Why The Administration Has Every Right To Take Preventive Action Against Terrorist Attacks Without Meaningless Theatrics From The Critics!

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June 11th 2007

Call it "Administrative bungling", "inadvertent ethnic cleansing", "a rage against Tamils" or whatever convenient phrase that comes to mind but the fact of the matter is it is an action that should have been taken but handled with kid gloves! Neither of these descriptions by definition are logically applicable and perhaps the Prevention of Terrorism Act should have been re- instated or implementd as the case may be prior to a clean up of enclaves within Colombo as well as other major cities as a necessary evil but only targetting the most suspicious and those who could not establidh bonafides as to why they are in Colombo.

There are no picnics or pilgrimages that LTTE supportive Tamils make into the City of Colombo as it is common knowledge at least among the more discerning and perceptive that the LTTE and their degenerate vermin are ever on the lookout for a means to infiltrate Colombo and target whatsoever or whomsoever they can and regardless of who is huffed and who isn't eumbraged, what the Government has attempted to do is on theright track towards redeeming the Nation of terrorism where it have perhaps made a slight Faux Pas in not classifying who is a terrorist supportive and who isnt in the eyes of the pundits!

It is all well and good for sections of the Internationall Commmunity, world leaders who know little beyond their noses about what really goes on in Sri Lanka relative to LTTE terrorism, the obviously biased Tamil Diaspora and even the opposition politicians ever ready to capitalise through opportunism towards their own agendas to raise a hue and cry that the action was wrong and unjust but the fact of the matter is there is an on going scourge of terrorism in Sri Lanka which needs to be put down and all stops need to be pulled without reservation towards eliminating it albeit with one problem.

There is a certain difficulty in establishing who is a terrorist supportive and who isn't beyond certain conclusions towards establishing at least a degree of proof which can be offset against suspicious behavious and an inability to substantiate their bona fides and it is these types who by virtue of having no reason to be in the capital Colombo at a time when LTTE skulduggery is rife that need to be apprehended, their credibilities checked and those with no real reason or explanation about their presence in Colombo incarerated within the binding statutes of the land.

The Supreme Court or any other High Court may have made a ruling on the basis of constitutional rights as well as democratic human rights that it may be unjust to incriminate innocent Tamils but where do their jurisdictions stand as applicable to the criminals within the mass of the Tamil Community who at times even sheild and protect them.Is the law of the land now attempting to further facilitate the transition of the State from a legitimate democratic one into one of anarchy and fascism as dictated by the LTTE terrorists merely because there are dissentors to Governmental Action towards preventing terrorism by virtue of their stupidity and imperceptions and to all appearances championed by the long arm of the law which seems to have grabbed the wrong criminal as the ultimate irony and granted free access into Colombo for the more dangerous types!?Is there a hint of bureaucratic bungling here? Case in point perhaps for the Lawmakers to chew on before they go about prioritising litigation which would supplement the terrorists rather than create a utopic harmony in a situation that needs to be fine tooth combed to isolate the innocent from the criminals where the writing on the wall should read "Better Safe Than Sorry!! In lighter vein it has to be said that "It might however be pardonable beyond the oversight if the Law in this case might recommend radio collaring and tagging these criminal infiltrators so as to be monitored once they are returned to the Capital Colombo! Ironically just hours after this ludicrous game of tag involving the forcible expulsion and the right about turn decision to gring back some of the displaced Tamils a cache of explosives large enough to blow up half of Colombo has been intercepted and recovered by the armed forces so lawmakers eat your hearts out before the next big bang and perhaps lay out a red carpet for Velupillai Prabhakaran's veiled thugs to enter Colombo!

True enough! The administration does not seem to have gone about this task in the proper manner leaving room for open criticism from all the wrong sources who do not whimper when the LTTE continue their attrocities, ethnic cleansings, intimidations, murder and mayhem in the North and East of Sri Lanka and now attempt to encroach into built up Sinhalese populated areas but make a big deal in crying foul over an action that some believe was inevitable where the modus operandi could have been different so as not to convey to the world what has been wrongly construed and the hyenas in waiting for just such an opportunity to subsequently indulge in a feeding frenzy!!!Regardless of the sanctimonious self-righteous voices which prattle over the injustice of it all, Colombo and other Sinhala populated areas have an imperative and urgent need to be rid of the LTTE vermin and their infiltrators who pursue their ambits through their sneaky, covert means unless they want the city to end up as a mass of rubble, death and destruction sothere no need to be overly contrite about the recent sting operation towards removing undesirable loiterers from Colombo beyond it being a contingent preventive measure.

One needs no high profile intellectualism to figure out that intimidating Tamils in general from Sri Lanka's capital city of Colombo would not have been the intention of the Rajapaksha administration when it gave directions to the police to comb guest houses and places of lodging to find whether there were any suspicious and unscrupulous persons linked to the Tamil Tigers in order to secure Colombo from any intended attacks by the terrorirts, and word has it that there were many such! As proven in the past the Tamil Tigers have a habit of using their own community as a smokescreen and even 'plant' them in these' guest' houses and places of temporary accommodation, boarding houses, chummerys etc to plot their evil and conspire to disrupt the smooth functioning of the State and the lives of innocent people and the holier than thou comments from many pundits consequently become a matter to be disputed on the grounds that the State Administrators if conclusivety aware that the Nation is indeed threatened from many perspectives by terrorists have a bounden duty to protect its citizens despite the hoopla and hype of the media egged on by the dissentors, in particular the Tamil Diaspora who orchestrate the theatrics need to make it seem real !

It may be quoted, as one reporter has analysed it that "the implementation of the operation was done on the wrong footing. The manner in which the police have conducted the operation has given the impression to the international community that the Rajapaksa administration is engaged in 'ethnic cleansing', a practise that was once part of the agenda of the Tamil Tigers when they chased the Sinhalese and Muslims from the North wiping out their existences ruthlessly and perhaps the protesations about the Administration wrongly illustrated, being the furthest from the truth, to accommodate a false portrayal of something which was indeed justified taking into consideration National Security to which the wrong terminologies too seem to have been added towards wrongful presentation and a fomentation of dismay where the justifications for the Government's precautionary measures by far override the bleatings of the bandwagon which criticises the Rajapaksha Administration at every turn and translates into upholding the mendacious terrorists and their supportive ilk! It seems a gross misinterpretation by some quick to scream "FoulPlay" and an equally gross misrepresentation by others whose sympathies for terrorist supportives have no place in any moral society where the vulnerabilities of the nation from terrorist attacks have not benefited in any way towards being secured and rendered safe as the meaningless theatrics over the issue continue as the main issue ironically involves the continued tolerance of condemned terrorists!!

Consequently,The Administration Has Every Right To Take Preventive Action Against Terrorist Attacks Without Meaningless Theatrics From The Critics!

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