The Dogmas Of Those Wearing Blinkers Attempt To Undermine A Proud Son Of Lanka!

©"Observations In Retrospect "-By Sunil Kumara - Popular Front Against Terrorism In Sri lanka (PFATISL)For Lanka Web-11th October 2006

"Sinhala chauvinism and political opportunism is not Sri Lankan patriotism " says Jacinta Cruz in her posting on the Independent News Website where she has critically analyzed and attempted to charcter assassinate respected patriotic Journalist Charles Perera as though the Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam are some demigods on whose behalf she is requesting canonization where the reality of it all points to a blinkered bi -partisan view of the whole gamut of terrorism in Sri Lanka and she seems to have got it all wrong about who the injured party is in Sri Lanka today, whether it be the displaced and dispossesed masses in the North and East of Sri Lanka or the wretched examples of humanity who call themselves the forcible liberators of the Tamil people ( also a blatant innuendo) where her definitions of right and wrong applicable to the case seem to be lopsidedly hanging in the balance of her own ignorance or partisanship! as the case seems to be.

It is perhaps due to the misguided concepts of the likes of Jacinta Cruz giving vent to her freedoms of speech in a manner not only obtuse and incongruous to the real objectives involved from a Sri Lankan standpoint but also comparable to another of those indian pundits in the same vein as a certain Mr. Balachandran( birds of a feather perhaps?) often given to spewing his particular brand of analytical bilge tantamount to shop that the world at large is misled into believing and the opposite of the realities surrounding the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka and she needs to be informed beyond a revered whisper and in the strongest of terms that she is merely talking shop and seems to be posing off as another LTTE propagandist the likes of whom there are many floating around within and without Sri Lanka today.

To the emotional strains of "Alas so true that there may be no point served or anything achieved except bitterness by digging into the past especially about whether the egg came first or the chicken forgetting that everything in life began with an evolutionary process." which waxes philosophical on the theme of the advent of life, but the 'past' refered to here one which has taken the toll of countless thousands of needlessly wasted lives for which the LTTE have been more than responsible and to even attempt to sweep under the carpet the liabilities and indemnities involved shows the tainted bias of this writer attempting to portray in contradictory rhetoric an accurate and absolutely appropriate dialogue by Charles Perera given the climate within an oppressed nation where the total responsibility for the chagrin lies in the hands of the insurgents who commenced an internal armed insurrection in the first place based on a cockamanie excuse that the Tamils of Sri Lanka were oppressed by the majority Sinhalese after independence from the British where all it was, was a loss of lopsided privileges they were afforded by the British which were realistically cut off by the leaders of the Sinhala Nation who replaced the British which in turn snowballed into a disgruntled rebellion by the miniscule minority the Tamils were in Sri Lanka! Mass hysteria over lost privileges and a futile will or aspiration by a minority to control a greater majority shall we say! at the time which continues to this day! so what is her point?

Madame Cruz's objections of propensity to the Charles Perera submission to LankaWeb notwithstanding, a feature titled “Prabhakaran,Your Day Of Reckoning Is Come” needs to be reiterated on behalf of Mr. Perera as a true reflection of a collection of impressions, views and convictions that are focused on the realities surrounding the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka needing more appropriately to be dubbed an insurgency by terrorists where the " intolerance based on racist chauvinism and religious bigotry" alluded to, become mere exaggerated figures of speech considering the criminal nature of the LTTE, its miserable leadership and their attrocities commited in the past and are continuing this very moment.
There is nothing obviously patentable or acceptable that any Sinhala Diaspora view also reflects the same type of nauseating criminalities practiced by their Tamil Diaspora "cousins" who are the very pestilence and the recalcitrant scourge which has plagued the resplendent nation of Sri Lanka for decades and need to be emphatically prevented from further harming a once beautiful and serenely tranquil nation and her mostly tolerant yet greatly oppressed people!.

Any discerning and compassionate person fully understanding the sufferings of the Sri Lankan nation at the hands of the vermin who call themselves Tamil Tigers would indeed be angered rather than saddened that the writer Charles Perera whose dialogue is so conducive to the real needs of his motherland is being literally upended and denigrated by the translucency and idiotic dispensation of verbiage by someone who probably has little real alignment or sympathy for Sri Lanka in the same vein as Mr Perera who is a proud and accomplished son of the land where his critic has interpreted as "utter hate" his forthright attempts to cushion his thoughts on Buddhist and Christian precepts totally acceptable within every realm of co-existence in the face of the criminal motivation of the terrorists! This concept to denigrate becomes more deplorable in the event that her own nationality might stem from the same geographical location as Mr.Perera which could then be deemed an abomination for her to be so incongruously critical of someone who just might be one of her own compatriots albeit partisan to the LTTE in the event of the obvious ethnicity!

It is a mere theory broadcast by visionaries with hardly a thought to the extraneous factors which propagate and augment an ethnic conflict to harp on the theme that"All that matters is that Sri Lanka has a population of human beings, a nation of people blessed with a cultural diversity that should have had an enriching impact on the community." It also does happens to be reality that" This wonderful asset was hijacked by racists and bigots that led to terrorism, which was certainly the primary and singlemost monopoly of Tiger terrorists alone and none other. The Sinhalese who lived through them were no terrorists! It was their inherant rights, entitlements and freedoms that were being encroached upon and impeded by the Tamil provocations of 1958, 1977 and 1983 fomented by zealots as Mr perera has so clearly pointed out! .No sane individual should have any compunctions however towards refering to them as an unfortunate victimsand recipients of reprisals inflicted upon a minority attempting to override a majority through misconceived dogma and aspirations for a disentitled franchise of freedom where the alternative would have been to co-operate towards co-existence rather than compromise their own existence! the reality of which is painfully evident even today!

Post morteming who or what is responsible for the state of affairs in Sri Lanka today and the mitigating circumstances which led to it is something for the Aministration to deal with rather than a flybynight subcontinental journalist on the case of the much respected columnist Charles Perera certainly no flybynight and someone who has won his colours and seems to be on the right track towards the advice and measures he has suggested where no analogies towards a Federal System based on the one in India short of being a joke considering the painful diversities and confrontations between the Hindus and Muslims that manifest themselves with regular frequency in voluminous perspective often accompanied by a big bang! and one which could provide restitution for Sri Lanka beyond a hallucination.

If Jacinta Cruz is attempting to taint the critical views of Charles Perera by comparing him to a devil dancer at a thovil ceremony perhaps the roles should be reversed where Charles Perera should be the Kattadiya attempting to exorcize the demons within Jacinta Cruz prompting her to present herself as a voice engine for the terrorists and her tirade about how to palaver to the terrorists and their supportives in a non venomous perspective as repartee against the objectives of those dedicated to thwart and dismantle the LTTE organization in the best interests of Sri Lanka and the region of South Asia which then takes on a venomous nature intended to upstage a legitimate democracy!

The only thing hurting Sri Lanka at present is the continued tolerance of terrorism of the worst kind and the reluctance on the part of the authorities to confront it effectively towards extinction which cannot be accomplished by listening to the sermons of misguided sentimentalist with no thought to the real sufferers!
When the French said, it is only the imbeciles that do not change their mind there surely must be a connotation which suggests "it is imbecilic to alter the course of a nation's destiny through the dogmas of those wearing blinkers!"



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