Very Interesting Profile Of The LTTE Delegation In Geneva.

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31st October 2006

It needs to be emphasized not only as a matter needing prioritised scrutiny in a legitimate and rational sense that the Sri Lankan Administration seems confused regarding its apathetic response towards misguidedly pandering to the LTTE at every turn.Something of urgency that the Sri Lankan nation as well as the international community needs to be made aware of before anyone dances to the tunes set by certain aid donors and NGOs who continue to advocate what really should be denigrated as worthless scum who needs to be swept off the face of Sri Lanka, namely the LTTE in their entirety. In this respect Eric Solheim who somehow lingers around Sri Lankan Peace matters like the veritable bad odour he always has been needs to be politely asked to put a sock on his rhetoric about the whys and wherefores of what in his opinon is a panacea for Sri Lanka's woes and asked to get the hell out involvement with matters Sri Lankan permanently as his presence seems to merely compound all relative issues based upon Norway's conflict of interest category and pro - LTTE stance !
Now, based on the trash who represent the LTTE as portrayed here, a bunch of illiterates who have fashioned themselves into being miserable terrorists with no real direction to benefit the Tamil community they so vainly pretend to represent, is it any wonder that the so called peace talks in Geneva have been inconsequential towards a lasting peace in Sri Lanka and the credibilities of what Sri Lanka's real patrriotic political parties such as the JVP and the JHU have been trying so hard to invite attention stands out comprehensively? Something the Sri Lankan President and his new alliance with the UNP have tried rather curiously to shove under the carpet for whatever agenda they have in mind for Sri Lanka and perhaps the furthest from being a viable solution to The Nation's woes!

Suddenly the absence of Anton Balasingham former LTTE idealogue and spokesperson, who is said to be suffering from a 'degenerative disease' notwithstanding( it has been rumored that being an inveterate alcoholic he is terminally ill with a liver disease common to such) becomes conspicuous and suggests that he has been side lined either by Velupillai Prabakaran or his theatrical double due to Balasiham's acceptance of LTTE killing of Indian Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi, and something strongly felt by the LTTE towards their chagrin and detriment albeit its relative lack of importance inconsequential in the present scenario also known as Peace Talks!

At the last round of talks, Balasingham tried to secure a reduction in the Sri Lankan delegation on the basis that only he could speak English in the LTTE delegation but is now becoming very apparent that it was a mere ploy towards the numbers game which the LTTE believed would favour them and give them an opening to score with the international community based on the innuendo they continue to perpetuate with the expectation that Sri Lankan Governmental contestations against them would be weak by way of voicings relative to head count despite being water under the bridge. This latest LTTE delegation's poor showing at the current Geneva talks seem to say it all that the LTTE are a shallow bunch of negotiators with no real credibilities towards anything they demand least of all the leeway they now want regarding Sri Lanka's military strength and direction and a pointer towards what may at long last be an LTTE achilles heel!

Now comes the amusing part! It has been revealed comprehensively that most of the LTTE delegation at whatever talks held both in the past and present, including the chief negotiatorThamilselvam have not passed GCE Ordinary level, the exception being Balasingham. Mahendran alias Nadesan, who was a labourer attached to the Colombo Commercial Company and went on to become a police constable in the Sri Lankan police force under service no 13251 and then the become so called LTTE terrorists police chief and now one of the main delegates of the LTTE negotiating team ios one such.The other irony is that SP Thamilchelvam one of the foremosr negotiators of the LTTE who when togged up in Western garb could fool anyone by way of personality that this here is a credible representation of the Tamil people, clean cut and sincere looking but hollow sounding when required to express himself in the Queen's English and a mandatory requirement it is hoped of any Western Oriented talks or negotiations!!
This bold orators of the LTTE hardly attempts to speak English and eventually crumbles towards a translator option and conveys his true personality as an illiterate who knows little or nothing beyon the precepts of terrorism which he attempts to indulge in whenever he takes the podium! totally unaware that this is all he represents but perhaps good enough to fool the Rajapakshe administration!
Another of this LTTE entourage, perhaps the only one who could be deemed even partially literate who cavorts around peace venues at the taxpayers expens Veluppialli Kumaru Pancharatnum, who likes to be known as "George" is a retired postmaster and now a translator, by virtue of the entire LTTE delegation bereft of persons who have passed the English language requirtement at the GCE Ordinary level examination and have little or no grasp of the language at all.

Then comes the boldest of them all , one who has been threatening the GOSL about what the LTTE could do to Sri Lanka through terrorism and violence, one Rasiah Ilanthiriyan alias Rasiah Punitharuvan alias Marshall born in Eravur and educated at St Michael's College in Batticaloa who is said to have been elevated to become the leader of the LTTE political wing in Batticaloa after the killing of Kausalyan another LTTE thug whom he has replaced through the anointing by equally adept thug in hiding Prabhakaran.There is an allegation of rape of a 14-year-old girl against him and other criminal charges which give him bo credibility to any negotiative representation with sane and peace loving respectable people inasmuch as his superior head honcho who prefers to hide in the Wanni.
As expected, towards lending credibility to these degenerate types The LTTE delegation has been met in Geneva by their' Legal Advisor', Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran, a New York based attorney, and Dr. Manuelpillai Paul Dominic, Professor of Law, University of Sydney, Australia, based purely upon the reality that pro terrorist diaspora Tamil funding could accomplish anything the LTTE choose to do as long as a naive Sri Lankan administration tolerates them with impunity in the foolish belief that these are individuals who could be trusted and granted carte blanche towards integrities they have long since trashed and desecrated and the futility of it all stretches from the sublime to the ridiculous.

It is however comforting towards the logic of it all that various Tamil, Sinhalese and Muslim groups have driven or flown in to Geneva from across Europe to demonstrate against the LTTE at the conference venue where very influential anti-LTTE Tamil groups active in the Geneva region in Switzerland promoting these demonstrations where it has been reported that the London UK based anti-LTTE Tamil Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) participated in publicising the protest. This radio station is broadcast in Sri Lanka via a Sri Lankan radio network and proved beyond conjecture that there is a huge contingent of respectable and decent Tamils beyond the theatrics and pretence orchestrated by the LTTE towards their non-acceptance within the global Tamil community.
While it is reported that the Swiss authorities are restricting the visa terms of the LTTE delegation to prevent the LTTE abusing Swiss hospitality and using peace talks to raise funds and propaganda as a footnote it must also be mentioned that that LTTE have been prevented from jaunts into Norway where they are said to be contemplating how safe it might be for them to return to the Wanni through Government approved channels where the Government would be better advised to corner them and apprehend them towards facing the long arm of the law rather than grant them any legitimacy towards continued tolerance of their terrorist presence or any helping hand towards slinking surreptitiously in the manner of hyenas rather than tigers with their tails between their legs into their Wanni lairs to contemplate their next subversive move!



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