Christmas Offerings - True Stories

Asoka Weerasinghe Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

December 16, 2007

The Editor
Medical Journal of Australia

Dear Editor:

You have stymied me in a big way. I am not quite sure of your editorial policy, but what ever it is, your Christmas Offerings of True Stories, looks like your Journal is into intrigue, lies and Diaries of Medical White-man’s stupidity. That’s what Dr. John S. Whitehall’s story of ‘Teaching Tamil Tigers’ was all about.

Whitehall romances the Tamil Tigers, and then he pities them complaining how inadequate the terrorist hospitals were. And lo and behold, a revelation opens every crevice of his mind and he says, “I later learned of economic sanctions and under funding by Colombo.”

Under my breath, I told myself, “This man John Whitehall seems to be a fool. Does he really think that the Government of Sri Lanka should be providing funds to its enemy and up date their hospitals?” Whitehall is naive at best. He did not have the presence of mind to ask these terrorists, “Surely you have a choice. Without waiting for the Government that you are fighting to provide funds to upscale your hospitals, why don’t you all use the millions of dollars that you collect every day, every month, every year from the Tamil Diaspora.?”

They had been collecting over two million dollars every month from Canada where I reside. They are not paupers Whitehall, they are billionaires. The Tamil Tigers, at one point owned 11 ships to transport weapons to fight their separatist war, and those ships were not bought at silent auctions with hands full of peanuts. Surely, Editor, don’t you think that Dr.Whitehall should stick to his Neonatology without using a renowned Medical Journal for propaganda purposes for a bunch of ruthless terrorists? Your journal has been used with cunning by Dr. Whitehall.

This good Doctor turns into a brain-washed Tamil Tiger puppet and exudes mush when he says, “My mind was fascinated by the stories of medicine, my emotions drawn by their humanity.” Wow! These are the same inhuman thugs who terrorized and plucked infants from the arms of young Sinhalese mothers and bashed their heads on rocks, like enacting their symbolic breaking of coconuts as a Hindu ritual with one deftly throw onto a hard granite rock at Kataragama. Ha! “humanity”, my foot Whitehall. From which planet did you descend from? “…my emotions drawn from their humanity”, you said. These are the same humane Tamil Tigers that you romanced with who lined up 700 Sinhalese policemen who had surrendered in the Eastern Province and shot them dead through their skulls, everyone of them blind folded and their hands tied at their backs.

“My emotions drawn by their humanity, Dr. Whitehall said”. Little wonder why I called, this Christmas Offering, as a “Diary of a medical White-man’s stupidity.” These are the same humane Tamil terrorists who pulled 33 innocent Buddhist novice monks out of a bus at Aranthalawa., shot and mutilated them on June 2, 1987.” So much for John Whitehall’s sense of “humanity’. That is sick.

Your Editorial Board has insulted Christians who celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by publishing Dr. Whitehall’s Christmas Offering of intrigue, stupidity and cunning. You all made a mistake by publishing Dr. John Whitehall’s propaganda piece and it is best that you all re-visit your Editorial policy, as this Christmas Offering is really holding a candle for the most ruthless terrorist group in the world that has perfected the art of suicide bombing. Let me inform you that your worthy Medical Journal has been used for terrorist propaganda.

Dr. Whitehall concludes his story by showing his surprise – “The bad news is that it is unlikely I will ever be able to return to Sri Lanka, and the needs of the north-east weigh heavily.” This statement doesn’t say much for a supposedly intelligent white-man, who is trying to live the colonial uppity notion of “the white-man’s burden.”

Dr. Whitehall should stick to his Neonatology, without wanting to skip one more time through the fields of land-mines in Killinochchi, planted by his “humane” Tamil Tiger terrorists with the intension to reduce legs into stumps with each explosion and sometimes death. He, quite rightly assumed that he will be sent back as a persona non-grata on the first night plane back to Queensland with “Silent Night…Unholy Night…. All is not calm for Me …. And all is not bright ,” singing in his ears. And so it should be.

Asoka Weerasinghe
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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