PMK and Dr.Ramdoss Together With Norway, Better Off Taking A Hike!

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So who is this pompous mouthpiece of VILLUPURAM: Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), a constituent in Congress-led UPA Government at the Centre who has opposed any move on India replacing Norway in the on-going peace process in war-torn Sri Lanka and is he by some puerile means trying to camouflage his pro LTTE leanings which makes him a terrorist supporter which then makes the more discerning want to give him a slight tap on his shoulder and ask him to reserve his comments on the topic if he does not know better~!

'A resolution to this effect' it is reported has been adopted at the party’s high-level executive committee and general council meetings, which were presided over by PMK founder leader Dr S Ramadoss which of course makes him sound somewhat of a myopic idealogue when the world at large now not only knows of Norway's biased and LTTE favourable role in the Peace Process but also Norway's conflicts of interest role involving the Oil Exploration Program of Sri Lanka which Norway is reportedly a part of as well as the not easily forgotten bunglings of botched peace attempts in the Middle East whose fallout is still visibly apparent! Despite its nominal relevence the OEP and Norway's involvement can be sent to the back burner with the greater implications resting on Norway's complete incompetence and pro-LTTE bias which must be the main attribute towards disentitlement and a more viable Indian Role!

In Thailapuram late last night it has been reported with a wry grin by a resourceful local writer who also quoted reference to the tongue in cheek Sinhhala expression 'Kokatath Thaile' or Kokada Thailam in Tamil that this organization led by this witch doctor of sorts is indeed viewing Norway as the veritable cure for all LTTE evils and making a fervent bid to avoid Norway's role in the Sri Lankan Peace Proces being pre-empted by India as though he might be the be all and end all of Sri Lanka's woes., .

Inasmuch as the age old yankee slang goes "Who Gives A Rat's Ass" as the Chief Executive Officer of the most powerful nation on earth sometimes also indicates! particularly in his resolve to overcome Global Terrorism! surely also applicable towards any resolution of the PMK, a vocal supporter of LTTE in the past,which has stated that the demand of the Sri Lankan Government seeking India’s role in the peace process would not yield any fruitful result in the near future when in the greater spectrum of reality it has to be one of India's greatest concerns that Regional Security is indeed under threat of being ursurped and compromised beyond redemption with far reaching consequences if the LTTE are permited to continue their present attrocities any further where Norway only continues to blink as does a bat caught in the headlights of an all discerning Sri Lankan overview as greatly empasized by the JVP and the JHU amongst others!

Norway and the bipartisan Norwegian representatives such as Eric Solheim and his motley crew should be given their marching orders for having failed miserably to contain their LTTE buddies in their killing sprees which have not only caused a dilema for the Region but also great concerns for the new President of Sri Lanka who appears to be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea in his decision making where the latter is receding as did the Indian Ocean prior to the tsunami whilst the devil in the guise of the LTTE are issuing threats to the nation about a strike which they claim will be far deadlier than the Tsunami itself!! yet perhaps amere snarl in the face of their own anticipated perils!

By and large, given their apathetic track record It seems somewhat childish and futile to cling to the PMK rhetoric that the Central Government( India's obviously!) must urge Norway to continue with the peace efforts in the war-ravaged island nation and bring an end to the ethnic war.

If there is a need towards cross referencing the needs of the Sri lankan Tamils "The Centre" must make sure that the interests of all Sri Lankans not only Tamils in Sri Lanka were not infringed in the final settlement.The decision for India not extend any military assistance to the Sri Lankan Government Under any circumstances is not for the PMK nor any other pro -LTTE source to make a public declaration about as it is a decision which rests with the Indian Government rather than any flybynight hangers on to Indian Government coat tails towards their own survival who seem to have forgotten that there now exists a joint regional treaty between the two countries which extends far beyond the scope of the PMK in as far as objectives go towards Regional Defence and it will not consist of mock naval exercises and the firing of blank salvos at the enemy either! something the LTTE should also consider in all seriousness.

There is also a somewhat amusing aspect to the reference made by the PMK Leader that "A political settlement must be aimed at making Tamils in the Island Nation as equal to Sinhalese in Sri Lanka" when by all definitions it is the LTTE who have created the greatest disparity between the Sri Lankan Tamils and their entitlements as citizens of the nation through their wretched coercions and intimidations.The Sri Lankan Nation though a majority Sinhala Nation by far has shown great Buddhist Compassion to their suffering Tamil counterparts of a visible minority where the excesses of war and insurrection have at times been visible most unfortunately and spilling over both sides of the fence. The greater emphasis however has never precluded the tolerance shown by most freedom loving compassionate Sinhalese in the face of all the tumultuous provocations of a bunch of terrorists who have created mayhem for decades and disrupted the smooth functioning of Sovereign Democratic Sri Lanka where it may be high time a more assertive sense of authority now prevails which seems beyond the scope of prejudiced pretenders to peace such as Norway.

If it isn't India perhaps greater emphasis towards the responsibility might be extended in all seriousness and perception to the other Regional Super Power Pakistan who has always leaned sympathetically towards Sri Lanka in many areas of support and might not have any trepidations in becoming an intermediary and perhaps even a logistical Sri Lankan Supporter in her greatest hour of need!

In such a scenario both Norway and the equivocal Dr Ramdoss and his PMK should be asked to take a hike! The sooner the better



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