The Opposition Leader And His Cronies Are Making Themselves Liable To Treasonous Behaviour In The Name Of Democracy!

Insight By Sunil Kumara For LankaWeb
July 16th 2007

In a classic example of Jingoism and cronyism combined with rank disdegard to the manner in which he as Opposition Leader should conduct himself Ranil Wickremasinghe continues his desperate attempts to smear and slander the President and his administration.

L little realising the specatacle he is making of himself as his rhetoric often laced in lies, innuendo and deperate concoctions typify exactly what he and his cronies in his new formed alliance with Mangala Samaraweera and Sripathy Sooriyarachi amongst others accuse the Rajapaksha Administration.

If only he would take a good look at himself in the mirror and pause to think for a moment despite all his indiscretions, by some stroke of fortune towards his personal well being might realise he is headed in a dangerous direction with far reaching consequences for himself much worse than what another of his former buddies and an aide de camp SB Dissanayaka was subjected to by way of indictment, incarceration and imprisonment for what was interpreted as irresponsible and reprehensible actions against the then Administration.

The leader of the opposition has had the affront to take on the all powerful albeit wise, pragmatic and compassionate President whose patience is probably wearing thin over the continuous slander insults the Rajapaksha's are being subjected to.

Through the Wickremasinghe rhetoric which he says is in the name of democracy but all things considered he seems to have forgotten his own darker side when one recalls his role in the Batalanda massacres, conciliations to Sri Lanka's Public Enemy No1.

His role in the build up of LTTE terrorist capability whaich has come back to haunt him and how fortunate he was that the then President turned a blind eye to his liabilities thereto. He still has the freedom to spew insults at the present President of Sovereign Sri Lanka in his vain attempt to regain administrative power when many believe he should be behind bars or at least under house arrest! He has no Carte Blance to be unequivocally obstreperous towards discrediting the President!

Wickremasinghe is also held in contempt by many Sri Lankans that it is he himself and none other who was willing to betray the Nation into the hands of the LTTE during his tenure as Prime Minister.

Here he is now making wild accusations with no tangible proof that the President had cut a deal with Velupillai Prabhakaran during the last Presidential elections where it seems rather suprising that the President does not challenge the unlikely trio of Wckremasinghe, Samaraweera and Sooriyarachi to put their monies where their mouths are on the related issue or face punitive liabilities and the related incarcerations being serious allegations against a Head of State!

And that is not the end of the story, Wickremasinghe has also taken on the faction of the High Buddhist Clergy which is probably the most powerful of them all and represent the people of the Nation who voted them into Parliament.

Wickremasinghe a converted Buddhist from a high Anglican heritage is even trying to preach Buddhist philosophy to the clergy of the JHU suggesting that they have brought disrepute to the Buddhist Sasana and another example of the man's ignorance and apathy where his related transparencies are plainly visible and fast becoming the laughing stock of the Nation which can never be brainwashed by the cooked up gobbledeygook of the Wickremasinghe entourage and is probably headed for dire straits as far as his political future is concerned!

Here is an example of the wrath he has incurred amongst the Buddhist Clergy! " By the reception accorded to the Tigers, Ranil has been appointed theTiger Leader of the South of United Sri Lanka.’said Aturelye Rathana Thero as reported in the Dinamina Newspaper of 31st Oct. 2005.

The Lakbima Newspaper of 8th Sept. 2005 reported, Archaeological Scholar Ellawala Medananda Thero as saying “Ranil ! means, the one who is with the LTTE, fulfilling the ambitions of the Tigers. If by an unfortunate circumstance, Ranil becomes the President, people have to consume poison and die in a divided Lanka” Athureliya Rathana Thero told on 29th Oct. 2006

Another expression of dismay reads “Now Ranil is helping the Tigers. Ranil will come only after agreement with the Tigers” quoting Champaka Ranawaka on 11th Oct. 2006 in a media statement.
In his latest entreaty to the nation where he says "All must rally to save the country from the Rajapakse Co. Buddha Sasana from evil Buddhist Clergy Co.- while addressing a training workshop for Media Secretaries at Sri Kotha on 13th July 2007

Ranil Wickremesinghe has typified what many accuse him of as being, an assinine, verbose and reckless individual prepared to gamble with his credibilities which even at the present are at a very low ebb where many of the more discerning within Sri Lanka hold him in very poor esteem! Perhaps his slogan sans credibility against the Rajapaksha Administration needs to be rephrased to read "THE NATION SHOULD RALLY AGAINST THE JINGOISM AND CRONYISM OF RANIL WICKREMASINGHE TO THWART HIS DESPERATE ATTEMPT TO BRING SRI LANKA TO DISREPUTE IN THE EYES OF THE WORLD!"

The following item which contains reprehensible and very contentious accusatiions against the Administration as well as the Jathika Hela Urumaya and the Sihala Urumaya all dedicated towards National Patriotism and a fervour towards the Sinhala Nation in an unprecedented affinity in the long history of the Nation that the likes of Wickremasinghe and his cronies will in all probabilities never comprehend in a lifetime being the traitors and betrayers they have proved themselves to be !

