If JM is not political why sign a MoU with terrorists ?
If the Government has to Sign a document, it should be with the TNA who represents the terrorists in Parliament.

Charles Perera

The reactionary bandwagon seems to be complete, with the L.S.S.P, and the Communist Party supporting the JM with LTTE and the Political analyst Jayadeva Uyangoda urging its immediate set up.

The argument is that the JM is not a political settlement with the LTTE but a means to assure reconstruction of tsunami affected areas. And they argue that there are the government areas and areas controlled by the LTTE, that is out of bound for the Government.

If the JM is non-political and not connected with the peace settlement, why should the areas controlled by the LTTE , be out of bound for the Government ? In these areas controlled by the LTTE , the Government must be able to work together with the LTTE in the construction work, without signing any formal JM’s as it has nothing to do with politics. The LTTE should co-operate with the government for this purpose if the terrorists have any genuine concern for the welfare of the people in the tsunami affected areas in the North and the East.

The LTTE has not to-date honoured the MoU signed with Ranil Wickramasinghe, so why sign another for tsunami reconstruction ? And what is the guarantee that the LTTE will honour MoU for the JM ?

But the parties that have joined the reactionary bandwagon, should be agreed that the JM that they are supporting is non-political and not peace motivated. Because, if it is that the LTTE has no reason to deny the government servants carrying out the construction work in the North and East, access to areas under their “control”. But LSSP does not seem to have understood this, because this is what the news item in the Colombo page says: “ The LSSP is of the considered view that this mechanism can prove to be a significant step in taking the peace process forward, without for the present effecting any crucial changes in the status quo”

The Communist party is completely lopsided in its argument when it says( -again according to the report in the Colombo Page ) “It ( Communist Pary) also contends that although the Military and Administrative authority rests with the Government in areas under its control, the political power often remains either with the LTTE or Muslim or Tamil parties”.

Does not that mean that the Communist Party accepts the LTTE as a political party having political power, in par with Tamil and Muslim Parties ? If the Government signs a MoU for the JM, then it should be with the TNA which is the Political Party that represent the Terrorists in the Parliament. That is what the JVP says and correctly so.

In reality what LTTE has is no political power, but the ability to create fear psychosis in the minds of the people of the North and East with their pistol gangs, hand bombs, black tigers, sea tigers, kidnappings , torture, forced manifestations, and what not.

And the EPDP agreeing to the JM had said: “We believe that such a mechanism has to be broad-based, and ensure ethnic and political pluralism and also respect democratic traditions and human rights". That is fine, and EPDP goes on to add: “ Observing that the population affected by the tsunami was desperately in need of relief, the party expresses the view that Joint Mechanism should not only be confined to relief and reconstruction but should be such that all the affected people would be served by it.”

All that is very good sentiment, but, if this barrier of accessible and not accessible areas exist in the North and the East, how could the JM partisans( including the Communists and EPDP ) who have no access to areas under LTTE control, ensure that the ethnic and political pluralism and the democratic traditions and human rights are respected.”. And further how can the government ensure that the funds disbursed under a JM is utilized for the purpose for which it is given ?



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