The Limits Of Endurance Of Sovereign Sri Lanka Might Not Be To Thamiselvam's Expectations!

Sunil Kumara - Popular Front Against Terrorism In Sri Lanka-For LankaWeb

June 22nd 2006

It is beyond rational acceptance that organizations such as the Associated Press and other News Journals lend any credibility to terrorists such as S.P.Thamilsevam by granting them interviews to spew their contentious propaganda and synonymously pose a bold front to cover up their attrocities which have escalated unacceptably in recent times? This is the very essence which sometimes provides an unrealistic carte blance to unacceptable condemned and outlawed terrorist who never get the message that they are intolerable in any civilised society!

It seems hard to comprehend what emboldens this cripple calling himself the political head of the LTTE whose deformities are portrayed both inside and out, to utter deranged statements such as " Sri Lanka should expect more suicide bombings if the Island returns to full-scale war" and similar threats to the Administration of Sovereign Sri Lanka with no expectations of the likely fallout that would further isolate the LTTE from their rights to exist and function, the eventuality of which nonetheless pointing to a dead end street and perhaps academic as far as the future of the LTTE is concerned and expressed in radical dispensation by a terrorist committed to his violent means far removed from responsibility to civilized society and human life.

The Tamil Tiger rebels' self appointed and so called ' political chief' is said to have issued a 'warning' to the Government of Sri Lanka endorsing and confirming the LTTE's hallmark as terrorists where S.P. Tamilselvan has stated to the media that recent bloodshed has rendered the country's 4-year-old truce "a piece of paper that has no meaning at all where he seems to have forgotten to mention at the bloodshed and the rendering of the Peace Process null and void is through their own uiniulateral decision making and inflicted attrocities resulting in bloodshed by their own creative bloodletting."

It is almost laughable that this clown who hobbles around on a stick after the lambasting he previously received the hands of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces who probably took pity on him once while still an LTTE cadre, even suggests that the Tigers were willing to sit down with the Government again for peace talks when so much duplicity and insincerity has been shown in recent times towards the cause of peace and so much time and money at the taxpayers's expense wasted in the scenarios past under the guise of being Peace Negotiations.

In a false portrayal of sentiments intended to catch the attention of the international community and invoke sympathy from the more gullible, he has insisted that Government Forces should stop a surge of bombings and shootings and that have killed nearly 700 people since April, more than half of them civilians whereas the bombings shootings, explosion of land mines and wanton killings of innocent men women and children in rural areas in the North and East has been a regular pattern attributable solely to the LTTE taking a toll of over 1000 lives is the space of a few months. Consequently the Government Forces responses quite appropriately must be deemable as the entitlement of the Armed Forces of a Sovereign Nation asserting authority in the face of all the attrocities ( inflicted on Sri Lanka by the LTTE) towards defending Sovereign territory and the safety of her subjects non aligned with LTTE idealogies which have no place in any part of Sri Lanka.

It must be remembered that these are not representatives of the respected Tamil Community of Sri Lanka which is a world apart from these rabid individuals more apropriately describable as a bunch of sub- human, degenerative, psycopathic despots and are the dregs and discards of the same communiity who have banded themselves into a bunch of murderous terrorists while attempting to falsely portray themselves as freedom fighters. Case in point for their continued isolations from decent human society!

Very puerilely, the' war' which has been cited by Thamilselvam quote unquote("If a war is to be averted") is no more than an internal armed insurrection by outlawed terrorists where the definition of war logically and rationally is a confrontation of nations not an attempt by insurgents to overrun a Nation.The key element as charged by Thamilselvam is indeed in the hands of the Government to make a decision to stop this violence unilaterally through whatever means available and with so much international support towards the cause while dealing with the LTTE who have chosen to abrogate from the Peace agreement, make a mockery of the entire concept of the Peace Talks while carrying on in pretence that they have a right to dictate to the Government of Sri Lanka what is best for the country!

The Government of Sri Lanka has aptly responsed to the cacophonic rhetoric of Thamilselvam that it is nonsensical, while citing the Tigers as solely responsible for the violence that many fear is pushing Sri Lanka towards the brink of renewed confrontation. It is imperative that any insurgency forced upon the nation by the designs of LTTE terrorism need to be thwarted and to indicate a readiness for anything the LTTE intends to perpetrate by way of violence in their futile attempt to confront the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka ably equipped towards the task!

In the most perverse of expression a dejected terrorists could express his frustrations through, Thamilselvam continues his tough talk perhaps with expectations that the Government of Sri Lanka will baulk and tremble over his baring of fangs but what he fails to perceive is the possibility that his fangs and those of the other vermin comprising of his terrorist outfit could be permanently removed so that they are rendered ineffective and that it seems a dangerous pastime to continue his provocations of Sovereign Sri Lanka where the limits of endurance might not be to his expectations!



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