The USA Needs To Rein In Their Own Misgivings About What's Best For Sri Lanka!

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8th May 2007

While A top U.S. State Department official begins a visit to war-torn Sri Lanka on Tuesday what seems to be the objective in the alleged blunt message as reported on Yahoo News?It has been reported that he is expected to give the Government by way of advice as well as addressing any rights abuses by the security forces and also cautioning the Government to rein in paramilitaries as though the USA does not have far greater priorities in cleaning up their own disastrous indiscretions in Iraq where the rights abuses by the US Forces becomes visible on a daily basis in a worthless war which has thus far accomplished little beyond great chagrin for both the people of Iraq as well as the families of almost 2000 dead military personel which may also extend into Afghanistan for the record . The only justification there if the temptations to safeguard the Oil wealth as a probablr acquisition for benevolent sources was ignored would be the fight to eliminate International Terrorism which is being discouraged as applicable to Sri Lanka and what kind of a double standard is that?

Does it ever occur to the broadcasters of such messages with or without the sanctioning of the US Governments publicity sources that the situation in Sri Lanka relates to a Sovereign Democratic Nation embroiled in a war against terrorism far beyond the cause of what the United States is involved in Iraq?Is this bureaucratic meddling by the United States into the internal affairs of Sri Lanka while also playing the bully given its powerhouse status?If the veracity of this information is in anyway confirmable then the US surely seems to be indulging in a double standard where they are conducting an illegal war in Iraq and projecting their opinions to the contrary when it comes to the case of Sri Lanka which seems confusing or perhaps the confusions lie in the directions of the USA itself!

It is reported that the USA's Central Asian Affairs Bureau has warned the Government of Sri Lanka and Tamil Tigers on a previous trip in November that there was no military solution to the island's two-decade civil war, but both sides by making such a statement they are making the primary mistake of placing the LTTE Terrorists and the Government of Sri Lanka on an equal footing while ironically the USA has proscribed and banned the LTTE! Why does it seem incomprehensible to the more rational minded that the USA is preaching a theme of desisting from a military approach to Sri Lanka's terrorist problem while they are going about trying to resolving the problem in Iraq(which is not really their concern!) using the same tactics which have been presented to Sri Lanka as unacceptable namely military ?

Has the USA now developed a very convenient blindness to what the world sees as the core of modern terrorism as well as an axis of intolerable evil stemming from continued tolerance of the Tamil Tiger terrorists who aren't even accepted as a whole by their own Tamil community which has decided to discard them and condemn their attrocities? Does this not. whether inadvertently or not spur on the terrorists further who now boast even a marginal aerial capability as well as the latest bragging about an intended submarine in coastal waters equipped to further escalate their attrocities irrespective of its reality but cause enough for concern while the insensitivities of a blinkered US Administration continues to preach the merits of moderation against the LTTE rather than joining in fully and without reservation to put them down once and for all given their unrelenting attitude?

Their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran has continued to scoff at moderation and has vowed to take their struggle to the highest level possible by way of aggression to gain secession and perhaps high time the US came down from its high horse and aligned itself with the reality to what the LTTE really signify and the felt need there is at present within Sri Lanka to eliminate them rather than bargain with them inasmuch as one would in trying to tame and curb a force of rabid canines!
There are some analysts who wonder why this sudden attitude change from the US which seemed to align themselves towards acceptance or perhaps resignation towards responding to the LTTE militarily( although not professed in so many words!) according to some recent reports and whether it has anything to do with Britain's decision last week to suspend around $3 million in debt relief aid, citing concerns about human rights abuses and mushrooming defence spending, a move Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister dismissed on Monday as insignificant and downplayed its significance comprehensively as the point in case relates to Sri Lanka's primary need to rid the nation completely of terrorism which could spread to the entire region of South Asia before it becomes a household word globally.

Strangely most of the recent responses by both the USA the EU and Great Britain seem to be hinged on a response to the carefully planned sympathy lobby conducted by the LTTE and their affiliates mostly through lies and innuendo, who are almost totally responsible for much that is wrong in Sri Lanka and with a little help from scattered Tamil Diaspora and various influential sections of the International Community appear to have managed to sway the composure of a once non terrorist friendly perspective from these countries into one which seems to accord terrorism a respite while naming the Sovereign Nation trying to be rid of them as the source which needs to be cautioned and culpable, so what a load of unprecedented rubbish is that?

The Sri Lankan government certainlly needs no lectures from the USA or anyone for that matter that they are responsible for law and order in areas under their control and that they should make changes to address accountability in the security forces, which is an affront and a disrespect to a sovereign nation and the foreign diplomat who has requested anonymity while making this information available to the general public was probably laughing to himself and asking himself whether or not this was another clear cut case of Bush Administration bungling with the transparencies towards it so visible?

Regardless of what the The International Community" believes in"!! they had better beleive that the Karuna group in the East is a much awaited panacea to Sri Lanka's huge dilemma regarding the LTTE scourge and there is no reason for them to be reined in purely on the insistence of "the Big Bully " America who insists on it as they have no right to make such assertions or lay down such conditions which would be tantamounr to interference! Perhaps the person /persons who have made such Comments needs to be educated towards the reality that the Karuna Faction might be regarded as THE catalyst all important to the Sri Lankan Government's emphatic need of the day and if the motivations of the USA towards discouraging Sri Lanka's empathy towards the Karuna faction are based on any credibility it has to be then interpereted as an LTTE friendly gesture on the part of the USA which must be chided and condemned!

Perhaps the US Government might rest easy if what transpires as Governmental empathy towards Col. Karuna and his group of intelligent, non rabid, visionary Tamils far removed from the murderous killers the LTTE have some significance! They are gradually surfacing as the most likely and legitimate group of Tamils equipped to resolve the woes of all Sri Lankan Tamils as well as winning the confidences of All Sri Lankans through their contributuions towards eliminating the evil band of terrorists led by Prabhakaran and there is every likelihood they would eventually also emerge as a significant political power with Karuna as their representation in Parliament as opposed to the imbecile Prabhakaran who needs to face the long arm of justice and does not have any capabilities towards democratic politics being the imbecile he is!

In the meantime the USA and the rest of the powers that be in what appears to be a subtle attempt to chastise, intiimidate and censure the Sri Lankan nation need to think twice about their objectives and the dangers it might have if the LTTE terrorists misinterpreted their signals!This also extends to unmitigated international blackmail unless the extensions of concern are structured with supportive exhortations with both logistical and material support towards eliminating the Tamil Tigers before they even to a degree further devastate Sri Lanka !



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