TNA's Ponnambalam Continues Anti Government Propagand In Brussels! The World Should Not be Fooled!

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For LankaWeb ~ March 9th 2006

Another campaign of Anti Governmental Propaganda has been portrayed in the recent comments to the media in Brussels Belgium but the World should not be fooled!. Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, the Tamil National Alliance(TNA) parliamentarian and LTTE proxy Rep., speaking at a symposium in Brussels, Belgium,Tuesday, has been quoted as 'explaining' how the Sri Lanka state has failed to win the consent of the Tamil people, whom it claimed to govern."The Tamil Nation( there is no such nation within Sri Lanka!) is being consistently denied meaningful access to Governance to pursue political, economic, social and cultural development.

All three Sri Lanka constitutions entrenched the unitary character of the Sri Lanka State in the face of demand for power sharing arrangement by Tamils asserting their right to self-determination," said Mr Ponnambalam. ending quote.

What Ponnambalam has failed to perceive for obvious reasons is the non entitlemet of the TNA as well as the section of Tamils he professes to represent being supportives of the LTTE terrorists. It must be hammered in over and over again for the benefit of the gullible and the mindset of the undiscerning that the TNA are a Parliamentary proxy of the LTTE terrorists and have not only no entitlement to make these comments but also no real mandate or permission according to European Union Guidelines to even be admitted into Belgium or any other EU Country as they are flagbearers and bucket carrying sycophants for the LTTE terrorists!

It seems illogical to even pay a modicum of attention to the profered sentiment which states in part of the TNA MP Ponnambalam's address that "Not all states will enjoy inviolability of their territorial integrity, but only those states conducting themselves in compliance with the principles of equal rights and self-determination of peoples " which appears to be a cross referencing to the interpretation of the Paragraph 7 of the UN General Assembly's 1970 Declaration of Friendly Relations and Co-operation among States. Paragraph 7 which deals with the maintenance of territorial integrity, and has been interpreted to recognize the legitimacy of secession under certain circumstances,Which in the case involving the State of Sri Lanka and its minority Tamils inapplicable and obtuse!

Mr. Ponnambalam has argued futilely, where his arguments becom null and void the moment the realities point to the unrelenting terrorist nature of the entity the LTTE he is speaking on behalf of rather than the Tamil community of Sri lanka as a whole which neither the TNA not the LTTE fully represent! The argument becomes further invalid and quashable when one considers the legalities and legitimacies involving the UN Charter of Right and takes on an air of humorous parlance where the reference to Territorial Integrity and its maintenance is the sole right of the Democratic Sovereign Nation of Sri Lanka and the right to self determination by Tamils inapplicable in the case of Sri Lanka as not all Tamils want to toe the line with the jargon of Ponnambalan to this effect and are in fact a visible minority which makes up about 12 percent of the Nations population which is further divided over the issue of self determination on realising its worthlesness towards their projected interests and posterity as the distasteful likelihood of being dictated to by a facist Mafia type organization takes precedence!

The World Community has no obligations under International Law to recognize any illegitimate struggle of the Tamils erroneously quoted as a'Tamil Nation' where there is no such entity as said before, despite the illegal de facto LTTE controlled areas in parts of Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka which need to be overrun by the legitimate Government of Sri Lanka and dismantled! Unless he was mistakenly quoting the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu as this so called Tamil Nation to which most dissatisfied Sri Lankan Tamils are probably very welcome to emigrate to inasmuch as the rest of the Tamil diaspora which has taken up residence in other parts of the globe!no known Tamil Nation exists. There are no sanctions of any International Law towards the issue as misrepresented by Ponnambalam beyond being a figment of his own imagination and others of his mentality.

The struggle in question in fact, to bring matters into perspective is a subversive insurgent struggle led by the brigands who call themselves the LTTE led by a murderous cowardly leader who hides in the Wanni Jungles of Sri Lanka and merely because the TNA has connived and cheated their way into Parliament, it gives them no carte blanche nor license to utter such preposterous statements through the likes of Ponnambalam regardless of his disposition and so called designation! That the Sri Lankan State continues to be the defaulting party as far as finding a solution to the conflict is concerned," as quoted in Mr. Ponnambalam's address is a mere matter of opinion which carries no real substance towards the truth as it is the TNA and the LTTE who have defaulted on their pledges to the signed Peace Accord and Ceasefire through many blatant violations now etched in stone!

It seems illogical and incomprehensible for the LTTE representative TNA and Ponnambalam to make entreaties to the International Community to the tune that quote unquote"It is also time that the International Community distinguishes a legitimate National Liberation movement like the LTTE from organizations like Al-Queda. To heap the LTTE with terrorist organizations is not only unacceptable to the Tamil people but will also embolden an intransigent and defaulting Sri Lankan State to continue to deny the Tamil Nation its right to self-determination. Such a denial can only result in one thing, and that is the serious escalation of the conflict and nothing less," the TNA MP Ponnambalam has concluded."

It has to be borne in mind specifically towards accuracies that the LTTE who are fully armed, unrelenting, ruthless and mendacious, continue to manouevre in the direction of forced secession from a Sovereign Nation despite may cover ups of their attrocities committed within Sri Lanka even after the Geneva Talks which could more than likely end up being a farce if the likes of Ponnambalam continue to spew their unwanted rhetoric around the world and refering to LTTE legitimacies which are non existent and are led by Sri Lanka's Public Enemy No.1.

That The LTTE very justifiably need to be piled at the top of the list of world terrorists alongside of Al Quaeda and the likes contrary to Ponnambalam's euphimisms where many analysts of terrorism have even classified them as the more dangerous entity by comparison with Al Quaeda is an understatement.There is no question about the Sri Lankan Government being emboldened to deny the rights of the LTTE per se as it is a legitimate Governmental right and its duty by the Nation it represents in Parliament to so deny ! and the term intransigent a more appropriate terminology to describe the TNA and the LTTE. As far as the veiled threat towards a "serious escalation of the conflict and nothing less" issued by Ponnambalam, it seems the same old oil being used in new lamps carrried by the like of his partners in crime the ubiquitous Anton Balasingham and the puerile SP Thamilselvam wandering about in the darkness of their incomprehensions where the flame could easily be snuffed out through their own persistences and the Winds of Forceful Sinhala Change, taking into consideration who is at the helm.

It has to be reiterated once more that there is no Tamil Nation in existence in Sri Lanka today contrary to Ponnambalam's insistence and no legitimacies dispensable towards terrorists and their proxies which continue their never ending tirades despite the vapid vagaries involved!



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