Reply to Mr. Sumith Perera,

Prasad De Silva

Dear Mr. Sumith Perera,

Thank you very much indeed for you reply to my mail. Thank you very much for your time. You are a Champion!

As for your first claim you forward another Website to prove your point. Well I would like to ask you once again how on earth can you prove something taken out from a web site???? These are opinions from many people. It’s like the issues we discussed in this mail. Any body can have there opinion on a web site, but can they prove all these allegations BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. YOU CANNOT BY ALL VIRTUE. By writing my views on this mail for the past couple of weeks, How can any body prove my Beliefs or my religion??? Can you prove 100% my faith by reading this mail???? Please can you firstly answer to my question…..? Because for all claims you include some web site out of the millions of web sites that are written by millions of people.. And then you try to prove a point…. This is the signs of a loosing battle, which you try to prove by quoting all types of Web Sites. Simply it’s like your Claim on Joshua Tree Web Site. In your reply with regard to Joshua Tree Web Site…You QUOTE “There is nothing “wrong” with the Joshua Project website per se Prasad. But it goes to show how Christian groups actually keep tabs on who is Christian and who is not. Now are these Christian groups’ governments? Nope Secondly…Christian Groups are not a Government”…But I WOULD LIKE TO ASK YOU SIR… the SRI LANKAN STATE identify it self as a BUDDHIST STATE. So how can a state be a Racist State???? Which Calls its self DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST REPUBLIC….MAY BE IT’S ONLY FOR BUDDHIST THEN…

At the same time if the Joshua Tree Web Site is a Problem to you, if you are a Buddhist…Why do you read it????


Mr. Perera…What I ask is that “why cant a church or an entity get statistics…???? Is it only the government has the right to do it???? Isn’t the Buddhist temples aren’t doing this to see how many Buddhist they have in there area??? Well they certainly do. Example The Buddhist temples have a log of all the Dhahampasala (Sunday School) students attends to there relevant temples Etc Etc…Now Please don’t deny this….

At the same token….If these so called Web sites are a problem to Buddhist…Why do they read it????? If the Buddhist reads and if they find that these are upsetting to them & to there faith, Then first of all they should not read it…..If they read all this then it is there problem and it’s not the problem of Christians or Christianity by all means.

But bare in mind Joshua Tree web site DOES NOT INSULT OR ABUSE any religion. If any one says that, it means they cannot understand the English language correctly. May be even you have missed the point or else what I feel is that you manipulate your words to convince you are right….In a free world there is no problem in having or doing or getting statistics….I know you don’t agree…This is the problem. May be this is it is against the Buddhist teachings… But to my knowledge there’s nothing what so ever in that nature been preached by Buddha.

As I mentioned in my mail before, Mr. Perera you only highlight only the receiving part of the Vatican & but not giving side of the Vatican. Because the giving side of the Christianity is an Unethical Conversions to extreme Buddhist, This is one of the biggest problems many of the Buddhists have…Since they have very limited allegations against to prove there points and there arrogance, in return, all the non Buddhist have loads of allegations against the Buddhist extremism in Sri Lanka. This is as equal as Communism.

Please answer to the following questions if possible from your own words with out quoting any Web Sites;

1). Why does a so called Buddhist State Identifies a Persons Race in His/Hers Birth Certificate???

2). Why does in a so called Democratic Socialist Republic, Erects Statues of Buddha ONLY… in all government

Offices (It includes the International Airport/ Armed Forces Buildings Etc Etc)????

3). Why does in a so called Democratic Socialist Republic, The National Flag Only has a Buddhist embalm

Very clearly printed & all other’s are identified in colors????? (Please don’t quote any other country/ its

Irrelevant, since we are talking our problems in Sri Lanka)

4). In my previous mail I asked you the question..Quote” I would like to ask Mr. Perera, Why these people do has to convert first of all. The sole person can refuse. They do have the liberty to refuse, so then as you say why do they get converted to Christianity???? So is it the fault of Chrisitanity??? Or is it the fault of the Sole person or the person’s beliefs???? If some one gives poison, do you consume???? I am sure you don’t. So with the religion why it should be different?????

5). Can a DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST REPUBLIC State, identify it self as a Single Religion State????????

6). Why there are virtually no Christian Education classes in Buddhist Schools in Colombo???

If you say there is Christian education classes in Buddhist Schools in Colombo…Please tell me one Name

Of a school that has???? Please

7). Why Does the state media gives Preference to Buddhist Perith Chanting everyday First thing in the morning

by ignoring other religions (The So called Democratic State)????

8). Why does the State Government funds majority of the State funds to Buddhism and not equally with

all other religions??? Local taxes are paid by all faiths & devotees equally??????

Then you ask me…Quote” Since when has the Vatican helped the Poor??????? Mr. Perera… I think you have been sleeping all this time or I am sure you have no credible accusations anymore to prove your case.. This statement alone will prove, that you do not know what you write or talk or what you claim…So as many extreme Buddhist. Most of the time the Vatican church does not advertise or publish or promote or play there own drum to claim how they help the needy. Remember half of the Christian Schools are funded by the money received by the Vatican. FOR YOUR INFORMATION Mr.Perera, Even thoe all of the Christian Schools are private & they take a monthly school fees, BUT HALF OF THE STUIDENTS ARE FROM POOR FAMILIES. THE SCHOOL DOES NOT CHARGE THE SCHOOL FEES. ….THEVE BEING GIVEN EDUCATION FREE OF CHARGE. EVEN MANY BUDDHIST KIDS ARE RECIPENTS OF THIS BENEFIT. It was recently the government started contributing the schools, which is by far not adequate to pay even the schools water bill. SO ALL THIS FUNDS COMES FROM THE VATICAN.

