Australia: Another Police Raid on LTTE Front

Tamil Broadcasting Association-LONDON

23 November 2005 Melbourne

Australian Federal Police launched another massive anti-terrorist operation today in Melbourne, the second this month targeting suspected members of international terrorist organisations. The target this time is not Islamic terrorists, but suspected members of the much feared Sri Lankan terrorist organisation, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

In a surprise swoop the Federal Police arrested for questioning more than 15 LTTE operatives and raided offices of LTTE front organisations and homes of suspected LTTE operatives. Computer hardware, passports, cash, diaries, bank receipts, cheque stumps, and other records were seized.

According to Melbourne sources, todays operation followed painstaking investigations conducted over many months into the activities of LTTE operatives and LTTE front organisations involved in fund raising and money laundering. Federal Police targeted members of the Tamils Coordinating Committee, Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation and Tamil Medical Aid which are identified as LTTE front organisations operating in Australia despite an Australian Government ban on the LTTE. Police raided the Melbourne office of the Tamils Coordinating Committee (TCC) which functions as the headquarters for LTTEaˆ™s operation in Australia and New Zealand. Several other premises including a printing press, grocery stores and private homes were also raided.

Australian Federal Police have uncovered an LTTE international network of front organisations, companies, business establishments and factories in Australia, and in countries like Malaysia used as fronts for LTTEaˆ™s international money laundering, fund raising and arms running activities. Tamil Coordinating Committee, Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation, World Tamil Coordinating Committee, Tamils Medical Aid, Liberty Pharmaceutical and Medical Company, Unipex Marketing Alliance, Kaliba Company, RF Modules, Allice and Charles Pty Ltd, and Limate Pty Ltd have been identified by the Australian Federal Police as part of LTTEaˆ™s international network connected to Australia.

Among the leading figures targetedA‚ by the Australian Federal Police are Thillai Jeyakumar (the LTTEaˆ™s representative for Australia and New Zealand), Jeyarajan Maheswaran ( LTTEaˆ™s Economic Advisor and member of LTTEaˆ™s delegation at Norway sponsored Sri Lankan Peace Talks) Sivarajah Yathavan (President of the TCC in Melbourne and Editor of Eelamurasu), Dr Ponniah Sathiyanathan ( a Tamil Press owner), Dr Easwaran Kanapathipillai (leading member of the Tamils Medical Aid), Arooran Vinayagamoorthy, Quilan, Abiramin Yathavan, Visakamperumal Vishnu Raj (co-owner of Venus Stores), Sundar Sunderalingam (proprietor of a Travel Agency),Rajeswaran Malvanagam (co-owner of Venus Stores), Arumugam Ragavan, Alagaratnam Thillagarajan, Mayuran Pathmanathan, Emmanuel Jebanesan Samuel, Elilvannan and Mohan.

According to Police sources, LTTE operatives were involved in a massive fund raising operation in Australia and have managed to transfer a sum of 246 million Sri Lankan rupees to the LTTE over a period of 2 1/2 years between April 2003 and November 2005. Five of the LTTE operatives, Thillai Jeyakumar, Sivarajah Yathavan, Dr Sathiyanathan, Abirami Yathavan and Arooran Vinayagamoorthy are to be charged under the Commonwealth Criminal Act for being intentionally members of a terrorist organisation, receiving or making available funds for a terrorist organisation, intentionally provided or collected funds to be used to facilitate terrorist acts, intentionally providing support and resources to a terrorist organisation, and for dealing with assets of a terrorist organisation.

The Australian Federal Police action against the Sri Lankan terrorist group comes in the wake of reports that the LTTE is engaged in a massive fund raising operation allegedly for the final war for a separate Eelam homeland. Each Tamil Australian was being told to give $10,000 and business establishments $25,000 allegedly for LTTE leaderaˆ™s final battle for a separate state in North East Sri Lanka. The raid has reportedly disrupted the Heroes Day celebrations being organised by TRO in Sydney and Melbourne.

Todayaˆ™s Melbourne raid is the first toughest action so far by a Western government against the Tamil terrorist organisation led by Velupillai Pirapaharan which says it is fighting for a separate Tamil homeland in North East Sri Lanka.



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