To Accommodate The LTTE In The Present State Of Unrest In Sri Lanka Would Be Lunacy.

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For LankaWeb ~ 12th May, 2006

Responding to the lunatic repartee of SPThamilselvam who seems to have over emphasized his laughter evoking rhetoric that the LTTE have claimed sovereignty over the land, sea and air in that part of the Sri Lankan North and East, which it controls de facto. and that"Nobody has the right to pass judgement on the 'sovereign rights ' of our access to the adjacent sea and airspace of our homelands" it can only be said in through a somewhat grass roots Sinhala adage that dogs also bark at the moon with little accomplishment ensuing!" The latest cacaphony of the so called head of the LTTE's political wing, SP Tamilselvan which has been spewed at a meeting with Maj Gen Ulf Ericsson, the head of the Nordic truce monitors, when the latter met him in Kilinochchi on Friday seems somewhat desperate and muddled and perhaps worth paying attention to only for its entertainment value inasmuch as was the jester in King Arthur's Court!

Lunacy almost always precedes violence when it happens to be demented lunatics who lead the political as well as insurgent cadres of any terrorist faction and the LTTE being a group associated with conscienceless terrorism and Thamilselvams' outburts have been linked to their futile cause for secession alone and have been closely followed up by the shameful LTTE attacks on Sri Lankan Navy Transport Vessel where it is the LTTE who have paid a heavier price despite the loss of some 17 Sailors and a greater part of the attempt to overrun the Naval craft carrying close to a 1000 personnel off the coast of Point Pedro in Northern Sri Lanka thwarted where they have made it to safety due to prompt retaliatory action by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces with air and ground support.

That the LTTE have brazenly challenged the Sri Lankan government's sovereign rights over the sea around the Island Nation in the North and North east of Sri Lanka, and attacked Sri Lankan Naval craft which also had international truce monitors (thus far one being unaccounrted for on a very serious note) on board, goes to prove the desperate nature of their latest direction where consequently the truce monitors have condemned the LTTE actions and have supported the Sri Lankan Government's stand which simply relates to Sri Lanka's Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity, within all the statutes of international law and Thamiselvam's claims idiotic, baseless and needing to be trashed for good measure.

Perhaps it is fast becoming a contention that the Government of Sri Lanka has no obligations towards the irresponsibilities of the likes of Thamilselvam and his cronies who are internationally proscribed terrorists tolerated only in Sri Lanka for some mind boggling reason where the vapid rantings of Thamilselvam appear to have taken on an air of Dutch Courage where despite all the propaganda of the LTTE claiming legalities towards their existences -the fact of the matter is, they are close to being Persona Non Grata internationally or this is if not the case in a statutory sense in Sri Lanka this status should be bestowed on them based on the international condemnations and proscriptions against them and an official stance of proscription needing to be taken emphatically against them within the confines of Sri Lanka in the face of all their renewed attrocities and the blatant violations of the Peace Agreement and Ceasefire Agreement!

Ever the dreamer as well as Thespian extraordinaire relative to ethnicity! Tamilselvan is quoted as saying that "the LTTE did not enter the peace process to be described as a "non-state actor" and the Sri Lankan government as the "state actor"."The CFA (Ceasefire Agreement) and the entire peace process is between two parties. It is not based on LTTE as a non-state actor and GOSL (government of Sri Lanka) as a state actor." To contradict this idealogy of Thamilselvam it must be cited that the LTTE are not the representations of all the Tamils in Sri Lanka and that the Peace Agreement and ceasefire which was emphatically flawed at the time of signing was nailed down by a previous administration thought to be overly conciliatory to the group of terrorists Thamiilselvam factually represented and the new regime of the Hon. Mahinda Rajapakse in no way obliged to dance to Thamilselvam's or the LTTE tunes with this new insight into the LTTE as non representatives of all Sri Lankan Tamils who have taken advantage of a meaningless agreement merely to blatantly violate it in an attempt to make fools of the present administration while continuing to take on all the attributes of fully armed terrorists who in the best interests of the nation now need to be confronted in their own terms !!!

If the logic of astute analysts prevails towards argument it can be said thatThe CFA was entered into with the GOSL of another era and leadership fast being proven wrong and flawed at the time of signing and with absolutely no "military, Army, Navy or Air-wing which are concocted figures of speech within the Sovereign Nation of Sri Lanka beyond the imagery of terrorism and a mere figment of LTTE imagination!

To concur that the LTTE, have been' effectively' running a civil administration in the 'liberated' areas consisting 60 to 70 per cent of the entire homeland. is the boldest fabrication yet to be formulated in the puerile mindset of Thamilselvam as part of his propaganda intended to attract world attention but the purest of myths given the facts where the quoted percentages no more than a pipe dream. However it must be said that the previous Government of Ranil Wickremasinghe in his own quest fo a selfish agenda based upon power hungry ambitions has indeed granted a modicum of leeway to the LTTE in having tolerated their build up of an insurgent force in small parts of the North and North East of Sri Lanka which perhaps is now on the verge of being disbanded and overrun where Thamilselvam and his cronies need to either be annihilated and put down as Enemies of the State or apprehended and tried for their crimes against humanity with rehabilitation a non option!

Bearing in mind that Terrorists have no entitlements toward ' necessary' infrastructures for any administration, policing, or judiciary other than in a world gone mad should they be given any further leeway on any infered humanitarian basis, this alone would confirm the lunacy of any administration should its response also accommodate a bunch of murderous lunatics that the LTTE now represent!

Perhaps the Peace which has been grossly interrupted in recent times could only be restored through the annihilation of the LTTE stringently radical and extreme as it sounds!! but did not some wise old sage say "All's Fair In Love and War"? and in this case no love lost!



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