Search Engines 'YouTube' And 'Google' Said To Be Broadcasting LTTE Propaganda Need To Be Investigated!

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February 9th 2007

In a remarkable disclosure based on the latest Internet spy researching done by specialist organizations assigned to this cause, the Internet publicity search engine ‘YouTube’ has been exposed as one which has now been infiltrated and invaded by LTTE propaganda videos. ‘YouTube’ which has just done a deal with its larger and more widely known counterpart( if the comparison could be made) ~ Google for $1.65 Billion, seems to be providing free services to the banned Sri Lanka terrorist group the LTTE with blatant disregard to the protocols involving the publicising of banned international terror organizations and their activities of which the LTTE have now become one of the more prominent perhaps next to Al Quaeda and seems in dire need of world scrutiny towards addressing an issue which could otherwise imperil many freedoms of the world from the viles of terrorism !

While ‘YouTube’ has been reported to be the latest American company to welcome quite blatantly and with open arms the activities of terrorist group the LTTE by way of propaganda it seems mind boggling that they should do this in the face of the notoriety the LTTE have carved for themselves based on their part for the murder of a former Sri Lankan President, a much loved Foreign Minister, ex Indian Prime Minister Rajive Gandhi and a long list of political leaders and prominent journalists and lately even the head of a large Hindu Temple in Sri Lanka for his obeisance and respect to Sri Lanka's President and brutally gunned down by the LTTE who are an infamous group of ruthless terrorists responsible for dragging Sri Lanka into a war for secession unsupported by even the Tamil community they falsely claim to representthrough many pretences where the nation has been devastated by the LTTE terrorist attacks and attrocities which have left close to 80,000 dead and greater numbers injured or maimed horribly.

Undoubtedly and almost shamefully in this world of dog eat dog business ventures, organizations such as YouTube appear to be unconcerned by the harm and damage they might cause to the world and its freedom loving communities in their pursuit of financial gain where publicising organizations such as the LTTE through global advertising which if it can be proven is something which needs swift investigating and imposing punishment according to international law and if necessary disbanded. It has even been suggested very credibly by apalled observers more discerningly aware of the implications of organizations such as these that any money to be made from advertisments on the LTTE video download pages supported by 'YouTube' will be ‘blood money’! All one needs to do towards establishing the credibility of what is being suggested here according to latest information as reported albeit unconfirmed is to go into the 'YouTube' search engine of the'YouTube' website in the same manner as one would the search engine of Google!

That victims of LTTE attacks and all those opposed to their criminal activities will be outraged by LTTE propaganda videos has to be an understatement where it seems a clear case of American companies supporting international terrorism despite the so called global ‘war on terror.’ spearheaded by the Bush Administration.There have been investigative enquiries from authoritative sources and the news media demanding an explanation from the YouTube organization about the goings on relating to the publicity given to the LTTE terrorist group but all it has elicited according to latest reports is an indifferent perhaps even obnoxious ‘No Reply’ from the YouTube's complaint department showing complete contempt to public opinion it is alleged as to how they portray the suffering of the Sri Lankans, Indians and also the Tamils living under ‘land arrest’ and forced into refugee camps by the LTTE's fighting that no right minded Tamil want's and a truly apathetic response!

Towards further corroboration of this indiscretion by these news engines it has also been reported in the Asian Tribune news website in an alarming dispatch by internet spy specialist Mr. Glen Jenvey that quote"

‘Google’ and ‘YouTube’ are inciting others to act hatred and support terrorism by allowing to host LTTE propaganda video films. You would not find a Sri Lankan or Indian multi-billion $ company hosting Al-Qaeda beheading videos, but with a quick search on YouTube you can find videos LTTE killing civilians in Sri Lanka.‘YouTubes’ insults to victims of terrorist attacks and international business who have been killed or attacked over the years by the LTTE, terrorist groups, like Al-Qaeda uses the internet but if any one knows history you will find the world leaders in internet terrorism was the LTTE long before Bin Laden even dreamed of attacking America or the first head was chopped off in Iraq and the video was posted on the internet.

Google and YouTube should learn fast to police their own web-site's before boasting to the worlds press about their Billion dollar deals as some find LTTE videos hosted by them offensive not just personally but to the entire humanity in the world!Velupillai Prabaharan, the LTTE leader is one wanted by Interpol, but his speeches, LTTE battle clips, and child soldiers are all clear on some of the videos I have watched on the videos beaming from You-telecom’s headquarters, the new base for Tamil tiger terror media wing. You can see some of the videos hosted by this all American company here. so what can be done? Complain to YouTube search the web-site and mark all the inappropriate LTTE video clips you will find, flag them as inappropriate button just under each film, and complain to’ and make the internet a ‘LTTE free zone.’ ending quote

It seems a great irony that while the LTTE as a terror group are being decimated in the North and East of Sri Lanka, their personnel condemned, cornered and routed at every turn by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces and their total annihilation fast approaching, organizations such as YouTube and Google seem to be continuing to contribute towards propagating infamous LTTE propaganda with impunity.Something in the best interests of a terror free world which needs to be investigated and set right while effecting the necessary punitive actions on those responsible by those in charge if this accusation is provable!



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