Shameless Norwegians, despite their involvement in the Norwegian elections in September, are working very hard and unceasingly to shelter and shield their confidantes, their bosom friends, LTTE terrorists from the blatant murder of the great Sri Lankan icon Mr. Kadiragamar.

They have called for the government to start talks on implementation of the so-called Ceasefire Agreement. It was just one week before Mr. Kadiragamar’s assassination Norway’s Deputy Foreign Minister Vidar Helgesen warned from Kilinochchi, against any move to amend this agreement.

Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe too in support of his benefactor Norwegians has urged his accomplice and partner in treachery to commence this hideous dialogue at the earliest, pledging his fullest cooperation for the Norwegian efforts. Is this the solemn respect we pay to the great assassinated hero Mr. Kadiragamar who sacrificed his precious life to build a terrorist free united Sri Lanka?

Mr. Ranil Wickremainshge and his cohorts were speaking very proud of the so-called Ceasefire Agreement (Single Track CFA or the “Open License for LTTE to kill anyone”) since the day he placed his signature on the treacherous document under Norwegian compulsion.

They claimed from all rooftops that they have stopped war and death overlooking that the treacherous agreement facilitated continuous incidences of violations by the terrorists, murder of several hundred precious army intelligence, police and other security personnel, murder of several hundred Tamils, Muslim and Sinhalese, destruction of millions worth of properties in Muttur, Valachchenai and other areas in the Tamil minority districts of Trincomalee and Ampara and in the district of Batticaloa.

They were also oblivious to the extortion of millions from the innocent population in the Northern and Eastern provinces, enrichment of terrorist chests with levying of custom duties and U.S.$ 10/= per head immigration tax, and various other forms of taxes. They pretended ignorant of several shiploads of sophisticated weapons being smuggled in. They remained unaware of children being deprived of education and conscripted forcefully.

Although Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe and his cohorts claimed that they stopped the war, it was the terrorists who declared a ceasefire unilaterally, in November 2001, many months before the so-called STCFA was enforced, as they could not continue with the war anymore in the face of the global anti-terrorist environment emerged as a result of the 9/11 incidents.

This was the reality and no Sri Lankan, even the Norwegians can claim that they stopped the war in Sri Lanka. However, pathetically Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe and his cohorts without taking advantage of the golden opportunity that forced the terrorists to hide behind every bush and the shrub, amply rewarded them forcing our soldiers who fought the enemy gallantly to become toothless prisoners inside the garrisons.

It is the same folly Sri Lanka will be committing if the government agrees to Norwegian manoeuvre supported by Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe. This is the right opportunity to stress on the international community about the murder and mayhem being unleashed by the terrorist outfit and the danger being faced by the Sri Lankan population from this murderous gang. Government should not be vacillating in accusing the LTTE for the murder of Mr. Kadiragamar and many other murders that followed and preceded.

The perfidious peacenicks dependent on NGO dollar bundles, many of them flagrantly misusing their privileges seem to be making every effort to divert the course of the government towards the Norwegian move, advising the government and the civil society that the country should not fall into the trap of extremists.

How can it be that accusing a murderer for a horrendous crime committed be an act of extremism? It is because of the failure of our politicians to act sternly against the crimes committed by the terrorists, supine appeasement of these inhuman vultures under the guise of “building confidence” Sri Lanka is losing all its brilliant individuals one by one.

We lost the opportunity to congregate international opinion against the terrorist outfit when a suicide bomber attempted to murder Minister Devananda, we lost the opportunity when they brutally murdered Lt. Col. Muthalif, we lost the opportunity when they hacked to death SP Charles Wijegunewardhene, and we should not lose the opportunity Mr. Kadiragamar has offered us with the sacrifice of his own life.

These fallen heroes would curse the Sri Lankans if we fail to take stern action against the terrorists even at this late hour. The failure to act fast and sternly would embolden the terrorist outfit and would make Sri Lanka to lose the remaining patriotic personalities one by one or force them to seek refuge in foreign soil. Also, in addition to the pathetic Tamil masses in the occupied areas, Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim population in the Northern and Eastern provinces will become permanently enslaved under the oppressive jackboots of the terrorists. The pathetic Tamil masses having been enslaved in the occupied areas are Sri Lankans and it is our duty to liberate them from their state of slavery, and help them enjoy the same freedom we enjoy.

There are few Tamil families living in Matara with the same freedom a Sinhala or a Muslim living in Matara enjoys. It is same in Galle and in the deep south Moneragala. There are even Tamil shops in Matara, Galle and Moneragala. Tamils living in these areas can move about and indulge in any legitimate activity without any hindrance.

No elaboration needed about the Tamil population living in Wellawatte, Kotahena, Pamankada and other areas in the Colombo, Gampaha and Kalutara districts. This is the multi-culturalism Sri Lanka had and prevalent in Sri Lanka everywhere other than in areas under the occupation of terrorists. We had Tamil gentlemen as our Maths teachers, Chemistry teachers, Physics teachers and teachers of other subjects.

In Matara former TULF MP Mr. Thuruchelvam’s own brother, married to a Sinhala lady, used to have a private English school until he passed away. Even now these gentlemen have all the liberty to indulge in any kind of legitimate activity in the South without any hindrance.

Is it this tolerance and compassion that peacenicks and other terrorist collaborators castigate as extremism? There were many Sinhala persons of Matara and surrounding areas having business interests in Jaffna, Mullaitivu and other areas in the North prior to the terrorists raised their ugly heads. There was a Matara bakery in Jaffna, there were fisher folk from Mirissa, Devinuwara and Gandara in Matara district indulging in fishing activities in Mullaitivu and other areas in the North? They are even unable to visit their legitimate properties, let alone the 100,000 Muslims forcibly evicted from the six Northern districts. Can the so-called peacenicks and terrorist collaborators castigating others as extremists guarantee their return to their old possessions and indulge in their traditional life they used to have before the terrorists raised their ugly heads?

It is pertinent to quote a few lines from a recent article written by the Tamil gentlemen Dr. Rajasingham Narendr that clearly expounds the feelings of Tamils. He says “Tamil people have to be ashamed that we have given birth to and sustained a militant movement that has become our tormentor and a major liability.

We have to be also ashamed that we continue to financially support it, without being able to influence its affairs, because we fear it. We have to hence take the responsibility for every murder committed by the LTTE. We have to bow our heads in shame for the murder of Lakshman Kadirgamar and the many murders committed before him. We have to also take responsibility for the murders that will be committed in our name in the future. We will never be liberated as long as we tolerate and condone such murders and other equally heinous crimes”.

The foregoing is the clear picture illustrating the feelings and aspirations of the Tamils. It is also the aspirations of the others whom the dollar-tied peacenicks and terrorist collaborators castigate as extremists.

It is now Sri Lanka’s turn to stand for the liberation of Tamils from oppression of tiger terrorism. If we are to give due respect to our assassinated hero Mr. Kadiragamar, we should struggle to defeat and eliminate the terrorists and liberate the Tamil masses suffering under the jackboots of these terrorists as aspired by Mr. Kadiragamar.



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