The Admonitions Of The JHU Are Very Apt And Accurate Towards The Restoration Of Law And Order

Nandimitra Senaratna
Popular Front For A Terrorist Free Sri lanka)(PFTFS) For LankaWeb

All kudos to the JHU and associates as they need to be urged on further to ontinue rapping opponents of search operations conducted by the law enforcement agencies in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo.This search operation should extend further into all the major Cities and Towns in Sri Lanka in response to the bragging of the LTTE idealogues both nationaly and internationaly who have never stopped their unending caophonies about their projected campaigns to overrun the Sinhala Nation. All elements who even by way of a grain of salt who support the evils of the LTTE! and there are many such wolves in sheeps clothing ensconced surreptitiously among many unsuspecting Sinahalese, who take their presence amongst them for granted need the affirmative action through the present military campaign towards their safety as well as the safety of the Nation!
These types need to be sought out relentlessly and incarcerated within the laws of the land beyond any respite. Perhaps if such operations were enforced effectively the much loved former Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar and a host of others, dignitaries as well as ordinary peace loving citizens who were murdered through the projected evils of the LTTE might have been alive today!

THE Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) are well within their right as patriotic Parliamentary representatives of the land to criticise MPs of the Tamil National Alliance whose legitimacies in parliament are not only questionable but their partisanship for the LTTE also blatantly and painfully obvious! The JHU has been critical also of several ministers of the Government and representatives, a number of Human Rights Organisations and NGOs, for opposing current search operations carried out by the Security Forces in Colombo. In accordance with the global consensus on terrorism they should in all probabilities intensify these operation to ensure at least a modicum of safety for the people who live in the capital Colombo and should be extended to all major cities and towns with no compunctions as said before!
While the concerns of Tamil MPs and Ministers led by Arumugam Thondaman, Mano Ganeshan and P. Chandrasekaran and others of similar disposition suggest that current search operations have contributed to various human rights violations, they must also be gently reminded of the stark reality of the violation of more than mere human rights by the LTTE presently involved in a campaign of terror in an all out attempt to bring the Nation of Sri Lanka to its knees. The greater priority therefore rests on the imprtance of National and Regional Security where most unfortunately all seems to be fair in "Love and War" if the adage might be used and there can be no love lost beween the Nation of Sri Lanka and those who contribute towards the criminalities of the LTTE which also includes their proxy representation in Parliament whether legally or illegaly!

Then there are the pundits of organizations such as the New Left Front whose spokesperson Mr. Wickremebahu Karunaratne has maintained that search operations could lead to" gross human rights violations " where the question might also be asked of this individual who also answers to a very patriotic Sinhala name ! where his true patriotic leanings are as a Sinhalese and where he is coming from when his Sinhala compatriots who have taken an oath of allegiance to protect the Nation are being ruthlessly murdered by the LTTE whom he seems to be interested in championing while bleating about human rights violations? Has he all but forgotten the moral implications involved in the protection of State and Nation in the execution of ones duties by Law enforcement officers whose brothers and sisters are being ruthlessly butchered by a cowardly group of terrorists who use the element of ambush and suicide bombings to advantage? Is it then expected then that the Security Forces of Sri Lanka should remain passive?

Media Secretary of the Jathika Hela Urumaya Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe having said that "the Government should give prominence to National Security" has never spoken truer words of wisdom in the face of the current situation in Sri Lanka and should probably have gone a step further in saying that National Security should go hand in glove with the foremost priority of ridding Sri Lanka of terrorism. "You cannot expect total freedom if National Security is affected" he has further said and continued that " It is unbelievable that senior ministers including Dew Gunasekera and Dilan Perera had opposed military and search operations in Colombo" If the accusations are true the depositions of ministers Gunasekera and Perera seem stupefyingly incongruous and inappropriate to say the least unless their partisan supports also rest along the lines of LTTE sympathy notwithstanding the innocent bystanding Tamils whose unfortunate presence being at the wrong place at the wrong time does not pre-empt the Armed Forces' right to flush out terrorists and their supportives whether it be in Colombo or Bintenne!.

When asked if Tamil MPs and ministers who oppose the current search operations could be held responsible for national security the response from the JHU has been non committal for obvious reasons where there is a majority consensus however within Sri Lanka in the affirmative. The JHU firmly believes that action should be taken to conduct more search operations.They have responded by saying that" Today we do not get much information about how the LTTE moves about with a great number of Army intelligence personnel murdered by the LTTE, search operations will be useful to keep the LTTE under check before they position themselves in the city for a massive attack" and a response which is not only very appropriate but also very prudent towards the greater priority of national and regional defence! It also carries a greater implication of liability towards the leadership of a previous regime which has virtually given Carte Blanche to the ruthless terrorists of the LTTE and deserves by far to be indicted, tried and sentenced.

To confirm the reality of this consensus Dr Rohan Gunaratne terrorism expert of international recognition has said that unless great surveillance measures and a massive build up of defences against the Terrorist LTTE are initiated with immediate effect the ramifications for neglecting this could be dire and devastating for Sri Lanka which are words of wisdom which coincide with the rationale of the JHU.

It therefore only stands to reason that the admonitions of the JHU are very apt and accurate towards the restoration of Law and Order in Sri Lanka today!



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