Sivapalan Sathyamoorthi UK

The Tamils in Sri Lanka are probably the most unlucky community in the whole world. This is the view held by most Sri Lankan Tamils living outside the country. It is mainly because that we are being threatened by our own people and are nearing extinction from the face of the earth due to atrocities committed by our own.

Sri Lankan Tamils are being held to ransom by a ruthless murderer who has a name to discredit the mighty sun. He who has had no proper education beyond the primary standard, and has had a very troublesome childhood and grown up with no other skill than to kill, holds all the educated Tamils at ransom and dictate terms to them. The latest example being that of professor Hoole who was prevented from being the head of the University of Jaffna.

The man from Valvatithurei, who has sent his children to England for education, inhumanly uses our children to fight for battles that will result only in fulfilling his lunatic desires and destroys the future generation of the Tamil community. Our children are not allowed to study, play or live and enjoy their time. Their childhood is being robbed off them.

Our future is also determined by a couple who are supposed to be the theoreticians and the chief negotiators of the “Tamil Struggle”. The man who is not even a citizen of Sri Lanka and his wife who is not a Tamil have self appointed them as our saviors! They enjoy life in Europe far away from the suffering masses and block all avenues for a peaceful settlement of the ethnic issue in Sri Lanka.

The political head of the Tamil struggle is a man who was a school dropout from grade 3. He does not have any other credibility to him other than his smile. This man used the money collected from us to send his children to Norway for education. They prevent any political settlement to the problems of the Tamils.

The chief of the Sea tigers is a man who has not gone to a school even for shelter during rain. He trains young men on the morals and standards of violence and crime. He is recruiting the Tamil youth to suicide carders.

These are the set of people who have taken up to the task of determining the future of Tamils in Sri Lanka. When they began their association we were all happy and gave them all the support we could. It was only a matter of time before we understood the reality and by that time it was too late. We are unable to voice our opinion and those who dare would face a cruel ending that befell Dr Rajini Thiranagama,Rajan Sathyamoorthi, S. Siththamparanathan Dr.Neelan Thiruchelvam and Lakshman Kadiragarmar to mention a few in a large list.
We have lost a huge number of Tamil intellectuals and men of great stature. We are facing the threat of loosing the few who are left. This bunch of illiterate murderers have effectively taken control of the whole community and are controlling our lives, movements, occupations, where we live and our right to think. They have been successful in downgrading the position of the Tamils and have destroyed the high intellectual profile of the community.

Our values and standards have dropped to unacceptable levels. Our youth have been taken out of schools and trained violence. We have been robbed of our land in Jaffna. The belongings and the properties of those who have left the country have been given to tiger carders with no regard to legal claims. The youth have been deprived of free thinking and blinded by their bias unilateral ideas and brain washing. The poor who are confined to Wanni and Kilinotchi are forced to remain in the dire conditions forcefully and are kept as human shields and cannon fodder.

The elite intellectuals of the Sri Lankan Tamils have been virtually eliminated. Some of them have been asked to leave the country. The Tamils who live outside Sri Lanka are being extracted of all their hard earned saving to fund these high spending gun runners. We have been virtually wiped out of our land and have been prevented from going back. I beg to the whole world to intervene now before it is too late and save the Tamils from this bunch of insane men of the tiger terrorists.



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