Teaching Tamil Tigers (LTTE) published by Australian Medical Journal (AMJ)

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya

The Editor,
Australian Medical Journal (AMJ),

Dear Sir/Madam,

Teaching Tamil Tigers (LTTE)

This is a journal dedicated to the most Noble Profession in the World, i.e. to improve the quality of life by alleviating the suffering of life be it human or in animals.

However this doctor has soiled, tarnished and devalued the Journal by promoting violence, encouraging and training a terrorist organization that perpetually inflict agony and suffering to the mankind. It makes me wonder how weak your editorial board to give publicity to your pathetic saga.

He has used your good journal to publicise sympathy towards a most brutal terrorist organization in the World. In doing so, he has endorsed the brutal acts of this organization.

I expect you to give the same publicity to my view point as well.

Just see how conniving this doctor is to hoodwink the Immigration Authority of Sri Lanka with a cock and bull story of coming there to lecture on Paediatrics to medical students in Kilinochchi hospital and surreptitiously moved to teach LTTE cadres how to attend to injured LTTE soldiers. He conned the Immigration Authority again to extend the visa just to prepare the terrorists to wage war against the very government who allowed him to stay in the country. Finally he bluffed his way out to carry an internationally non-recognized terrorist flag as his priced possession.

Would Australian Department of Immigration allow any foreigner to conduct lectures for a terrorist organization?

At the outset I must say this doctor John S Whitehall is no second to former NSW Federal Court judge and human rights activist Marcus Einfeld who is presently committed to stand trial on 13 perjury and traffic offences. Couldn’t believe a person of such calibre would stoop to such low tactics to escape from a trivial offence.

Obviously one can be very vocal with $$$$ signs dangling in front of the eyes, this depends on how successful this doctor in his profession.

It is of utmost importance for you to note, that there is no conflict as such between Sinhalese and Tamil communities in Sri Lanka. In fact, the majority of the Tamil community lives in peace and harmony among the Sinhalese. High class Hindu Tamils do not accept nor respect this organization led by “Prabakaran”, they would never accept him as their leader.

LTTE is a ‘blood thirsty racist’ group led by some misled Tamils terrorizing against the Govt of Sri Lanka and its people irrespective of their ethnicity with an intention of carving out a separate state.

As you rightly publicised in that map it is clearly shown where Tamils “Traditional” mother land is; it is none other than “Tamil Nadu”. This good doctor didn’t have the presence of mind to ask this unfortunate group “Isn’t that your rightful place to be?” That is the home for 60million Tamils.

For “God” sake this tiny island is the only place for 17million Sinhalese in the Globe. They have not, will not claim any other area in the Globe merely because they have established themselves in somebody else’s’ land.

Here we should note the difference between a person's land of birth and his/her motherland (or fatherland as the Germans would say). The latter is the land of our ancestors who built a civilization culture and language for over two centuries. Accordingly Sri Lanka is the motherland of the Sinhalese.

So, Sinhalese have no other home land or mother land in any other part of the world, unlike the Tamils whose homeland is Tamil Nadu established on January 14, 1969. Ninety percent of the world's Tamil population lives in India and 75 percent of them in Tamil Nadu which is twice the size of Sri Lanka.

The Chinese in Malaysia is not entitled to a second homeland in Malaysia where a large Chinese community lives. Its real homeland or native is China. Malaysia is the homeland of the Malays where they are the bhoomiputras.

So why should Tamils be entitled to a second homeland in Sri Lanka when next door to this island is their real homeland having a history of many thousands of years of Tamil civilization?

Any foreigner has only to visit Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu see the difference between the two countries and find out what the true Tamil homeland or native land is.

The Chinese who have been in this country even before the arrival of English prisoners did not claim any part of this country. However same cannot be said with the latter, who later claimed the country having virtually annihilating the natives of the country as Australia.

Hypothetically would you encourage or lobby the government of the country to give away certain area of the country in future to any ethnic minority who would claim an area due to their presence in the country for long time? Suppose there’s a qualifying period for that claim, just imagine the change in the map of Australia in years to come!

His article has all the clues exposing his visit is solely to transport dangerous contraband under the guise of medical aid, seizing the weakest moment due to relaxing of the scrutiny of the goods brought to the country during the Tsunami period.

It is too obvious that he had a sigh of relief once the Department of Prosecutions has dropped investigating his link with the LTTE.

It is very sad to see how such a person can get away with Law, when there’s all the evidence to show his involvement with a renowned terrorist organization.

He says money was sent to England for a course on radiation Biology, is it for him?

Or to Sponsor for someone else? I wonder where this money eventually landed!

Would radiation biology be of any importance to LTTE fighting in the jungle? Only the time would tell.

Yours Sincerely,

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya

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