Failure to understand the true nature of LTTE

S.Akurugoda Melbourne Australia

The condition prevailing in the country today is some what similar to that in July1987. The Indo-Lanka Pact was forced on the government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) by its 'big brother' led by Rajiv Gandhi. Every thing was set and ready for the signature even before the prime minister, some of the cabinet of ministers and the public came to know of the contents of the agreement.

The UNP government of President JR Jayawardane signed the Indo-Lanka Pact in July 1987 despite island wide protests and subsequently made every attempt to fulfill its requirements by granting Tamil as one of the official language, introducing Provincial Councils and amalgamating North and East provinces etc with the intention of bringing permanent peace.

I return, the LTTE and other terrorist groups were expected to handover all the weapons and the Indian government undertook to bring the terrorist groups to democratic main stream and to maintain law and order in the North and East until the expectations are fulfilled by both parties. The LTTE in return, instead of handing over the weapons, managed to get arms and ammunition from the government of President Premadasa as a gift and used to kill more than 500 police and servicemen later. The Pact failed to bring 'Peace' as expected by the signatories but led to further destruction and chaos and the fate of this agreement is a clear example of applying pressure by a foreign power to the internal affairs of another country.

At the end the LTTE took the lives of both Rajiv Gandhi and President Premadasa as a reward for the trust kept on the terrorist outfit. Later President Kumarathunga started 'Peace Talks' soon after she assumed office, prepared a devolution package, brought Norwegians to interfere with the internal affairs of the country and at the end narrowly escaped from death. These are clear examples of the consequences of underestimating the cunning nature of the LTTE.

Soon after the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Ranil, Prabhakaran asked for the removal of proscription of the LTTE as a precondition for 'Peace Talks' although such a condition was not laid down in the MoU. Ranil gave in and the LTTE took the maximum advantage of the de-proscription and managed to build up a global constituency to attack the Sri Lankan government, discredit security forces and spread misinformation.

Then another precondition for 'Peace Talks' came in, and the terrorist outfit unilaterally stopped participation in 'further Talks' until the demand of ISGA is granted. Although the GOSL , both UNF and UPFA, said to have made counter proposals, the terrorists did not change a single word in their proposals or have not given up their demand for an ISGA as a precondition for 'Peace Talks 'up to now.

With the help of the cunning Norwegians and the cowardice government, today, the LTTE is in a position to meet high ranking politicians including ministers and officials in most of the EU countries and in South Africa and to apply enormous pressure on the government via donor countries and agencies to their benefit.

Since the granting of an ISGA is on suspension, the present demand for JM has emerged with Tsunami via Norwegians and its terror allies for not as a precondition for 'Peace Talks' but as a precondition for 'Foreign Aid'. Hence 'granting the demand for the JM will lead to so-called Peace Talks' is a misconception. Tsunami relief should not be linked with the so-called 'peace effort'. The cooperation of everyone is necessary but the provision of Tsunami relief to those affected should be the sole responsibility of the government of Sri Lanka elected by its people, irrespective of which region it is. The JM is a poly set by the LTTE and its terror ally Norwegians to obtain funds directly from the international donors and to pave the automatic way for its recognition as a separate entity by the so-called 'international community' and lending agencies.

What will happen, if JM is materialized, is that the LTTE will take it (as usual to their maximum advantage) and ask more to commence 'Peace Talks' via Norwegians. 'You ask; we give' is the spinelessness policy followed by the Sri Lankan governments since mid 1980s and 'You give; we take and ask more' is the strategy adopted by the LTTE so far.

This will go on until the strategic ultimate goal of 'Tamil Eelam' of the terrorist outfit is met since GOSL could not continue 'Peace Talks' by itself if the other party is not ready to talk. The LTTE will never be ready for the so-called 'Peace Talk' since no one applies pressure or put preconditions for them to do so.

The day may not be far off for the LTTE to achieve their ultimate goal, if the treacherous policy of 'You ask; we give' continues at this rate and only time will tell us the fate of those who trust the blood thirsty terrorist outfit due to their own failure to understand the true nature of the blood thirsty terrorist outfit.



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