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In early November The Lanka Academic,website published an item under the caption LTTE aggressively raising funds in Canada for the Final Assault !based on an excerpt from a Canadian news journalist Roy Edwards reporting from Toronto on November 4.

Now It has come to the knowledge of many investigative sources that LTTE operatives in Canada have indeed begun an aggressive fund raising campaign, for what they call "the final assault to reach Eelam." This topic is rife and loudly discussed in many LTTE supportive Tamil enclaves around Canada, it has been learned through the previously mentioned sources. According to these sources and as also reported previously by Mr Roy Edwards, the LTTE front organization
World Tamil Movement, has proclaimed that their goal is to raise $5 million
dollars by the end of November 2005.The LTTE leadership under S.P Thamilselvam rather than Velupillai Prabhakaran who has not been on the radar screen for a very long time and presumed non-existent, missing in action or carried away by the Tsunami and replaced by a theatrical double has reportedly sent specially assigned members from the Wanni to Toronto and Montreal to supervise the fund raising in Canada. It has indeed been confirmed by local observers as reported that " A middle-aged man addressing a meeting held in a Toronto suburb, for LTTE volunteers has said," I came after meeting with 'Annai'. He wants every concerned Tamil in Canada to understand this critical moment we face, and help us reach the final goal. There are more than 3 lakhs of Tamils here........." As the rigmarole continues but at a crucial time when the Government of Sri Lanka as well as the Canadian Government can ill afford to leave any stones unturned towards getting to the bottom of the related realities or pretences whatever the case might be of this report! There is no confirmation of who the refered to 'Annai' (Tamil for Older Brother) is but presumed to be a discreet reference to an alleged Prabhakaran whose lieutenant Thamilselvam seems to be doubling up for in absentia and probably better refered to as Podiyen with his puerile verbosity which has also hinted at such an LTTE objective!

Delving deeper into the report going back to early November 2005 there have been continued LTTE bullhorning around cities such as Toronto and Montreal that" 'Annai' is concerned that only about 15 thousand of these Tamils contribute to us. Annai wants big money for the final assault" and from the sound of the exhortations regardless of reprisals the LTTE could well be on another course towards a surprise strike on an unsuspecting Sri Lankan Armed Forces so wrapped up in an imagined security blanket known as the Peace Process and Ceasefire that when the Tigers come if they do it might be a little too late unless they gear up for such an eventuality, reprehensible and perhaps even unforseeable as it may seem to the undiscerning! while not forgetting Elephant Pass and Vedamarachchi and the price paid for negligence! Perhaps though said tongue in cheek at present,Mr Vingayamoorthy Muralitharan better known as Col.Karuna just might have a pivotal roll if activated as a vital resource towards thwarting any LTTE ambitions and utilised resourcefully as the ultimate deterrent towards the latest LTTE rhetoric if any of this is to be taken seriously but nevertheless in hindsight!

An now comes the interesting part which should send warning bells ringing to the newly elected Mahinda Rajapakse Presidency and the ruling UPFA. It has been reported that LTTE operatives have boldly declared that after the elections, their leader, whoever that might be, will make a big announcement on November 27th., which has to do with the 'final attack to reach their goal'. This time around they have openly declared that they will not separate Sinhala civilians and the Army. The whole of Sri Lanka has been cited as facing the' real war' and their strike force. Maximum support has been sought and the world has also been advised about how they intend to accomplish this, the world sources the LTTE think fit to confront with their bravado rather than the world at large being the cowarly curs they normally are!
Bold rhetoric nonetheless but perhaps illustrating the fact that there are LTTE supportives bold enough to proclaim it in countries such as Canada and Australia, the latter mentioned just days ago carrying out a heavy handed first strike against LTTE fund raising and bases in Melbourne, Australia! to add to the speculations towards the sagacity of this report!

Their boldness, arrogance and bravado has been further substantiated by more rhetoric which in the simplest of terms is either imbecilic or suicidal from an LTTE point of view but then of little consequence to a bunch of murderous terrorists who initiated the concept of suicide bombing themselves! When these subversives were asked about the upcoming Presidential elections prior to the Rajapakse win they have replied that "we dont care one way or the other. We are not interested in this election or who is going to win. Eyewash perhaps! to camouflague their" final assault". It is hoped fervently that the Sri Lankan Goverment together with all its allies will prepare themselves for this eventuality is it turns out to be that as the chilling implications of such an attempt irrespective of the outcome should never be dispelled as impossible on the part of the terrorists!as bewildering as it may sound given the tranquility within Sri Lanka which just might be shortlived albeit being hoped to the contrary and consolidated by the Government objectively towards the security of the nation!!

From a Sri Lankan Government's stand point it would be better safe than sorry!

When a notable dignitary said recently that the LTTE MUST BE ELIMINATED COMPLETELY TOWARDS SRI LANKA'S WELL BEING IN ANY REALISTIC SENSE! he was probably right on target!



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