LTTE lays 8000 AP mines to chastise fleeing civilians-Vakarai

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An LTTE cadre who surrendered himself to the secure forces recently, confessed the sinister attempt of the LTTE leadership to keep his shattering human shield in tact in the eastern province.

According to the surrendered LTTE cadre, the LTTE leadership had made his order to lay anti personnel mines on every possible land route that could be used by the civilians to escape into the government controlled area. He further added that he had personally engaged in the mine-laying operation which laid over 8000 AP mines, by the time of his escape from the outfit.

The video footage exclusively issued to web site showed the interview with the LTTE cadre conducted by the officials.

Over 35,000 people are being kept under the servitude of the LTTE in the un-liberated areas in Vakarai, Ichchalanpattu, and Panichchankerni. These civilians are said to be continually mauled and forcibly utilized in fatigue work by the LTTE terrorists.

It is further revealed that the LTTE had issued warning to the civilians that they would have to pay with their limbs if they ever try to leave the area.

LTTE is a terrorist organization who claims itself to be the sole representative of the Tamil community and fights a brutal war against the Sinhalese, Muslims, and moderate Tamil communities for a separate, ethnically pure Tamil homeland since 1983.

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