Brad Adama’s words of Wisdom at the right moment …the counter proposal of the JVP.

Charles Perera

Thanks to Brad Adams of the New York Based Human Rights Watch, we are deeply moved to hear at last some encouraging words of Wisdom in the right direction. Even a President failed to say that to the “carrot danglers” in Kandy, even when a Buddhist Priest and a State MP said in no uncertain terms the predicament the Sri Lanka is faced with between a group of terrorists and an uncertain Government Leadership.

Brad Adams, Human Rights Director for Asia has said in a report that, "In all these years of killings, we have yet to see the government seriously investigate, prosecute and punish those responsible for politically-motivated killings of Tamils."

The report goes on to say, that, "The Sri Lanka donor conference strongly endorsed a joint mechanism to coordinate aid with the LTTE, but did not demand an end to the political killings and abductions." The report adds, "Norway, the facilitator of the peace agreement, and other key states such as Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom, have also chosen not to use their leverage to demand an end to the killings,"

Helen Olafsdottir, the spokes woman for the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission had said, "We realize (the killings are) undermining the ceasefire, for sure, it's undermining the whole stability on the island," she said, adding: "We are not equipped as an organization to (conduct) police investigations. That's not our job." That means they are not contributing positively to stop LTTE terrorists from violating the cease fire.

This is also the fault of the government . The Government Police Force is there to protect and provide security to the people of Sri Lanka. The government has made the Police force a nonentity, by taking away its right to exercise its service of the protection of persons and property. It is time that this tragicomedy is stopped and allow the Government Police to exercise its authority, with the Assistance of the Sri Lanka Army where necessary.

The Tamil terrorists have every right to exercise their “binge” for killing according to their whim and fancy and the Police and the Army have to be strange lookers on. The situation has to change, not in cooperation and accolade of signing a Joint Mechanism for distribution of Dollars, but a determined demand by the President of the Government of Sri Lanka ,from the LTTE to stop their terror activities, before any distribution of Funds are considered for reconstruction work.

If on the other hand the President Chandrika Kumaratunga, signs a JM with the terrorists, without consultating her partners or submitting the document to the Parliament for approval, she will just be doing what Rani Wickramasinghe did with the MoU with the LTTE. There would therefore be no difference between Chandrika and Ranil Wickramarasinghe. Politically, they would be identically the same.

Ranil Wickramasinghe and his Party was voted out of power by the people of this country, simply for doing what he did and what Chandrika is trying to do today. Therefore Chandrika will be betraying the aspirations of the people of Sri Lanka, who put a new Government into power under her leadership to deal with the LTTE in a different way from that of Ranil Wickramasinghe.

Chandrika Kumaratunga seems to have a difficulty in recognizing who her real friends are. Everybody except those who are greedy to remain in power, have in one way or other shown their disagreement with the proposed JM with the terrorists. But none of them have been able to make an alternative suggestion. Who today in Sri Lanka has submitted an alternative plan to the Joint Mechanism ? Is n’t it not the JVP who says:

“In our proposal, the LTTE has absolutely no role to play. Yet, the LTTE-backed TNA parliamentarians have a major role. What we must do today is not to lament over establishing a Joint Mechanism that would recognise separatists or their illegal terrorist moves. We should try to set up a mechanism that would defeat such illegal, terrorist, and separatist moves,”

Is it not worth considering, this proposal of the JVP before any further action is taken in the “wrong” direction ? After all, from what Chandrika says now, it was JVP who was responsible for removal of the UNF Government from power and enabled Chandrika to form a Government, where she won back respect and recognition.

She has certainly not forgotten that she was relegated to the “backyard of political power” when Ranil Wickkramasinghe was the Prime Minister.



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