If The President Is In A Catch 22 Situation He Has Two Choices!
Discourage the National Backlash But Bring On The Armed Forces !

© Suranimala Kumara ~ Popular Front Against Terrorism In Sri Lanka ~PFATISL For LankaWeb. January 6th 2007

The President of Sri Lanka the Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksha has indicated to the media and the peoiple of Sri Lanka his concerns about Sinhalese backlashes over the terrorist attacks quite justifiably but he needs to assert as an alternative that the Armed Forces are on target to take control of the situation in Sri lanka as this is an insurrection by terrorists not a legal entity and the primary concern for the Sri Lankan authorities is to implement fully the requirements of the Prevention of Terrorism Act in order to either put down the scourge of the LTTE and or bring the criminals they are and have always been to justice!

In a mood suggesting muted panic and apprehension Sri Lanka's President has accused Tiger rebels of stoking an ethnic backlash by majority Sinhalese on the minority Tamil community after 17 people died in bomb blasts on crowded buses at the weekend but the reality of it lies in many reports which suggest that the general public within the Sinhala Nation are well aware that these violent acts are intended to provoke this very backlash in order to attract the international community and they will not be fooled into retaliation according to the mood sensed by many analysts within the nation!

This appears to be on condition that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces will take up the cause to systematically eliminate the LTTE and now is as good a time as any to begin the final assault towards dismantling anything that even vaguely suggests being linked to the LTTE with whatever means possible.

In hindsight towards closure relative to eliminating the LTTE, Velupillai Prabhakaran should be the primary target and if this other despotic liar Illanthiryan can be flushed out of hiding he should also be dealt with in a manner appropriate in dealing with terrorists and oh by the way! what has happened to SP Thamilselvam, has he dug himself a hole in the ground like the hapless Saddam Hussein did in a somewhat diferrent perspective albeit crimianlly responsible for the anguish within the perimeters of their respective existences!

Despite the anticipated aim of the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) which is said to be the initiation of a backlash against the Tamils by the majority Sinhalese as an alternative to the long persevered Governmental efforts to find a peaceful solution, since the LTTE have decided to throw caution to the winds about any committment to peace which needs no rocket science to decipher and in all the transparencies they present their evil intentions it can only be adjudged as a justifiable action if the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka dealt with them officially as terrorist needing to be put down if they have't commenced this already.

The Presdident's appeal to the Sinhalese community to show maximum restraint to two separate bomb blasts blamed on suspected Tamil rebels on buses travelling the the main southern coastal highway from the capital Colombo at the weekend comes with justification and validity but it should be conditional to the pledge to the Nation that the LTTE no longer have Carte Blanche towards their existence as a heinous terror group within Sri Lanka with free access to Sinahala populated areas predominantly or any other part of Sovereign Sri Lanka.

Given the mitigating circumstances which implicate their terrorist activities and the awesome strength of the SL Armed Forces who have gone from strength to strength under the leadership of the brave and courageous Lieut.Gen Sarath Fonseka they should be the ones doing the honours not the civilian population towards confronting the LTTE on the basis that they are indeed terrorists and not Tamil civilians although there are many within this latter enclave who are not without guilt and are indeed LTTE informers and panderers to their criminalities!

They should be rounded up at every opportunity and dealt with within the dictates of the nation's criminal justice system while the LTTE should be spared no mercy or conciliations as they are dangerous killers on the loose and need to be destroyed, stamped out and eliminated with no reservations and no questions asked as they are undeserving of any sympathy given their ruthless nature and the danger they pose to all freedom loving Sri Lankans!

Indeed the President may well be in in a catch 22 situation given the duplicities of the LTTE and how they are attempting to maintain their objectives through their theatrics and innuendo on one hand and their criminalities on the other as opposed to international and loca pressure from all the wronf sources!

While the LTTE go about their attrocities where no human life or limb is spared because they beleive the can get away with murder they should be disillussioned by the President's decision making where he should prioritise what the Nation stands to loose if the LTTE are tolerated any further.~ Bishops of Jaffna, Mannar, the NGO's, Norway, the UN and the rest of the moronic humanitarian rhetoric spewing LTTE sympathisers around the world be damned as the crisis within Sri Lanka is an apathetic result of the dispensations and instigations of these exact same individuals and groups and innocent whereinnocent people are being butchered indiscriminately consequently. The need to bring the situation under control now seems to be in need of a lot more tham sermonising and sympathising with the wrong side!

May the President choose wisely and cast pragmatism to the winds for once as the future of Sri Lanka could be in the balance if any further tolerance of the LTTE continues where a firm choice should be to circumvent a civilian backlash with a concerted Armed Forces Charge with no holds barred!



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