Haunting mistakes from the past

M. Fernando. Australia.

Dear Editor Lankaweb,

"Don't brandish the leaf at one who knows the tree well" - I cannot help thinking about this old Sri Lankan saying, while witnessing the epidemic of media hype surrounding the 7/7 terrorist attacks in UK, engulfing Australia with new twists and turns everyday. The TERRORISM in its all forms and shapes, must be condemned and eradicated from the face of earth.

Sri Lankan people not only have suffered long periods of terrorism but also have seen various types of terrorism as well.
Apart from the "Terrorism" of the IRA, the only terrorism that UK has ever witnessed, has been the recent terrorism , alleged to have been perpetrated by youth of Muslim decent , born and bred in the the UK. Not long ago Sri Lanka had the reputation of the second largest number of terrorists attacks. Terrorism in Sri Lanka though never stemmed from religious convictions. Once it was the majority Sinhala Terrorist group, the JVP who terrorised Sri Lanka .Then it was the minority Tamil groups the cyanide tablet carrying LTTE, EROS, PLOTE and others who continued to terrorise the country. Sri Lanka has never seen Muslin terrorism and it is highly unlikely that she ever will.

If we are to believe all we hear , the alleged perpetrators of 9/11 and 7/7 Muslim terrorists are the only known terrorists in the world so far to have left their ID papers at the scene of the crime. What an unselfish gesture on their part to help save energy of experts from FBU, CIA and Scotland Yard. The LTTE terrorists carry their trade mark cyanide tablet around the neck, but an ID carrying suicide bomber - would be an intelligence "jack pot" for anti terrorism experts.

"Fabricated justifications" and many number of 'Washington made' "smoking guns" continue to add more insults to the intelligence of the peace loving decent world community. The world has also heard enough of the "WMD" fairy tales.

The book of fabrications is likely to have another thick volume made in the UK - "the tale of the magic ID cards". Doesn't this remind us of the JFK assassination and the "tale of the Magic bullet"

When it comes to investigations of suicide bombing and terrorism though, the knowledge and experience of Sri Lankan experts have no match.
They might only have one thing to the pandits in the UK " Don't brandish the leaf at one who knows the tree well"



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