Indian Authorities Should Desist From Meddling In Sri Lanka's Internal Affairs If They Cannot Support Sri Lanka's Fight Against Terrorism !

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16th Oct.2006

Under the caption" India Unhappy With Sri Lanka Government Over fighting "it is reported that India is deeply unhappy with the continuing fighting in Sri Lanka that has the potential to derail the Oct 28-29 talks between Colombo and the Tamil Tigers in Geneva.While many are contemplating whether to make a vast collection of tissue paper to send to the Indian authorities just in case there is large scale weeping and boo hooing over the issue based on their projected unhapiness there are many who also wonder when if ever, India will learn to contain herself from meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation despite the proximities and friendships which have prevailed over the years and contributed to the congenialities between the two nations albeit laced with a few subtle insincerities which have not gone unnoticed!

It has been bad enough that in the not too distant past India has snubbed or at least been off handish over Sri Lanka's request for India to get more involved in Sri Lanka's terrorist problem where they have even hedged on the issue of a joint defence treaty between the two countries and is this some kind of remorse on the part of India now to indicate being disgruntled by the manner in which Sri Lanka has approached the terrorist problem of her own cognizance and has formed a viable bond with Pakistan who has openly pledged the fullest support for Sri Lanka's war against terrorism with all kudos to Pakistan!.

No ingrained sympathy on the part of India is needed towards the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who are deemed as being internationally proscribed criminals and if India is dissatisfied with measures taken by the Sri Lankan government through military retaliation to the LTTE attrocities which are ongoing, it seems tough luck on India where a better alternative might be to uphold Sri Lanka's compelling need towards combating terrorism where there is very justifiable cause whereby Sri Lanka needs to launch an all out offensive to totally anihilate the LTTE whose unrelenting attrocities continue to plague the Nation and the region despite the exaggerated portrayal of LTTE resilience in a falsified perspective ( an aberrational excess by LTTE media propagandists to be precise ) and to describe Sri Lanka's potential towards overcoming the terrorists in a face to face confrontation daunting and negative.( not a cowardly ambush of unarmed personnel as was the case on Monday near Habarana)

A military offensive might very arguably lead to an outright victory given all the prudence and military strategy well within the grasp of the armed forces where if India cannot provide the much needed logistical and armament support shoud stay out of the fray and let Sri lanka conduct her own military missions towards securing the country from its terrorist scourge with what ever assistance procurable which is bound to be an eventuality as the terrorist according to some experts appear to be wilting and showing signs of gross incompetence and weakness.

What the LTTE have tried through extreme provocation is now becoming very visible to the international community. Based on the reckoning and will of the world outside as an affirmation of all the condemnations of LTTE attrocities baltantly portraying despicable cowardice and conscienceless murders and mayhem on an ongoing basis, Sri Lanka needs all the international support she can get so that the mendacities of the LTTE backfire on them and they need to be taken to task with a view towards obliterating them from the world scene permanently. This cannot be realistically accomplished if India based on her political motivations towards appeasing the Tamils of Tamil Nadu continue to bicker about Sri Lanka's military policies and approach towards dealing with her terrorist problem and for lack of something to occupy India's prehensile mind which keeps getting involved in Sri Lankan matters on a regular basis ever since Pakistan pledged the fullest support for Sri Lanka. India would therefore be better off also joining the fray in helping to put down the LTTE given the fact that their (LTTE) presence and continued tolerance with impunity is also a threat to the region of South Asia!



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