Coming To Terms With S.P.Thamilselvam And His Threats About "A Full Scale War!"

© Sunil Kumara ~ Popular Front Against Terrorism In Sri Lanka (PFATISL) For LankaWeb ~~ Dec.23rd,2006

According to latest Reuter's reports, LTTE deputy mouthpiece SP Thamilselvam, now that his predecessor in this department Anton Balasingham is deceased, has warned that," A Renewed conflict in Sri Lanka will escalate into full-scale war if the military follows through on a declared plan to evict the Tamil Tigers from the island's volatile east", as recorded to the media which have also mistakenly labelled him a ' top rebel ' where the term 'top dog' by virtue of his continued barking might seem a bit more appropriate! That there are certain trepidations indicative of the current LTTE mood as expressed in Thamiselvam's diatribe seems to go beyond conjecture that these are the mumblings of a very confused and frightened individual indicative of many a mangy cur bearing fangs when cornered!
This mayalso be a direct fallout consequent to the decision of the Sri Lankan Administration's reluctance to ban the LTTE outright and join all the international forces which have already done so without reservation nor trepidation and the nerve and affront of this puny and pathetic example of humanity Thamilselvam whose terrorist organization is virtually on the run seems short of amazing where no relenting nor being contrite for their part in the massive crimes against humanity the LTTE are guilty of is evident even marginally being the conscienceless criminals they really are.

It must be borne in mind that upto the present some 20,000 LTTE attrocity-displaced Tamils according to the latest statistics, have fled from camps in and around the easternparts of Sri Lanka illegally occupied by the LTTE terrorists who are now being hounded, pounded, systematically sought out, routed and destroyed at every opportunity. It is no idle boast that their arms manufacturing facilities, covert airstrips, sea and land tiger enclaves and terror bunkers and anything within the sights and crosshairs of the Sri Lankan armed forces have been subjected to a relentless barrage of firepower albeit with some consideration to a worthless ceasefire which the LTTE have blatantly violated and perhaps the reason why the Government of Sri Lanka does not have too much fanfare involving the Armed Forces' forward march towards annihilating the LTTE where the related protocols are still being maintained to silence a few smartalec pundits who sometimes try to maintain and justify a perversely immoral pro LTTE agenda under the pleas of a ceasefire being violated but realistically initiated by the LTTE themselves. This is the same outfit which now threatens the nation of Sri Lanka with what they term a full scale war, exposing their credibilities as an organization which believes in their foolhardy rhetoric regardless of how ignorant and impossible it sounds.
And now enter the Nordic truce monitors once again as was expected by many discerning analysts that their mostly unwelcome presence in Sri Lanka's internal affairs was not something easily got rid of by way of any persistence on anyone's part so long as the Government paid even a token homage to them and the weak backbone of the administration continuing to tolerate them rather than jettisoning them despite their dubious track record.It is an affront to Sri Lankan Governmental credibility that Norway now seems alarmed at the military's plan to flush the Tigers out of the area, saying it violates the terms of a now tattered 2002 ceasefire, and has lobbied the international community who have no inkling about Norway's role in the LTTE's Agenda, the hidden motives of Norway's overly eager support for the LTTE relative to many proven and documented LTTE sympathies in many areas as well as interest in rich oil deposits in underlying and encompassing areas sought by the LTTE for their projected yet puerile and unattainable Eelam where Norway need to be given the marching orders for many duplicities smearing their credibilities and the LTTE outlawed by the Sri Lankan authorities in no uncertain terms and destroyed!

Once the LTTE are fully outlawed and banned as a criminal organization within Sovereign Democratic Sri Lanka any actions by the Sri Lankan military will be justifiable as necessary to safeguard the Nation's sovereignity and territorial integrity and could be a follow up to the introduction of the Prevention of Terrorism Act and thereby what Thamilselvam refers to by way of insinuations and threats as a 'Full Scale War' perhaps an expected baring of fangs by one of the leaders of a group of cornered criminals with nowhere to run knowing that their nemesis is at hand! and sums up categorically the declaration of SP Thamilselvan, head of the Tigers' political wing made to Reuters in an e-mail interview which truly merits no publicity in any respectable news journal!

That any consequent actions will manifest itself as a defense mechanism intended to safeguard the nation against terrorists becomes a forgone conclusion and certainly a very justifiable course of actions by the Sri Lankan Government against a beleaguered bunch of terrorists who truly need to be put out of their misery and as a favour to Sri Lanka where statements made by Thamilselvam with hardly any wherewithal to substantiate them beyond his Gothamic self confidence such as "war-mongering by the Sri Lankan Government will take the island to a very destructive and disastrous war." can only be interpreted as ignorant and hollow!
The reality of what truly faces the LTTE which Thamilselvam should be made aware of as a response to his bold assertions suggests as quoted from a recent analytical report that "The military has hemmed the Tigers into a 22-km stretch of coastline around Vakarai, and has already driven the rebels out of territory near the strategic northeastern port of Trincomalee further north. The area around Vakarai is the Tigers' only remaining direct sea access in the east, and losing it would leave them landlocked in large swathes of jungle inland and surrounded by government territory and army camps. Officials say the government aims to clear the Tigers from the whole of the east and hold local elections that a faction of renegade rebels opposed to the Tigers and seen aligned to the military are expected to win, before heavily developing infrastructure there." end quote.

It is a stark reality that despite being crippled as a real contending force against the Sri Lankan Armed Forces, the LTTE continue to terrorize, inflict insurmountabe pain through murder and mayhem unbearable and at times indescribable for sheer brutality on innocent civilians in the Eastern parts of Sri Lanka and if this is the reference to a war which Thamilselvam has uttered he must realise that his only destiny must be to be apprehended sooner than later by the Sri Lankan Authorities alongside his partners in crime including the cowardly despot Prabhakaran, tried for crimes against humanity and hung by the neck until dead!



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