"Norwegians are the diplomatic 'advance guard' of the US-European empire".

Akila Weerasekera Minnesota, USA

"Norwegians are the diplomatic 'advance guard' of the US-European empire. They helped destroy Yugoslavia. They set Israel on the path to destruction. Now they will finish destroying Sri Lanka. Next: India."
- Francisco Gil-White

The Serbian government was fighting a terrorist movement, the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army), which threatened the lives of both Serbs and Albanians (KLA terrorists were Albanians themselves) living in Kosovo since late 1990s.

However, in the eyes of the so-called international community, Serbian government had been the one victimizing civilians rather than protecting them from terrorists. In late 1998, NATO forced Belgrade, under threat of bombs, to accept into Kosovo an OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) Kosovo Verification Mission (KVM), which was ostensibly a "peace verification" mission to monitor a "cease-fire" between the Yugoslav army and the KLA.

In January 1999, Knut Vollebaek, the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, became Chairman in Office of the OSCE. Vollebaek was brought in to make sure the OSCE would behave according to the desires of NATO's foreign policy elite. In the same month of January 1999, the American OSCE team, together with the KLA, alleged that the Yugoslav army had carried out a massacre against civilians in the town of Racak.

This accusation was later revealed to be a hoax, one that had been carried out by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), posing as the OSCE, in conjunction with the terrorist KLA. On March 24, 1999, NATO bombed Yugoslavia, using the massacre that didn't happen at Racak as the excuse. Sounds familiar? At least some parts are.

It is no secret that the Norwegian diplomats have created the so-called Sri Lankan "Peace" Process, and brought a great deal of terror to our country by empowering the LTTE. Why does the Norwegian monitors force our troops to withdraw whenever our troops get the upper hand? Why does the GOSL forces always get the blame from the so-called monitors? Since day one Norway has been supporting the LTTE in the conflict.

Norway has supported the LTTE financially, with equipment and made every effort to make this terrorist organization a "legitimate" negotiation partner. The Norwegian "peace" process is systematically designed to give the Tigers more of what they want, not less.

A "peace" process, by definition, will treat the Tiger terrorists as a political force that supposedly represents the Tamil people. In other words, The LTTE will become the recognized government for the Tamils, and will be given more autonomy (also, may start pumping our oil to Norway), because this is how a Norwegian 'peace' process works. It does not matter to the so-called international community that it is these very Tamil Tigers who are most responsible for the oppression and suffering of innocent Tamils. Also, we should remember that wherever Norwegian diplomats get involved, the terrorists come out winning big.

If we reminisce events in Yugoslavia and Israel due to US-Norwegian intervention, it is only a matter of time the U.N or other international force invade Sri Lanka and make quasi-states. In the near future there will be many media campaigns, blasting Sri Lankan security forces. There will be LTTE-Norway staged massacres of Tamil people and will falsely accuse the SL security forces. They will send U.N officials to Sri Lanka to proclaim it a genuine "massacre" (and because the western media then obligingly plaster this "opinion" all over its front-pages).

SLMM spokeswoman Helga Olafsdottir will scream saying it's a "crime against humanity". The BBC and the CNN will broadcast her weeping face all over the world. The Sri Lankan government will be accused of using excessive force and of targeting Tamil civilians in the Northeast. Later, they will accuse the GOSL of genocide.

After that they will make it a reason to invade Sri Lanka. Even thought this is just a preview of what yet to come, some of the propaganda campaigns have already started. This is what the so-called NGOs (non-governmental organizations' are in fact government-run) are doing in Colombo.

If we don't send these so-called Norwegian diplomats home, the consequences will be devastating.
So what will be the fate of Sri Lanka if this so-called peace process continues? There is no doubt in my mind that it will create a Tamil mini-state in Sri Lanka and destroy the Sinhalaya. So Mr. President, for the sake of our country and the future of our children, the Government of Sri Lanka must expel Norway from Sri Lanka.

We waited enough, we suffered enough, now is the time to act! We do not want what happened in Yugoslavia and Israel to happen in our motherland. What ever the Thuppahi (westernized) Sri lankans or the so-called anti-war cowards say we must protect our country not only from the LTTE but also from the US backed international community.

So the first step should be EXPELLING NORWAY FROM SRI LANKA!



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