Time Appropriate For World Powers To Cut Out The Rhetoric In Coming To Sri Lanka's Aid More Tangibly!

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It is all well and good that US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has voiced concern over a flare-up of violence in Sri Lanka which has to be acknowledged with thanks by the Sri Lankan Administration but to merely express hopes that Colombo and Tamil Tiger rebels will resume talks to reinforce their fragile truce seems a toke gesture by the Secretary of State of a Nation as powerful as the USA committed to eradicating world terrorism!

The LTTE are labelled as a group comprising of the world's most ruthless and dangerous terrorists on the same lines as Al Quaeda which has even acquired some of their tactics such as the concept of suicide bombings from the LTTE who pioneered it.What sources such as the USA fail to see is the deeper implications of permitting the LTTE to continue with impunity as their tolerance would further assist their inroads into other world conflicts involving terrorism such as Afghanistan where the latest reports indicate that the Taliban terrorists are being aided both logistically and with weaponry towards their cause as incredible as this sounds. Nepal's Maoist terrorists, the Abu Sayyak terrorists of the Philippines, direct links to Al Quaeda, and certain underground terrorists in Southern India operating from Tamil Nadu and many other underground terror groups worldwide to which the LTTE are reported to be providing surreptitious logistical and insurgent related modus operandi and what are countries like the US doing about it rather than voice pontifications from their high horses rather than coming down ground level towards facing the realities of what the LTTE terrorists really stand for?
It seems abominably insufficient that mere lip service by the the U.S. State Department would serve equitably towards resolving the problem and perhaps time appropriate for the US and other world powers to focus their attentions on the LTTE in the same terms as the do any other world terrorist group posing a threat to free society and the concepts of a tranquil existence for the inhabitants of a Sovereign Sri Lankan Nation on a parallel. Terms which would not be uncertain towards seeking out and destroying them beyond repreive as the the LTTE in particular despite international condemnations continue to be defiant as they perpetrate their attrocities with abandon and impunity knowing fully well that it is the same indifference towards addressing them as mendacious terrorists on the part of World Powers such as the US and Canada that builds LTTE confidences and justifications towards criminality. It is gross apathy that even Sri Lanka's regional super power neighbor India has shown recent indifference to the escalating violence in Sri lanka while paying lip service in the same manner as the USA where both Nations hesitate to take appropriate deterrent action that seems to grant the LTTE Carte Blance towards their criminalities.

It is also cause for concern that the Sri Lankan Government is hanging on to the vestiges of a worthless Peace Process and Ceasefire at the present time when affirmative retaliatory action seems mandatory and if left until too late would have dire consequences for the Nation, its people, public property and Sovereign Territory which were previously compromised and at times destroyed with devastating effects on the Nations smooth functioning, well being and economy.
Even as the Sri Lankan Armed Forces, Navy and Police are being attacked and precious lives are being lost, the US and its counterparts seem to prefer the path of moderation and rhetoric which says little or nothing for the lives lost and the imminent threat the LTTE are now posing to the Nation and it will not be long before the Nation having reached a breaking point once again responds though retaliatory violence and its armed forced step into high gear in a concerted effort to contain the terrorist threat which seems the only course of actions available towards quelling the LTTE who have not responded to negotiations nor dialogue for all the time the conflict existed. It is upto the major world powers to step in to stem the rot perhaps in as much as the European Union has done in a show of good faith.

The Peace Process initiated by previous regimes appear to have been once acceptable to the LTTE purely based on what they probably saw as an advantage towards their cause and specifically towards rebuilding their resources and priming themselves for renewed attrocities towards secession which certainly seems to be manifesting itself throught the realities of what is happening in Sri Lanka today. Once the Presidency changed hands to be replaced by a no nonsense, though thus far moderate and pragmatic new President the LTTE are beginning to see the light at the end of their tunnel towards Eelam fast dissapearing and probably the reason for their renewed violence which has to be nipped in the bud sooner than later!

More than anything else Sri Lanka today needs a course of actions which will send a tangible and clear message to the terrorists that they have overstepped the leniencies and tolerances extended to them by the World as well as the authorities in Sri Lanka and the time is at hand when all this has to change!They can no longer be given any considerations towards negotiated peace as it is they who have chosen to violate the Peace Process, Ceasefire and all the goodwill extended to them by Sri Lanka and the International Community and if need be they have to be confronted militarily and put down in a worst case scenario where the felt need is becoming more and more apparent towards the justification of this course of action.It will undoubtedly be costly and one which the more moderate think is avoidable but the buck has to stop somewhere.

