Anton Balasingham's Pathetic Attempt To Curry Favour With India Exposed.

Sunil Kumara ~ Popular Front Against Terrorism In Sri Lanka ~ For LankaWeb

June 28th 2006

While the interview with India’s New Delhi based private television channel NDTV granted to former LTTE negotiator Anton Balasingham now seemingly defunct from the LTTE in any realistic sense after his disagreements with his duplicitous running mate SP Thamilselvam may be exclusive by whatever definition It seems contentious that the terrorist outfit now regrets the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and is playing games with the Indian Administration towards hoodwinking them into believing their sob stories.

Balasingham however is not far removed from the truth in saying that the Rajiv Gandhi assassination is a “monumental tragedy” for which despite his denials he too has been party to as the evidence suggested at the time of the assassination where he has through some curious flaw in the justice system been exempt of conviction after the prolonged trial where an Indian court convicted the LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran and his spy chief Pottu Amman in absentia. It has also been established by way of his own garrulous verbosity displayed in some of the writings he indulged in some years after the Gandhi assassination that he too was a guilty party to the Gandhi assassination if one reads between the lines so what is he cackling about? Does he seriously believe that he is exempt from having participated in the dastardly deed that he is now talking about reconciliation with the Indian authorities as a blackguard of his mentality would invariably do and in the manner of the veritable ostrich with head buried in sand expecting the storm of reprisals for all the criminals and criminalities involved would simply blow away with time ?

Despite Balasingham's denials of any involvement in the LTTE orchestrated Rajiv Gandhi assassination the evidence is purported to be undeniable although perhaps shelved by way of the greater importance of liabilities carried by the LTTE leadership and attributable to them where it is nonetheless customary for LTTE leaders to deny any involvement after each carefully planned assassination as the LTTE track record has proved.The evidence is etched in stone!The list is unending!

Interestingly, Balasingham who was once an agitator for India's non participation in Sri Lankan defence and security matters seems to have radically changed this former view of his, obviously facing the condemnations, indignation and derision of the international community where the LTTE's image and credibilities have weakened almost beyond reprieve where Balasingham has now said that he wanted India to intervene in the Sri Lankan crisis.Is this the reckoning of a desperate terrorist who believes his days and those of the LTTE are numbered and does he truly believe that India will be swayed by his melodramatic enrtreaties as opposed to throwning a dragnet around him and all his cronies towards avenging the Gandhi Assassination ? which would seem the more appropriate course of actions on the part of the Indian authorities !

While the expression of contrition by Balasinghamwho who on behalf of the LTTE has said that ''they regret'' Rajiv Gandhi's assassination! something which needs to be acknowledged, it does seem too little too late for the LTTE assassins who conspired to murder the late Hon. Rajiv Gandhi for whom arrest warrants are still outstanding in the aftermath of the court action and sentencing which followed where it must seem a matter of time before the culprits are apprehended and brought to book in order to serve their term and sentencing which was done in absentia.

It would seem grossly incongruousgiven the heinous nature of the crime if the ultimate verdict and sentencing once they are apprehended is anything short of capital punishment.It is also a well known fact that the Indian Authorities as well as Interpol are still in quest of the criminals and one of the reasons why Velupillai Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman are still hiding in the jungles of Sri Lanka ironically through the courtesy of the Sri Lankan Administration but a great miscarriage and a travesty of justice is that Balasingham is permitted carte blance to roam about as a free man when he too should be apprehended instead of being permitted to shoot his mouth off about what India should do in matters relating to Sri Lankan security and the armed insurrections of the LTTE!

May it be conveyed to Balasingham in this respect that India is now providing much support towards Sri Lanka's fight against terrorism and that the latest provision of radar, one of the many attributes of defence paraphanelia extended towards Sri Lanka's cause just might serve adequately to disillussion him that India is not just about ready to listen to his sing song entreaties about forgiving and forgetting! and that India to all intents and purposes must consider the LTTE to be no more than a bunch of internationally proscribed terrorists continuing to threaten Sri Lanka and the entire region of South Asia! where their idealogue Balasingham has once again surfaced with his typically innuendo laced hypocritical rhetoric.

Some of the Balasingham innuendo as quoted suggests blarney tantamount to the game of chess indulged in between a wayward administration at the time and the devious designs of the LTTE which went wretchedly wrong and left the nation in a shambles that" We fought a guerrilla war against the Indian army for two years and finally we had a' negotiation 'with Sri Lanka.We secured the withdrawal of the Indian troops in the 90s and that was of course followed by the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.As far as that event is concerned I would say it is a great tragedy, a monumental historical tragedy, for which we deeply regret." where only the crocodile tears are missing while the appearance is quite apparent! quite defeating the definition of tiger!The Balasingham theatrics should never be an incentive for India to soften her stance against the murderous criminals the LTTE truly represent which Balasingham is also a party to, where to the contrary India should tighten the noose around them towards their untimate and inevitable annihilation and complete extermination!

Balasingham has called upon the Government of India and people of India to be magnanimous to put the past behind and to approach the ethnic question in a different perspective where the issue in question is terrorist related rather than ethnic. It involves the criminalities of a group of condemned terrorists where magnanimity happens to be a mere figure of speech and all one needs to do is look around to see what's happenning in Sri Lanka today as the wanton attrocities of the LTTE continue and everything in their path mowed down shoulod the leeway be provided.

Very justifiably and in a strongly worded reaction to the comments of Balasingham, Minister of State for External Affairs Anand Sharma has said unequivocally that India cannot forgive and forget what happened. The Hon.Anand Sharma has been quoted as saying"What's the point of a mere apology? India cannot forgive and forget," sentiments of implicit intent which speak louder than the words themselves!
The LTTE appear to have reached another impasse in their impure existence which suggests a huge insecurity about their future!It does not seem to be about their capacity to overwhelm Sovereign Sri Lanka but a preponderance finally of their own future and where ther are realistically headed! INTO COMPLETE OBLIVION WHERE THE WRITING SEEMS TO BE ON THE WALL AND THEY ARE FINALLY BEGINNING TO RECOGNIZE IT!

The LTTE probably also realises the India could prove to be their ultimate nemesis and must surely be making a play through the theatrics of Anton Balasingham to curry favour with Sri Lanka's Superpower Neighbour before the inevitable happens and India turns all her attentions to help Sri Lanka's cause to thwart the LTTE together with the rest of the global sources which have chosen to vehemently condemn them and join the cause which can only be deemed very justifiable!



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