All together against the terrorists, contract killers, drug dealers, and the mafia of the underworld.

Charles Perera

It is sad to note that UPFA, having come together, after long discussions, agreements, and disagreements, has not still found a common ground of faith, and confidence to stand together as a united front.. There are those who speak out of turn without considered opinions, both among the SLFP and the JVP. Wimal Weerasinghe of the JVP is a hard hitting politician. He has a forthright determined and a patriotic stand on national issues. What he says is worth listening to. In Sri Lanka, since independence, politicians of different shades have one way or other played into the hands of the foreign “do-gooders”, who have an axe of their own to grind.

None of these foreign advisors, specialists , monitoring missions or even (some of) the non governmental tsunami sympathizers, come to Sri Lanka or as a matter of fact to any of the so called developing countries, with a genuine interest for the people of the country and its real development. It had been so, for many centuries with the conquests and the subsequent colonialism. They will systematically divide the poor nations according to ethnicity, religion and what not. And we are yet ready to welcome them with our habitual broad smile, open arms, servility, as if the gods themselves have descended on earth…!

Despite them, we are still where we were 57 years ago. At long last the JVP-SLFP alliance had given a chance for us to raise our heads above the tides of turmoil and trace a path of unity and development. But now even the drums of hope sounded by the Freedom Alliance are silent. There is dissension and disunity, arrogance and discord. Even the President Mrs.Chandrika Bandaranaike, who at the beginning had confidence and the force of conviction to fight, seems to have lost both, as well as her vital political energy . There are the prophets of doom all around her, and she hesitates to take decisions.

Why is it necessary for the Sri Lanka Government to have a joint mechanism to reconstruct North and East after tsunami ? North and East are still a part of Sri Lanka and why should a handful of terrorists have a say in it. If not of course, to appease the all powerful donor states. If the Americans, the British, the Norwegian , the Canadians and the Australians are keen to stop the continuation of this absurd situation, they should have the courage to tell the terrorists that they have no right to dictate terms, instead of tapping them on the back and having cold drinks together in Vavunia.

There should be more solidarity in the South too. Hakhim, is not living in a Arabian State in the Middle East to tell that people in Ampare, should not put up Buddhist Statues ! Ranil Munasinghe seems to have started his campaign for the Presidential Elections…….when Sri Lanka is in the midst of a battle for survival as a united whole.

In Canada the Sri Lankan Tamil Community is unable to take a stand against the LTTE, and fear keeps them silent….! It is time that we the Sri Lankans the Muslims, Sinhala, Tamils, Malays, Burghers and the rest decide to unite forgetting the religious and social differences, to fight against the terrorists as well as the contract killers, drug dealers, and the mafia of the underworld.



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