They gather like vultures at the smell of death- the anti war-lobbyists, without consideration for the bereaved.

By Charles Perera

It is sad to see how people await to see the death of a man to make his death profitable for them to be in the political lime light. All these people, Kumar Rupasinghe, Rajitha Senaratne, Mano Gunasingham, Karunaratne, and Vasudeva Nanayakkara who like vultures have rallied round at the smell of death, to profit from the opportunity to use that sadness of a family, for more effective use for their anti-war manifestations, demand for the opening of A9, and demand to stop military action against the terrorists. That death is a blessing for them to step up their activities which had lacked a popular following. They should be ashamed of themselves.

It can of course be accepted, if they had similar manifestation for the many murders before. May be they did not want to get involved, because the terrorists were directly and evidently responsible for those assassinations, where as there is an element of doubt in the case of Late Mr. Nadaraja Raviraja’s assassination , involvement according to them of the government or the army. However, one aught to be really short of imagination even to think that the Government or the Army had a hand in the assassination of the Late Mr.Nadaraja Raviraja.

It, of course, serves no purpose to ask them to stop their game, and act in the greater interest of the country by helping the government to defeat terrorism. It appears the International Community and the UN have scant respect to sovereignty of the small countries like ours to bother about the terrorists that is installed among us. Therefore, it has become our business, and without the help of all those who love democracy and love this country that is ours, we will not be able to see an end to terrorism.
We should stand by the Army because they are the ones that are really risking their lives, to give us the freedom to run about looking after our small lives, and carryout even manifestations against the army and the government, in the warm comfort of the towns in the south, under the safety of the army we criticise.

Please have a little more respect to the dead, and consideration towards the bereaved family of the late Mr. Nadaraja Raviraja, by using his death for political benefit, and financial gain in case of those pleasing their respective NGOs.



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