Terrorists’ Numbskull Agents (TNA) MP Mr. Nadarajah Raviraj became the victim to the bullets of a brutal assassin in the suburb of Colombo. The assassination is a deplorable act although Mr Raviraj was a vocal admirer and ardent defender of atrocities perpetrated by the terrorist outfit, whether it was against his own Tamil community or it was against other communities. Being able to speak in Sinhala he regularly appeared in the terrorist proxy-media to whitewash and defend the terrorists. A hitherto unknown organization called “Seerum Padai” (Roaring Army) has claimed responsibility for the killing. Was this a genuine claim or was it a diversionary tactic floated by the terrorist outfit itself to mislead the masses as well as the investigations instituted by the government? There is ample reason to believe that he could have been murdered by his own terrorist friends as it was done to several others in the past.

The organization claiming responsibility for the murder “Seerum Padai” has also claimed that they were responsible for the murder of former M.P. Mr. Joseph Pararajasingham on Christmas night last year, despite an outfit called “Sennan Padai” claimed responsibility for Pararajasingham’s murder at that time. The statement issued by the outfit “Seerum Padai” claiming responsibility for the assassination of Mr.Ravi Raj states that the “punishment meted out to Raviraj is a continuation of 0ur commitment to convey a serious message to those who betray our homeland. Without comprehending the agony of the Tamils and their sufferings the Tamil members of Parliament think that they are fulfilling their duty to the Tamil people by playing the comic role of being spokespersons for the Tigers”. It questions that “How can they be the representatives of the Tamils when they reside in Colombo with the security provided by the Sri Lanka Government?”. Concluding with a warning the statement says that “It must be clearly understood that they have no protection whether they live in Colombo or even in the Vanni.”.

This organisation “Seerum Padai” attempts to project it as an Eastern Province outfit thus create the impression that it could be a hidden arm of the Karuna Group. But the use of ‘homeland’ concept and other terminologies applied in the statement raise doubts about its Eastern authenticity.

It is a well known fact that the terrorist outfit in Vanni does not allow any sort of dissent or criticism by its cadres or its allegiants. Despite his own children being educated in Colombo (daughter at Bishops College where his wife Mrs. Sasikala also teaches) Mr. Raviraj was highly critical of the terrorist leadership for educating their children in western countries. In a scathing attack on the Vanni leadership last month, he said that it was a sad plight that has befallen thousands of children living in the North, while children of the LTTE leadership, including the children of the leader live a plush comfortable life in western nations. He also mentioned that the poor Tamil children have to wait in long queues all day without even going to school to get a piece of bread. His statement however expressed concern only about the children of the North and failed to mention anything about the Tamil children of the East.

In view of the above there is every reason to believe that this murder could have been carried out by the terrorist outfit itself despite all their crocodile tears, demands relating to the funeral arrangements, and posthumous conferring of “Maaveerar” title. How can a person in the terrorist outfit, whatever the importance he my hold, could criticise the leadership, especially the megalomaniac Prabhakaran and continue to roam freely? The fascist terrorist outfit bequeath this freedom to their cadres, people forced to live in their territory and their proxies living outside only as long as they remain servile to them in every aspect. The slain Mr Raviraj could have certainly been a victim of LTTE’s fascist terrorism.



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