Time For A Renewed Armed Forces Charge On The LTTE When They Seem Most Desperate and Debilitated!

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January 5th 2007

Bearing all the hallmarks of the LTTE's modus operandi, bombs on two Sri Lankan passenger buses have once again taken their toll on unarmed innocent civilian lives.The first bomb has killed at least 15 people and wounded dozens more on Saturday in the Galle District and merely blaming the Tamil Tiger rebels for these attrocities is hardly compensation which needs to reach beyond protestation where anything linked to LTTE terrorism needs to be destroyed effectively. This is the country's second bus bombing within the space of 2 days.
As a result of a previous bombing six people were killed in a similar bus attack Friday on a highway northeast of Colombo which suggests the usual cowardly manifestation of LTTE retaliation where they can only target innocent civilians and once again it must be presented to the World Community, particularly those who mistakenly believe these are freedom fighters that they are ruthless, pathologically wanton killers with no consciences who merit no tolerance in any capacity anywhere in the world notwithstanding the urgent need for their immediate annihilation and wiping out within Sri Lanka! Perhaps the time is nigh to openly proclaim throughout the land that "The Only Good Tiger Is A Dead Tiger" with a price for each head! where it must be emphasized so as not to offend the World Wildlife Federation and animal lovers around the world in case the saying is misconstrued that the reference is to the two legged 'tigers ' of Sri Lanka of the human kind if they can be labelled humans!

It comes as no coincidence that these shameful attacks by the internationally condemned and outlawed LTTE are retaliatory as their covert mouthpieces Illyantirayan and Thamilselvam had promised after a stepped-up government military campaign which has rent assunder many LTTE locations, operations and operatives and has weakened the rebels whose only miserable alternative is to target unarmed civillians which is linked to their affront to humanity and all the precepts of democracy and the freedoms of peace loving individuals while synonymously labelling themselves the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam or LTTE where the only liberation they would perhaps understand is their own liberation from their human existences and something the Commanders of the Armed Forces have stressed as the SLAF campaigns continue to purge the North and Fast of their unwelcome presence which is now even condoned by their own Tamil Community many of whom deplore and shudder in disdain and contempt at the very though of any existence under the dictates of the LTTE terrorists.

There can be no respite, tolerance or compassion for these pathetic sub-humans of degeneracy who continue to survive perhaps through their wits and craftiness alone with a little help from a few unscrupulous politicians and some others in high office albeit within an undivided Sri Lanka in the overall scheme of things at present that their elimination has now become a foremost priority and something the Nation of Sri Lanka looks forward to in anticipation towards posterity!

Although violence and mayhem has been the order of the day ever since the armed insurrection of the LTTE terrorists began three decades ago, lately it appears to have escalated in Sri Lanka - over the past year after the botched Peace Process and Ceasefire which was set in place through the idiotic mindset of a previous regime in collaboration with LTTE friendly Norwegian Peace Monitors turned LTTE sympathisers whose rears should have been kicked ages ago when their duplicity was a mere suspicion ere it was manifest into a near tangible reality thereby giving too much leeway to the terrorists who should have been confronted militarily perhaps as an alternive to good faith which the LTTE know nothing about.

Most of the early violence in the past occurred in the Tamil areas of the North and East, where the rebels mistakenly believed they had their own de facto state and something the Armed Forces are now setting about towards disillussioning them while eliminating their resources very efficiently and a mere matter of time before the LTTE will be completely overrun! Any danger of LTTE infiltration into Sinhala populateed areas now becomes a foremost priority in the face of the sporadic attacks of the LTTE which needs concerted strategy and the utmost vigilance and caution now being set in place with a perimeter of civilian resources equal to the task never before seen and augurs well towards the Nation's safety and supplements the efforts of the Armed Forces.
Saddly these recent attacks seem to be a price the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka and the Government have to pay as a result of the huge mistakes of previous regimes refered to earlier where the cornered and confused terrorists were given a new lease of life through huge administrative blunders and realistically something those responsible need to be held accountable for.This comes in the light of recent revelations that there have been amongst the Sinhalese community, traitors at various levels of administrative and military as well as other law enforcement areas who have literally betrayed the nation into the hands of its enemies where many prominet leaders have paid the ultimate price for the sins of ommission by these wretched traitors and dire should be the punishments meted out to these individuals most of whom have been earmarked for the course of justice to prevail who have betrayed many strategies and classified information which having fallen into terrorist hands have been utilised to orchestrate many attrocities such as mass killings and devastation to public property which could otherwise have been prevented.

It is fast becoming clear that the LTTE are now showing their weaknesses and desperations through their latest actions which should never be a deterrent to the sources in high authority committed to the protection of the Nation's Integrity and the safety of her people to take appropriate measures to secure the Nation while stamping out this scourge of LTTE terrorism with every means available to sovereign Sri lanka while taking into consideration that the LTTE are a depleted, disoriented and directionless group of worthless terrorists who are not only in a miniscule minority within Sri Lanka but also represent a community which is equally in a minority where the majority of peace loving Tamil with any conscience and sense towards their own self preservation want no part of what the world has come to know as the LTTE!

In this state of debilitation of the LTTE it should be deemed an urgent priority for the Armed Forces to pursue their pledged task with a renewed charge to remove all traces of LTTE influence from the face of Sri Lanka where a selective objective should be to flush out Velupillai Prabhakaran from his lair in the Wanni and cut him down in public together with any other consorts of his maligned entourage of absolutely worthless means to the human race and should realistically be done with no misgivings, trepidations or conscience inasmuch as those who eliminate rabid vermin!! There should be no real need to take him or his cronies alive and thereby waste the taxpayer's money! as after all he is Public Enemy Number One Is he Not?



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