Denials Of Named Canadian Tamil Organizations Being LTTE Fronts Dubious And Incredible!!

© Sunil Kumara ~ Popular Front Against Terrorism In Sri Lanka (PFATISL) For LankaWeb ~ Aug.24th 2006

In excellent collaboration and co-operation between the USA and Canda there are now 11 Sri Lankan Canadians apprehended in the recently uncovered conspiracy to procure arms illegally for the Tamil Tigers in Sri lanka as well as an attempt to bribe the US Authorities towards rescinding and withdrawing the decision to ban the LTTE as a terrorist organization.

But what's mind bogglind are the blatant denials by these individuals as well as the organizations they represent which are fronts for the LTTE in Canada, a well known and long established fact amongst the more discerning Sri Lankan in various parts of Canada.The Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) after the recent arrests in the Joint US/Canadian Sting Operation in New York have been quick on the uptake to cover their derrieres from any liability to being an LTTE front in Canda and despite the feigning of innocence and an attempt to be disassociated from the LTTE the fact remains based on much investigative research by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian Security Intelligence Services ( CSIS ) Canada's other Security watchdog that the CTC is indeed involved in covert LTTE activity together with a few others with fancy sounding names!

With all due credit to the newly elected Progressive Conservative Government of Stephen Harper ably assisted by his relentless team out for Canadian Justice to be restored to a normal order spearheaded by the likes of Messers Stockwell Day Minister of Public safety and Foreign Affairs Minister Peter Mackay to name some at the forefront of hounding and bringing to book anyone involved in terrorist activity. Mr Day has been recently quoted as saying that "The decision to list the LTTE is long overdue and something the previous government did not take seriously enough to act upon, Our government is clearly determined to take decisive steps to ensure the safety of Canadians against terrorism." emphasizing the prioritized importance the new Canadian Government has placed on the contentious issue of Tamil Tiger terrorism.

The recent sting operation which netted 11 Canadians thus far and counting also needs to be acknowledged as a Canadian Government sanctioned operation hand in glove with the US Government quite unlike the previous Governments of both the Conservative and Liberal regimes which are purported to have been tolerant of the LTTE activities despitem token impositions on fund raising after 9 -11 where there was no attempt to ban them outright and something which apathetically went on for decades in Canada and as reported in a newsitem in Canada recently the Conservatives have literally played catch up with most of the rest of the world in regards to the Tamil Tigers.

An excerpt from the New Conservative Voice a government sponsored News Website reads quote unquote "The world must be made aware that the Tamil Tigers are a terrorist group striving for an independent state within Sri Lanka. Since 1972, the group, in various forms, has waged a battle with the Sri Lankan government. In 1983, it began an armed campaign in a conflict that has seen more than 64,000 die by some estimates.

The previous Liberal government had made it illegal for the Tiger's to raise money in Canada after 9-11 as part of its anti-terrorism efforts. Many had criticized the Liberals for not banning the organization outright. asking how the government could link the money raised to terrorism and not the organization itself. Indeed, the rationale is questionable at best.

One of those people was Stockwell Day, our current Minister of Public Safety. Today, Mr. Day was clear. Many Canadians of Tamil descent have told of Tiger agents extorting money from new Canadians who still have relatives in Sri Lanka.

The Tamilese immigrants have been told to "skip meals" if they had to, but that they should be willing to help out back home. Others have told stories of being advised to re-mortgage their homes to assist. Some have felt compelled to do so, fearing for the safety of loved ones left behind in Sri Lanka."

While the allegations that the Canadian Tamil Congress is a front for LTTE terrorism and fund raising are rife albeit vehemently denied by its representation and executive committe (if one can call it that based on the infamy it is accused of !) It must be noted that the Liberal decision not to ban the LTTE when they were expected to be banned in the face of much lobbying both by the Government of Sri Lanka as well as the huge expatriate Sri Lankan community non aligned with tiger terrorism living in Canada, that particular Liberal Government decision was made with "input" from the Canadian Tamil Congress and said to be a gesture of conciliation for the Liberal supportive Tamils by the then Administration with a view towards non ursurpance of the universal franchise of the Tamil voters for obvious reasons.

It is also a well known fact that more than 90 percent of the Tamil vote in Canada is purportedly pro Liberal or has been for the tenures of the Chretien and Martin Liberal Governments of the past!

While there are various legitimate sounding names for various Tamil Organizations in Canada one can only surmise on the wisdom of the Shakespearian saying "Whats In A Name" where the intelligence reports of the RCMP and CSIS, rock solid at best have stressed the importance of the reality that despite their sporadic name changes most of these organizations have the same objective namely supporting the cause of the LTTE in Sri Lanka and the Canadian authorities have to carry a greater credibility than any flybynight operation regardless of whether they call themselves the Tamil Congress of Canada (CTC) or the Federations of Associations of Canadian Tamils (FACT) and must be deemed fronts for the LTTE despite the cries of innocence emanating from their enclaves at present based on the indelibly incriminating evidence against them.



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