Harping on a dubious theme of " awarded " contracts in an attempt to link the President to a speculated act of irregularity with deliberate intent, despite cooked up affidavits, names of unlikely go betweens and a whole slew of innuendo which no intelligent or perceptive individual will truly believe or accept as reality as the tangible requirements towards real proof seem to be conspicuously absent in Wickremasinghe's presentation to the Nation and as a matter of fact seems sacrileginous!

In all probabilities Wickremasinghe has this time around bitten off a bit more than he could chew or digest where his ensuing discomforts are bound to be visibly apparent to the Nation soon enough!! It is hoped for his sake that the Administration will not lay charges in response to his accusations as the Head of the Justice System in Sri Lanka does not view such indiscretions as being exempt from the related liabilities by virtue of status or high office and there are many within Sri Lanka who believe Wickremasinghe and his cronies are guilty of treasonous behavious in the name of their own concept of Democracy in deference to National Unity where there is already an elected and accepted Head of State!!

"All must rally to save the country from the Rajapakse Co. Buddha Sasana from evil Buddhist Clergy Co.- "

The UNP is a People’s Party. As before, so we shall continue to protect the Institutions of Democracy in the country. Today, we are saddled with the task of protesting and fighting against the Rajapakse Bros. Co. who have shaken the very foundation of Democracy by their secret pact with the Tigers. This sordid secret deal was disclosed by none other than President Rajapakse’s erstwhile Ministers Sripathy Suriarachy and Mangala Samaraweera,,( now in their own new Party SLFP (M)) ,who were present at the scene of the actual discussions between the LTTE and Rajapakse Bros.

Sripathy Suriyaachi pointed out in Parliament with actual facts that President Rajapakse in his program for the last Presidential elections had a secret deal with the LTTE to prevent the Tamil voters in the North from exercising their franchise.

Accordingly, Tiran Alles who met the LTTE in regard to the secret deal agreed to pay Rs.1500 million to them. Rs. 700 million before and Rs.800 million after the elections.

This Deal has been widely published, the Newspapers as well as we have made public announcements, but there have been no protests against this nor any action for defamation filed by the Govt. This means that the defamations are true.

But, one event occurred, the Maubima Newspaper office was closed for exposing this, and it’s Chairman taken into custody.

Tiran Alles has made a special statement to the Police as to how he introduced Emil Kanthan, the LTTE link to Basil Rajapakse, Lalith Weeratunge and P.B. Jayasundara. He had also stated very clearly how this group agreed to make the payment to the LTTE. Besides, Alles, continuing his statement has explained how this group had agreed to facilitate this payment by a Cabinet paper.
A Weekend Newspaper too had given out details of this Cabinet paper. This paper has been presented on 02 August 2006. Mind you, this atrocious Cabinet paper has been signed by the Country’s President, himself. – The so called Dutugemunu the 2nd, and so called fifth in line Mahinda – Mahinda Rajapakse.

Although the majority is Sinhalese in this country, this Cabinet paper was presented in English. “Rehabilitation of this Country under Jayalanka Housing Project – First phase of the North East Housing program”. It was under this title the Cabinet paper was presented.

This Cabinet paper was devised to give the construction of 400 houses in Triincomalee to D.M.K.Holdings Pvt. Ltd. of 437/A, 3rd Lane,Vavuniya, and Batticaloa construction of 400 Houses to Everest Civil Engineering Services of 113/1, Mill Road, Ukulankulama, Vavuniya.
A sum of Rs.750 million was allocated towards each of these projects.

Both these Companies did not fulfill the normal requirements of Tender procedure.
At 113/1, Mill Road, Vavuniya there is no Everest Civil Engineering Services. There is only one P.Nandana Kumaran and his wife in occupation there.

Similarly, the Company, D.M.K.Holdings Pvt.Ltd; has been registered on 23 December 2005, its Directors are ShanthiKumar BishoKumar. Shanthi Kumar Gajan Kumar and the other Director, Barakawi ShanthiKumar is the wife of Emil Kanthan.

Tiran Alles has in his statement to the Courts described Emil Kanthan as a member of the LTTE Intelligence Unit and a most deadly individual.

At the address of this Company there is no D.M.K.Holdings Ltd; There is only an individual by the name of Varnasingham Subramaniam , who knows nothing of this Co.

This Cabinet paper signed by the President facilitated the payment of Rs. 1500 million to the fictitious Companies of Emil Kanthan bypassing and flouting all Tender procedures and norms. So far not a single house has been built out of these monies paid by Mahinda Rajapakse on the Cabinet papers.

Is there a Company in the Vavuniya jungles who can handle a project of this magnitude of Rs. 700 million? Can there be a Company like this Ukulankulama to whom the money was purported to be paid? Of course, there can be such Companies in Colombo, Kandy and Galle-Matara
What are the qualifications Barakawi ShanthiKumar, ShanthiKumar BishoKumar and Shanthi Kumar GajanKumar have to be awarded this project?