May be you are not used to these type of generosity, since when most of the time Much of Buddhist give alms or do charity they let the whole world knows about it. They Bang there Charity drum until the skin cracks…

You say plenty of Children are admitted to Buddhist Schools…WHY NOT AS IN YOUR PREVIOUS E-MAIL, YOU DON’T FORWARD OR GIVE THE CORRECT % (Percentages) or the Numbers of Students that are in Buddhist Schools. Well for all these questions you have neither a website nor a % (percentage) to prove the Number. Because if you do so even you by your self will be disgraced. I am very sure about it. You know in your conscions.

Then you claim that in Negambo the Christians are building a 4000seat building. So what is the problem???/

Well All Christians in Sri Lanka is very well aware that it is a problem to Extreme Buddhist. Even I think Mr.Perera you too has a problem I suppose. If They Built a 10000seat building.. I think it’s good for them. All Sri Lankans should be happy. Example: Mr. Perera if your Brother or Sister or your friend decides to build a 10 bed room house do you come out with these claims….I don’t think so….If you do come out with a criticism, means you are a jealous person. This is not what Buddha’s teachings…. Am I correct? If the Christians or any other religion can afford let them build any size building. This is call tolerance… and also it is nobody business….

Then you Quote a statement from Venerable Dhammika…I ask you what is Venerable Dhammika doing in Australia??? I wonder how he travels to places in Australia. Since there is not much Public transport in Melbourne, Especially in Dandenong suburb. May be Venerable Dhammika refuses to travel in a Luxury Cars, So as the other Monks who are based in the West. I wonder how they get there first of all. I wonder they refused to fly on an air craft saying it is a luxury?????? As you claim that the Christians are unethically converting Buddhist to Christianity, So then the Sri Lankan Monks should stay in Sri Lanka…Am I Right…. Yet you see even Venerable Dhammika was a Christian, Converted to Buddhism. So again I ask you.. Does the Christians are attacking the Buddhist as Buddhist does in Sri Lanka for the Christians?????? Does the Christians in Australia Attacking or humiliating Venerable Dhammika in Australia. Once again I stress you, that Christians are not as violent as Extremist Buddhist in Sri Lanka.

Then you say your friends family member was refused the burial in Church…I agree. It can be. You mean to say that IN BUDDHIST TEMPLES they PERMIT A CHRISTIAN BURIAL…. You must be day dreaming Mr.Perera. It’s not Only Christians..BUDDHIST TEMPLES DO NOT BURY THERE OWN DEAD. Unless other than the MONK in the Temple. SO WHAT KIND OF HYPOCRACY ARE YOU CLAIMING Mr. PERERA????

Mr. Perera..You say in the USA..They say in “God we trust”…Make no mistake when you say God..It can be any GOD. It does not specify Christianity…This is for your information. Then even Buddhist calls LORD BUDDHA???? Aren’t they????? What are you claiming and trying to prove Mr.Perera????

Then you say in the UK..Quote”Perhaps you will find it is not as easy as you think. In London, one cannot build a Buddhist temple because it doesn’t “fit in” with the local architecture” UNQUOTE…Mr.Perera, Does it mean you cannot build the Temple…because of the Religion. No it’s not. It applies to Christians as well…This is not only for Buddhist. So what are you trying to explain??? Now these types of unethical allegation are done by most of the Buddhist always all the time. This is why most of the time we have problems in Sri Lanka. The Majority of the Buddhist thinks and acts and does things as if the Country belongs to BUDDHIST ALONE. Which is by far NOT. Sri Lanka belongs to ALL SRI LANKANS and it does not belong only to One RELIGION/RACE/CAST or CREED.

At the same token you claim “the Buddhist Monks lives in the west & they do build Temples” So then why cannot the Christian do the same???? But when Christians do..It is Unethical Conversions…or they extravagantly build palaces as you claim….Next you quote…The Buddhist Monk does live in the west..But they don’t distribute Pamphlets….What form of hypocratic statement is that Mr.Perera????? Now I can tell you the same Sentence you quoted “"what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander."

For your information find below is a script from Buddha, Now you give me the reply for all the hatred/Violence/cruelty/ Jealousy/ injustice/ Arrogance which happens in Sri Lanka for Christians IN THE NAME OF BUDDHISM & BUDDHIST STATE which has been oppressed/ Treated Unequally/ harassed/ violently attacked/ and you name it…, they do it for the Christians in Sri Lanka By the extremist Buddhist MONKS & PEOPLE. Please Read below.

The non-doing of any evil,
the performance of what's skillful,
the cleansing of one's own mind:
this is the teaching of the Awakened.

Patient endurance:
the foremost austerity.
Unbinding: the foremost,
So say the Awakened.
He who injures another
is no contemplative.
He who mistreats another,
No monk.
Not disparaging, not injuring,
Restraint in line with the Patimokkha,
Moderation in food,
Dwelling in seclusion,
Commitment to the heightened mind:
This is the teaching
Of the Awakened.

Now these are not my words. It is the preaching of Buddha…I don’t wish to quote any web site to prove my point; I rather quote what the Great Philosopher has said. Please answer…if you can…and then tell me what the Buddhist state of Sri Lanka & the extremist Buddhist are doing the right thing for the Christian Community in SRI LANKA…………

Yet you decide to claim that Christians are Unethical & Creating Problems by Unethically Converting Buddhist/ The Christian Clergy is having all luxuries/ The Vatican Does not help the poor/ Vatican is building palaces Etc Etc…Then Why not the So called Non Violent Faith be an Example to the Christians????


Prasad De Silva

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