The International Community asks the Government to lay down arms and join the LTTE.

Charles Perera

What we want today to take over the reins of the government are a set of persons not bound by old ethical codes inculcated into us through the fact of being a people of a colonized nation. We want young and fresh people whose minds are free and open and able to speak without fear or fervour , in defence of our country. We have had enough of these leaders, who cringe and look up the “ books of good manners” when they are faced with foreigners, and say “yes”, when they want to say “no”.

Venerable Rathan thero, was able to get up and speak in defence of his Nation, because he does not come from the same “old school that had turned out Sri Lankan Politicians”. He did what he did, because the President of Sri Lanka dared not say it, mindful of “decorum in good society”.

We may not speak English very well, because it is not our language. But we speak our own language well enough. For the foreigners to understand us, if we haven’t go the appropriate words in English, we will manage with what we have and what is wrong in that. What is important is that they “get the message”. Venerable Rathana Thero will remain a hero in the hearts of many for generations to come.

JVP has come from the back ground that makes real patriots. The real patriots whose voices are seldom , or never heard over the din of the pseudo nationalists who have access to high society, and in to the corridors of international power. But yet real patriots always speaks the truth and stands up against injustice and unrighteous. JVP, speaks today with the voices of those patriots who had born the suffering caused by those who they had elected to represent them. Many among them had lost a son or a daughter in the ethnic war of which they have still not seen the end.

JVP, advocates a unitary Sri Lanka, undivided for ethnic reasons. A nation where all Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Malay and Burgher communities could live in harmony. They have been isolated by the leaders of the political parties that came into power on their promise to the people to rid Sri Lanka of Terrorism. Today the international community on whom the government placed its cards has turned pro-terrorists, and asks the Government to join the terrorists, if they want funds for reconstruction work.

The President of Sri Lanka and host of others are compelled to follow the advice of the donor states, and is prepared to sign another MoU with the terrorists. We can rely only on JVP and the JHU to save the country from this imminent disaster. The time has come for all people who love this country to join hands with JVP an JHU.



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