condescending Scandinavian - is the dismemberment of Sri Lanka, a fresh drawing of boundaries so that the allegedly wronged Tamils and Muslims can live in 'sequestered dignity' in regions from which the obloquy of Sinhala-Buddhism can be expunged. The nakedness of this ambition is concealed by obfuscating talk of a 'conflict in the North-East' and the 'rights' of the people of the area. It is now abundantly clear that the ordinary people of the North and East do not care a fig for the kind of separation that Prabhakaran, the British and the Scandinavians so assiduously seek. They are force-fed this dogma of hatred and separatism in aliquot parts by the maniacal Prabhakaran as well as his Masters in the West who resent the rise to power of the ancient inhabitants of this Island.

How can such blatant untruth gain such wide currency? How did the infamy of Sinhala-Buddhist persecution of the Tamils become inalienable in any discourse on race matters in Sri Lanka? We ask this question because the 'interventionists' have foisted on the world foundational myth that Sri Lanka has ill-treated its minorities and that the political re-structuring demanded is a direct consequence of continuing odious acts of discrimination against them.

Who is the custodian of Sri Lanka's honor? Such charges will not stick unless the Sinhala leaders themselves attack their own kind in a manner reminiscent of the autoimmune destruction of body-cells by its own immune system. Here is the decisive point at issue - the current crisis is more due to the eagerness and dour willing of our own leaders to subvert their kind than to the overweening truculence of the foreigner. Against all odds and precedents, the President of Sri Lanka and the Leader of the Opposition show rare unanimity of purpose in acting as heralds and surrogates of the alien forces that seek to dismember our land and to reduce its ranking in the world. They have appeared in history to annul the greatness that a long and distinguished history has bestowed on us. They lead parties that have lost all authenticity as representing the autochthones of our country. Consumed by cravenness, these parties are mere sounding-boards that amplify the deceit and treachery of their all-powerful leaders.

At this late hour are there not Sinhala leaders in the major parties to cry halt to this treachery? Does Sinhala pride attenuate in direct proportion to the augustness of the office held? The JVP alone bucks this trend and is truly conscious of the danger of the hour. Despite our many differences with the professed ideology of this Marxist organization, we salute the JVP for the valiant stand it has taken on this overarching matter of national sovereignty. May others follow its lead.



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