Army Seizes large haul of LTTE weapons including one suicide boat- Silavattura

Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law & Order -

SL Army soldiers consolidating their defences in recently liberated Silavattura, in the South of Mannar yesterday (September 3), captured a large haul of military hardware, including suicide boat.

According to the defence sources in Mannar, the LTTE terrorists who had been occupying the Southern part of Mannar have taken to their heels when army soldiers arrived in the area. A large amount of terrorists' weapons have been captured by the army, the sources further revealed.

One suicide boat, three claymore mines, two T-56 riffles, and 40 Kg of TNT high explosives, 482 Anti personnel mines have been captured along with a large amount of ammunitions by troops clearing the coast of Silavattura. Further , 25 dinghy boats, 25 outboard motors ( 25 HP), and one 40 HP outboard motor were among the other things that have been found.

Earlier on Sunday (September 2), troops gained the full control over Silavattura by capturing the strategically important Sea Tiger base located in the area.

Army launched the humanitarian mission to liberate people living in the southern part of Mannar area on Saturday (September 1). Troops victoriously marched over 15 Km in one day and reached the outskirts of Silavattura by the same day evening.

According to the latest information, troops have marched another 3km beyond Silavattura and reached up to Kondachchi area.

Military Spokesperson Brigadier Prasad Samarasingha yesterday (September 3) told media that road from Mannar to Kalpitiya could be opned in the near future. He further said that this would be possible following the clearing of the road from Murunkan to Mannar and downwards by the troops, which at present is progressing.

The following is the complete list of items captured by the army yesterday:


Serial No



1 Suicide boat 01
2 Boats 25
3 40HP boat engine 01
4 25HP boat engines 25
5 Suicide Jacket 01
6 Boat repair accessories  kit 01
7 Claymore mine ( 25Kg ) 01
8 Claymore mines (10Kg ) 02
9 Claymore mine stands 02
10 High explosives (TNT) 40Kg
11 T-65 Assault rifles 02
12 RPG Bombs 06
13 RPG charges 07
14 40mm grenade launcher rounds 110
15 82mm mortar bombs 186
16 Anti Personnel (AP) mines 482
17 Anti Personnel (AP) mine fuses 96
18 Hand grenade 01
19 14.5mm machine gun ammunitions 105
20 12.7mm anti air gun ammunitions 260
21 12.7mm anti air gun ammunition links 05
22 Multi purpose machine gun (MPMG) ammunitions 2690
23 Multi purpose machine gun (MPMG) ammunition links 25
24 Multi purpose machine gun (MPMG) ammunition drums 03
25 Multi purpose machine gun (MPMG) tripod 01
26 Electronic circuits 02
27 Electrical detonators 336
28 Wire role (Length- 50m each) 19
29 45 litre water can 01
30 25 litre water cans 03
31 25 litre oil can 01

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