Every naked truth of this sordid secret Deal between the Rajapakses and the LTTE; and the colossal payment to the Tigers is now an open secret. Indeed ,our Parliamentarian Lakshman Kiriella has asked in so many words , is this Thoppigala loud ‘Circus’ and ‘Tamasha’ to cover up the greatest betrayal ever in the History of Sri Lanka by the President and his Co. making a total sell-out of this country to the LTTE ?

It is the duty of the Rajapakses Govt. to provide clear answers to these questions .Instead, the Rajapakses are trying to sling mud at me. Let them be warned that they cannot find an escape route from these sinister betrayals.

In those days there were many who protested against secret agreements with LTTE. They also shouted loud that this country cannot be betrayed to the Tigers. The JHU spearheaded this campaign. “Prabakaran, the terrorist and murderer is trying to make Ranil, the President. Ranil is campaigning for Presidency in collaboration with Prabakaran” alleged Champika Ranawake as stated in the Lakbima Newspaper of 28th Oct. 2005 ‘ By the reception accorded to the Tigers, Ranil has been appointed theTiger Leader of the South of United Sri Lanka.’said Aturelye Rathana Thero as reported in the Dinamina Newspaper of 31st Oct. 2005.

The Lakbima Newspaper of 8th Sept. 2005 reported, Archaeological Scholar Ellawala Medananda Thero as saying “Ranil means, the one who is with the LTTE, fulfilling the ambitions of the Tigers.”
“If by an unfortunate circumstance, Ranil becomes the President, people have to consume poison and die in a divided Lanka” Athureliya Rathana Thero told on 29th Oct. 2006

“Now Ranil is helping the Tigers. Ranil will come only after agreement with the Tigers” Champaka Ranawaka told this on 11th Oct. 2006 before the Press.

Now, it is very clear to everyone what exactly the true picture is. Velupillai
Prabakaran, the murderer and LTTE Leader helped Mahinda Rajapakse to succeed as President of Sri Lanka.

It is also crystal clear that Mahinda Rajapakse gave money to the LTTE and he is bound by the LTTE on this agreement.

What has Champaka Ranawake got to say on this? What has Archaeological Scholar Ellawala Thero got to say? I am asking from Hela Urumaya who was so vociferous against the LTTE, as to why they are silent?

Sinhala Urumaya earlier gave over the party to the Sangha Ratne. Was this action , right or wrong ?This was done at the instance of Thilak Karunaratne and his group,.the result of this was the Party taking a religious character.All the portfolios were given over to the Buddhist clergy by a letter , and was accepted by the MahaSangha.

At the polls, Buddhist priests were elected to Parliament. Kolonnawa Sri Sumangala Thero resigned from his parliamentary post, and another member was appointed..But, what did Omalpe Sobitha Thero do? He arranged for the withdrawal of the appointments and replaced them with Champika Ranawake. Actually, under the terms and conditions, Sobitha Thero had no powers to do so. In addition, Champka Ranawake has no right to take over a property of the Temple.

I explained to the Parliament the other day that this was an absolute robbery of Temple premises. When I questioned them, they were dumbfounded. They could not give an answer.
Will those individuals who pillage sacred Temple land and make it their own private property protect the Buddha Dhamma?

These Ven. Buddhist Priests came to Parliament accusing that the Politicians and Parliamentarians are unscrupulous , breaking all laws , culture and traditions ,and destroying the country.The village folks did not believe them But, those in cities, came in their Benz cars shouting ‘Sadhu, Sadhu ‘ and voted for them.

They thought when car permits are issued; the Venerable Priests will not accept them. But, that did not happen.

The price of the Super luxury Benz car free of duty of Archaeological Scholar Ven Ellawala Mettananda is Rs. 35 lacs!
I am a Parliamentary member from 1977, and I was a Prime Minister. Yet, I never got down a luxury Benz for my permit.
Similarly, Ven Sobhitha Thero not only collected the Benz car, he also sold it .This is the story of the Ven. Clergy in Parliament. And does not stop at that
There is a dent in the economy of this country to the tune of Rs. 100 million because of the Vehicle imports.according to Ravaya paper
Sihala Urumaya received a licence to open a radio and Television channel from the Government to conduct a Buddhist service. According to information received, this permit has been sold for Rs. 120 million.
What is Sihala Urumaya doing after blaming others? They are making a total sell-out of the Buddha Sasana. They are commercializing religion.
Masquerading as protecting the Sinhala people and the country, they are chasing after to achieve their personal agendas.
The so called Sentinels of the Buddhist faith cannot stoop to scandals in the name of Buddhism At least the robe and the shaven head must be respected even if they don’t care for Lord Buddha’s sacrosanct teachings.
There is another Company that has amalgamated with the corrupt- tyranny nourished Rajapakse Bros. Co destroying the country.., that is this sinful immoral Buddhist Clergy Co who in the name of Buddhism is destroying the very roots of Buddhism

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