Is her life in real danger or that of some one dear to her………? Why is the President so determined to do a ranil wickramasinghe ?

Charles Perera

The President Chandrika Bandaranaike appears to have caved into pressure or to her stubborn conviction, and is about to sign the Joint Mechanism, according to an “informal” statement made in Japan by Mr. Dhanapala, the General Secretary of the Colombo Peace Secretariat .

The Sunday Times reports, that the President is quite decided to do a ranil wickramasinghe, and have the Joint Mechanism signed between herself and the LTTE, what ever the out come would be. She would neither submit it to the Parliament nor would she divulge the contents of it to her own party or the partners of her Government.

Mahanayake Thero of the Malwatte Chapter, according to a report in the Sunday Times, had informed a delegate of monks from the JHU, who had visited him, that he is not aware of the contents of the JM and he had added, that even the Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse had informed him that he does not know what the JM contains

This makes one begins to wonder, whether the President herself knows any thing about the contents of the JM? It appears that she is being lead by the nose either by, Dhanapala the General Secretary of the Peace Secretariat, Mano Tittewella, Presidential Advisor or Solheim who apparently drafted the JM.

There is some thing eerie, weird and unholy, about the whole thing shrouded in so much of mystery. It makes it more so because, her speech at the Conference of the donor states in Kandy, sounded a funeral oration , made while sitting on a time bomb, not knowing at what moment it will go off.

She spoke of her life not being safe . She may perhaps be in real danger and she has been threatened not to speak to the police etc. We see things like that in films…!!.This may be so in reality. It may perhaps be in her interest and in the interest of the Nation that investigations are made as to what really frightens her to the extent she is prepared to sacrifice every thing to sign the JM.

One does not know what the terrorists are capable of ….!

The pro JM stalwarts repeat that JVP does not know the ground situation. But it is not so. Every body knows the ground situation. The LTTE consists of a handful of trigger happy terrorists, who can command people to follow them through fear that surrounds them. They have by even Sinhala men and women to spy for them. They can make false passports and false identity cards. They have areas in the north and east of Sri Lanka completely under their control and no body is allowed into these areas. And no place is out of bounds for them , and they can send the pistol gang, live bombs any where they want in Sri Lanka . They can kidnap any body from any where in Sri Lanka. They are well armed, perhaps better armed than the SLA, and they also have an air strip and possibly two light planes. They are the Darlings of the foreign Ambassadors accredited to Sri Lanka, state representatives and some NGOs.

That is the ground situation, so what about it ? The leaders should have the guts to open their mouths and ask the super powers who have vowed to end terrorism in the world to get the LTTE to disarm and allow government officials to move freely in the so called areas under their control and that they should accept the sovereignty of Sri Lanka. It is through these “do gooders” that the Sri Lanka Government can talk to LTTE in Wanni, and Wanni LTTE to talk to the Sri Lanka Government.

The Political leaders should speak to the international community like Venerable Rathana Thero did so well the other day in Kandy..



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