Perhaps Attibutable To Wishful Thinking Where Terrorism Is Non Negotiable!

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September 21st 2006

Latest reports indicate that Sri Lankan President Mahida Rajapaksa has said recently while addressing the high-profile Asia Society in New York. that "the government is open for talks to bring peace to the country, the LTTE cannot defeat us by terrorism or any other means. We have proved that in recent months." so what exactly is his point beyond his usual pragmatism where the envisioned dream by all the moderates involved in seeking a solution to Sri Lanka's terrorist problem is undoubtedly a lasting peace but is this accomplishable through dialogue with an entity unrepared to pay attention to the exhortations towards peace whose ruthless pursuit of their own objectives has never waned despite being now boxed in to near submission?

Is the president once again harping on a theme which has failed over a period of 25 years as in the wasted efforts by previous regimes to talk the LTTE into capitulating to Governmental efforts towards convincing them into laying down arms, renouncing idealogies towards secession and joining mainstream Sri Lankan society as civilised human beings and if so he should be once again reminded that his would be a wasted effort despite the hash reality that pressing home the advantage Sri Lanka now has militarily over the Tamil tigers has to be the only option! beyond another Tsunami which is never a predictability!

It is surely a time to stop dreaming and be a bit more realistic and aligned to the times as the LTTE though cornered and condemned are not just about ready to roll over and play dead voluntarily. They need to be persuaded through every possible means leaving out the gentle option that they have no choice and that the only alternative left to them is to come clean or be annihilated in the best interests of the nation and its freedom loving citizens, an option they need to be convinced about by means beyond rhetoric.

While there is great magnanimity in the Presiden's ardent beliefs in democratic practices, being someone who is willing to listen and discuss there is also the futility of time wasted in dialogue with a terrorist group which has not relented for the past 25 years to come clean of their terrorist ambitions and continue to persisit in villifying all attempts by the Government of Sri Lanka to rehabilitate them through humane means and often make a mockery of the Sri Lankan administration.

Given the circumstances of a military advantage which the Government presently has undoubtedly over the tigers this is a time to cast aside pragmatism and ahimsa and pursue relentlessy these terrorists who are of no beneficial means towards Sri Lanka's posterity until their worthless organization is completely dismantled, their murderous leadership and supportive cohorts routed beyond redemption which advantage if not availed of at the present time may never present itself and something Sri Lanka might regret! especially if the LTTE are permitted the luxury to regroup instead of being put down permanently given the reality that they are no more a representation of the entire Tamil community beyond their own propaganda and rhetoric and that there are sane and intelligent Tamils in far greater numbers than LTTE supportive cohorts around the world who condemn and denounce the LTTE as a worthless group of terrorists with a single objective, their own survival! which from a true Sri Lankan perspective is absolute reality and the condemnations perfectly justified.

In the simplest of terms the LTTE are a motley bunch of disoriented terrorists with minimal support from terrorist supportive individuals around the world and something which is fast dwindling with over 29 nations in outright condemnation of their right to exist and many more joining in the refrain that there is no such thing as 'privileged' terrorists which seems to be the case in Sri Lanka with the LTTE and something which the President could easily be accused of endorsing despite the inaccuracies involved!

There is sufficient just cause to make this conclusion as it is something the President's predecessors have proved beyond reasonable doubt much to their chagrin and perhaps the reason why Sri Lanka is at a political crossroads today but headed in the right direction hopefully with a leadership which does not show a willy nilly attitude towards how it should deal with terrorists!

It seems fairly obvious that the LTTE in their present guise as unpardobable terrorists have no place in mainstream Sri Lankan Society where the pursuance of peace amongst killers is merely tantamount to a dangerous gamble with too many unknowns given the volatile and retaliatory nature of the LTTE who stop at nothing towards their own means and a non negotiable entity as their mendacious track record has proved and to speculate that this would ever change seems wishful thinking.



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