The battle saga and soap opera between Mr. Prasad De Silva and Mr. Sumith Perera !

By Mahinda Karunaratne

I would like to request first of all from both of you to keep the full stop to this useless battle over proving each others claims and disclaims, as we have more important matters to discuss on this forum at this crucial time of our country, where so called powerful vulture countries are waiting to exploit the current situation created by LTTE and their Proxy, Anti Patriotic Politicians, to subjugate Sinhale (Sri Lanka) to the whims and fancies of the western Christian ideology and Neo Colonialism.

Neither Mr. Prasad can prove that the entire universe was created by an “ Omnipotent God “ nor Mr. Sumith will never be able to make those ignorant and living in darkness understand the truth and nothing but only truth taught by the Lord Buddha. Where as formers point of view that every thing is a creation and creationism is a fact that has been dismissed and disproved by the so called modern science that developed in the west and day by day many a westerns are turning to learn about the Buddhism the philosophy and the future cosmic religion too, which was phrased by the greatest scientist who lived in the 20th century, Albert Einstein and followed by many other scientists and scholars all over the world.

Mr. Prasad may not be aware the fact that in USA itself, there are not enough people to congregate on Sunday mass in an increasing phase and due to this many churches across the USA is being sold, and that money is brought to the developing countries, where there is a poor population vulnerable to the inducements the missionaries offer and be converted, and for such the missionaries had chosen the Asia as prime target to counter the Buddhism, which is the main opponent of Christian misbelief of a “ Creator God” and less or not hostile than areas of other religions such as Judaism, Islam, Buddhists people by doctrine are disciplined to be peaceful, compassionate towards even the enemy.

Mr. Prasad, had there been no Portuguese invasion and forceful conversion started in 1505 and followed by their subsequent occupiers of the Sinhale land, until to date all Sinhelayas of this land were BUDDHISTS. You do not know how much destruction and erosion done by the Portuguese and their follower western forces to this country, Buddhism and culture, which was one of the most developed civilizations much before the Christian west, when westerners were living naked, our forefathers were highly civilized and even had crematorium, (Read the latest archeological findings in Ranchamadama , near Embilipitiya) That was even not known to westerners. Balangoda civilization itself was found 33,000 years old, and the west had developed to that level only 13,000 years ago which means 20,000 years later than forefathers of Sinhale.

Mr. Prasad, would you please read more about the News, Politics, Archeology, History, Religion and Science before you do blind claims and bring in baseless arguments against the BUDDHISTS in particular and the SINHALE People in general and parrot as you have been taught and forced to say and believe by your masters?

We are quiet aware of the fact that West needed to eliminate the Sinhale long before and detach it from it’s spinal the BUDDHISM, but was unable to because there are still true sons and daughters who are ready to lay their lives to safeguard and protect our prime LAND and BUDDHISM. It is not a hatred, but supreme sacrifice to save the rights of self and for other fellow brothers and sisters for generations to come. This conspiracy is still being conducted by various means and today we are in a very crucial point to avert a great danger to Sinhale and BUDDHISM

Unlike in those Monotheistic religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam we BUDDHISTS are not motivated by religious hatred, competitions and forceful application by use of Sward and Gun, as though single and common commander for all of you had said in three different books, thus the Holocaust continues. One commander and three Books, is the main problem on this mother earth for all the conflicts prevailing and escalating.

Mr. Prasad, it appears that you are suffering from lack of knowledge thus rather than touching in darkness, please read and learn more thus save this web space for us to discuss other important matters of the time. If you would like to read about how and what the Portuguese and their subsequent western allies did to this country, the real politics behind the West and Vatican and so many to prove our claim, please email me, so that I will send you hundreds of articles written by brainy westerners of many a scholars for you to read.

Wish you “ God help understand the truth and the reality”

Mahinda, -

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