Do Not Fall into the Latest GUNDUWA! A "LTTE Interim Administration for Tsunami Relief" will be the Death Knell for Sri Lanka's Sovereignty!


Oh No! Not another GUNDUWA! The last GUNDUWA (a rich one at that!) was when Ranil (indisputably, the grand idiot of modern SL) said to us that by allowing LTTE to open up "political offices" in the GOSL controlled areas will usher in peace as, according to his now proven cockeyed theory, the LTTE will then fall into the political mainstream of the country and then we all could live happily ever after! What a Motherload of crap that turned out to be! After winning all the endless concessions it demanded (including the de-proscription as an outlawed terrorist group which brought them international recognition) the LTTE simply walked away from Ranil's peace table and commenced on a vigorous campaign of child recruitment and bumping-off their opponents. Ranil's equally moronic "peace negotiator" was left sitting at an empty table, twiddling his thumbs. Even the LTTE biased Norwegians, who had (naturally) earlier extolled the virtues of giving into every LTTE demand at the peace table ("confidence building measures" they were called), did a quick exit to the door as if GLP had the Plague!

So much for "interim" measures!

What the LTTE got from Ranil was in essence an "interim administration." It is no secret that today even in the so called "government controlled" areas, the LTTE basically calls the shots. The puppet "government agents" take their directives from the LTTE and they dare not oppose as they know too well what it means to even simply annoy the LTTE. These jellybeans are paid by the GOSL (by the tax payers) but they serve a separatist, terrorist group! Phew, mind-boggling indeed!

So, one might ask what more "interim" is the LTTE chasing after now? Well, that is simple to answer. Given that they already have "interim," what the LTTE is actually after now is "permanent." Of course silly, they will not call it such.

The Tsunami was a godsend to the LTTE in a perverse sense. Although their seemingly invincible murder-king appears to have drowned in the cesspool of gunk, this calamity did provide a golden opportunity and it did not take long for the remaining leadership weasels and the Norwegians to see it. Eureka! Let's have a "LTTE Tsunami Relief Interim Administration"! What better way to detour the opposition to LTTE's "permanent" ISGA from all and sundry in the country and still achieve the same goal? This way, not only will the LTTE achieve its desired separate state (ISGA), but it can do so with a money load of coffers - yes, Tsunami aid - to acquire even more sophisticated weaponry! What a godsend this Tsunami turned out to be!

Sadly, the current SLFP honchos in the UPFA government appear to have swallowed this hook, line and sinker! True, there has been relentless pressure from the Norwegians, as well as Norwegians influenced other western governments, to "bring LTTE into the Tsunami relief efforts" and our so called leaders in the SLFP appear to have meekly caved into this pressure. What they failed to point out to these, mostly sincere, benefactors is the track record of the LTTE since it was given political freedom in the country. Our timid and yes-sir-white-master SLFP leaders have miserably failed to point out that not only did the LTTE walk away from peace talks (which had not even touched on a "permanent solution") since gaining an "interim" political status, but it went on a vigorous child recruitment and killing spree immediately thereafter. Therefore, GOSL has all the right to reject any more advice on espousal of "interim" measures from these, mostly well meaning, benefactors.

Commendably, only the JVP appears to have seen through this GUNDUWA and I salute them for their foresight and wisdom. I would urge the JVP to stick to its guns in this regard - even at the expense of dissolving the UPFA - as to do otherwise will be to slice the jugular vein of mother Lanka.



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