If the recent assertions by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces that they are well equipped to deal with any LTTE attrocities and better so than on previous occassions which is in all probabilities true given the information on their preparedness both militarilly and strategically they have to be prepared for the eventuality of containing the terrorists. If a confrontation is what the LTTE are asking for perhaps they should be responded to with all the resources available but with cunning , stealth and even paramilitary support which has been available to the Armed Forces Of Sri Lanka which have not been categorically utilised.

It has to be concluded logically despite the propaganda about their capabilities that they are a decimated lot debilitated after the Karuna breakaway, the Tsunami and their cadre consisting more of child recruits and defiant women who screech to the media than a viable fighting force. That they are prepared to fight obviously with cyanide capsules and explosives strapped around their torsos also a consideration which needs to be offset against how the Armed Forces confront the, very cautiously with the obvious consciousness of self preservation a priority!With their so called leader hiding in the jungles as would a coward lacking the wherewithal or the courage to present himself openly and their political representations indulging in defiant rhetoric which they are more than likely unable to substantiate in the long run, what the LTTE are now resorting to appears to be a last ditch effort towards their survival!

Washington's plans to dispatch a senior official to the troubled tropical Indian Ocean island soon to discuss the conflict appears insufficient towards remedying the cause as the LTTE now believe they are stepping in to high gear a false belief nonetheless beyond the reality that that they are prepared to indulge in further murder and mayhem in Sri Lanka towards shaking the Nation to the core of its very existence. The latest reports also indicate a desperate attempt to infiltrate the hill country and the Indian Tamil labour contingencies who are apprently being forcibly coerced into submitting to LTTE thugsand their intimidations towards support for their cause.Reprisals perhaps for the free passage given the LTTE who were let loose by the previous Ranil Wickremasinghe Administration. It is fast becoming very apparent that dialogue alone seems an insufficient deterrent to these rabid, futureless monstrosities calling themselves the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The State Department response through Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice expressing concern over the recent upsurge in violence in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka during talks with visiting Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera is far too token towards the real means needed to either repel or deter the LTTE who have openly broadcast internationally what they call a buildup towards Eelam War IV. Will the US also fiddle and spew rhetoric while Sri Lanka eventually burns?

It is infact a double standard as far as US responses to Global terrorism is concerned to show any leniency to the LTTE and the sooner the US views the LTTE as a dangerous terrorist group along with the rest of them which needs to be put down and destroyed, the better! given the consideration that they have not responded to peaceful means and don't seem to have any intentions of doing so while decommissioning their weapons, renouncing their objectives and indicating a willingness towards a dialogue conducive to a lasting peace and joining mainstream Sri Lankan society. Their pretences are so transparent towards the reality of their insincerities and have fooled many albeit the prevalence of the rationale and awareness of the more discerning who understand their real intent.One of them the late Hon. Lakshman Kadirgamar often proclaimed his reservations about the realities of the LTTE and eventually paid the ultimate heavy price for it through Administrative lapses in as much as Sri Lanka is paying for past administrative indiscretions and indifferences in letting the LTTE roam free and unchecked.All the powers that be who believe to the contrary need to re-evaluate their condfidences that the LTTE could be negotiated with or even rehabilitated as it is at present a pipe dream!.

In the latest violence, at least five Sri Lankan sailors were killed and 10 others were missing and presumed dead early Saturday following the sinking of a navy gunboat in a suspected suicide bombing.The attack was the first sinking of a high-powered naval gunboat since a Norwegian-brokered truce between Colombo and the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) went into effect from February 2002.
US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera have discussed the current status of the Sri Lankan Peace Process and the importance of strengthening the ceasefire, but it seems ludicrous thet the so called strengthening of the ceasefire is a one sided effort which gives the LTTE the opportunity to continue their cowardly attacks unabated and with impunity and an apathetic shame on the part of the Superpowers equipped to deal with them effectively that all they have to offer are praises for the Sri Lankan Government for its restraint while taking needless heavy casualties at the hands of the unquelled LTTE.

Is it not about time for the major World Powers to cut out the rhetoricand provide Sri Lanka with a more viable and tangible means to overcome the terrorist problem for good?



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