The Killings Continue, The LTTE Vermin Are Loose Amongst Civilians While The Government Waives The Search And Destroy Option For Garbled Peace Talks !

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High time the Sri Lankan authorities and the armed forces became more assertive about the definition of the "We Will Not be Intimidated By Terrorists" slogan and put it into practice and took charge of the overall situation with the intent of wiping the LTTE out completely.All the indications are that the LTTE are on their last legs yet resilient enough to stage a few more sporadic attacks which are taking a heavy toll on both the military and the civilians and making the Armed forces look like a bunch of novices!

Many believe that the SLAF through their tolerance and moderation with a little bit of help from the verbose pundits who advocate the turning of the other cheek in the name of peace by their garbled dialogue in favour of the concept and perhaps have spurred the LTTE on to believe that kindness is weakness and hence this shame and gut wrenching tragedy of lost lives, notwithstanding the cowardly mentality of the scum calling themselves liberation tigers who are better off being renamed the scumsucking cowardly pigs of Tamil Eelam whose brand of terrorism confounds their identities as part of the human race!

This seems time appropriate albeit somewhat late in the day in the overall scheme of things for the Armed Forces to pull out all stops towards searching and destroying anything or anyone in the slightest manner indicative of links with the LTTE and clean up the nation in order that its non rabid, civilized decent people can live in peace and harmony regardless of ethnicity ! Not a single thought should be spared to override the crying need to come to terms with a push for a terrorist free Sri Lanka and a concept recently indicated as the only worthwhile one, through the dialogue and idealogies of Army Commander Maj. Gen. Fonseka amongst others who must surely realise now, being a victim of LTTE attrocities which nearly cost him his life in the not too distant past that it must be a now or never situation to realistically force the pace inasmuch as one of his predecessors Maj.Gen. Janaka Perera did when under his command he literally had the LTTE on the run but as was the case in many instances before and after the Janaka Perera Era the bureaucracies and bouergeoisie attitude of some leaders surrounding the specialized case of LTTE tolerance in Sri Lanka( Norway Eat Your Heart Out! ) saw to it that they were given leeway and even the legitimacy to continue as an entity within Sri Lanka when their operations should have been sought out and destroyed forcefully and vehemently so that they could never re-group ever! These are self acclaimed and internationally condemned and proscribed terrorists getting away with murder and mayhem with impunity, arrogance and to the chagrin of what one tries to come to terms as authority within Sovereign Sri Lanka!!

The insistence in this strongly worded bulletin is inspired in the aftermath of at least 92 Sri Lankan sailors being killed and dozens of people were injured in one of the deadliest insurgent attacks, cowardly and despicable nonetheless since the 2002 ceasefire which has now turned into a farcial joke and needs either to be restructured or trashed where dialogue towards the resolution of the ethnic crisis should proceed with non violent and non terrorist supportive Tamils after the LTTE have been wiped out in their entirety.

This perhaps sounds like wishful thinking to some but many analysts believe this could be accomplished if the right measures were taken and the terrorists choked out of their strionghold in the Wanni their leader the gutless wonder Prabhakaran flushed out, taken captive or shot and destroyed and given the same status towards the exercise as any other relentless mass murderer whose only entitlement is capital punishment whether it be through trial by jury or instant execution by an armed forces bullet whatever the case may be.And to those who believe this is draconian it needs to be emphasized that the term draconian seems non applicable to the like of heinous and worthless examples of humanity as is Velupillai Prabhakaran who has discredited his own ethnic background through his low life excesses and conscienceless existence and to all intents and purposes seems non rehabitable as is the uppper echelon of the LTTE comprising of ruthless killers, extortionists, rapists and debauchers of the innocent.

This lates suicide blast with its heavy toll of 92 lives of Armed Forces personnel predominantly from the Navy as reported was triggered today Monday the 16th Oct., by Tamil Tiger rebels according to latest Army and Navy reports. Military spokesman Brig. Prasad Samarasinghe said that LTTE rebels rammed a small explosives-laden truck into a naval convoy travelling along a road near the town of Dambulla, about 150 kilometres northeast of the capital Colombo. The Reports also indicate that at least 150 people, navy personnel and civilians, were injured in the attack. The convoy of buses attacked were carrying sailors from the port town of Trincomalee.They were unarmed and were going on leave.

It has to be therefore reiterated that for The Government to waive the Search And Destroy Option for Garbled Peace Talks seems comprehensively worthless as The LTTE vermin are loose amongst civilians within the Sinhala nation where pragmatism needs to be overuled by forceful affirmative action and order restored to the nation through whatever means necessary!This surely prompts the need for a systematic elimination of the LTTE!



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