Anton Balasingham Regrets Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

By Darmitha-Kotte

We do hope that the SLMM, Norway and any other western powers that still trust what the LTTE says as gospel truth, will understand the seriousness of Anton Balasingham's admission that LTTE were responsible for the assassination of the late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. Since the assassination which took place in Sriperumbudur on 21st May 1991, for 15 years the LTTE has denied their involvement in the assassination. Anton Balasingham has now suddenly realized that it might be better to admit it and hopefully, they might get clemency from the Indian Government! The Daily News of 28th June 2006 quotes Anton Balasingham having said " I would say it is a great tragedy, a monumental historical tragedy for which we deeply regret and we call upon the Government of India and people of India to be magnanimous, to put the past behind (them)." Anton Balasingham must be out of his mind when he expects India to " be magnanimous" about it as a thing of the past. To say the least, it is adding insult to injury! He must surely think that all the brutalities that have been committed by the LTTE are so slight that the world at large, and India & Sri Lanka will just push such incidents into the backwoods of history.

Dr Subramaniam Swamy, President of the Janatha Party has dismissed this statement as " incredibly stupid and an insult to the (Indian) nation." In his lengthy statement Dr. Swamy mentions " Besides Rajiv Gandhi, the LTTE has also killed Padmanaba of EPRLF on Indian soil. It has also shot dead in cold blood numerous pro-Indian Tamil political leaders such as Sri Sabaratnam of TELO, A.Amirthalingam, Yogeswaran, and Neelam Thiruchelvam." Further down in the statement he also states " Time has arrived now to recognize that the LTTE is part of the problem of the strife in Sri Lanka and can never be part of the solution…..."

Patriotic Indians unlike our traitorous Sri Lankan politicians will never rest till the culprits including those who motivated the LTTE to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi are brought to justice.

All the lies that the LTTE and their chief negotiator Anton Balasingham have been telling the entire western world to gain their sympathy have now been exposed. Wiser judgement has banned this terrorist outfit in their countries although Britain is still soft-peddling the LTTE and permitting them to carry on their fund raising activities without check. Other than Norway & Eric Solheim who are their closest ally, other western powers are waking up to the fact that LTTE terrorism would very well spread even to their countries unless they take immediate action to ban and curtail their activities. Eric Solheim has openly supported the LTTE and appealed to the EU not to ban the terrorists- why may we ask? He even went to the extent of stating that the Oslo talks failed because of the EU ban! The Oslo talks failed because the terrorists and Solheim had a different agenda to accomplish in Oslo other than the negotiations with the SL delegation.

Now that Anton Balasingham has admitted their crime against Rajiv Gandhi, it is upto the British Government and security forces to extradite Balasingham or arrest him. They together with India and the Sri Lankan authorities, must arrest Prabhakaran and try him in an open court for all the heinous crimes that he has spear headed in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. There should be no clemency whatsoever. This must be done without any delay if we are to have peace in Sri Lanka.



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