The World Cup Has Become A Stomping Ground For Terrorist Activity As A Result Of Organizational Neglect Of The Most Important Aspect!

© Insight by Sunil Kumara For LankaWeb -April 21st 2007

April 16th 2007 has been a dark day for World Cricket with respect to the ICC and the organizers in the West Indies as this is the second time in the tournament they have apathetically neglected the prime importance of security and permitted rabble rousers of both Amnesty International and the internationally banned terror organization to infiltrate the playing fields breaching security during the progress of a game.

What if these had been some murderous suicide bomber or bombers where the end result might have been disatrous? What response would the ICC and the West Indies Authorities have come up with alongside the excuses which may have been rife towards justifying their own means and covering their derrieres?There are no excuses for lax security at events such as these in the world of today and both the ICC and all organizers of such events need to get their act together and never leave room for any compromising of the safety of the audience as well as the players and a cause for shame that such an attrocity ensued with very little preventive action having been set in place or any real punitive action in the aftermath.Would the response from the authorities have been any different if this had been an Al Quaeda invasion of the pitch one wonders? It also needs to be noted that this invader has boldly suggested that he saw fear amongst the Sri Lankan players, leaving room for further speculation of his real intent and the what if he had been armed? becomes a very valid ponderable issue!

To add insult to injury the miscreant, an openly admitted Liberation Tiger terrorist supporter by name of Maiyooran residing in Toronto Canada has not been taken into custody for blatantly publicising an internationally banned and proscribed deadly terror group where he hasbeen let off easy by the West Indies Police in Grenada who by rights should have incarcerated him as a criminal and held himin a holding cell prior to deportation and the pussyfooting past Canadian Authorities at pearson International Airport where he should have been arrested at point of entry in Canada by the RCMP rather than making light of it and permitting him into Canada where the LTTE are a banned organization, purely on the grounds that this man has been propagating terrorism at a world event.

It has also to be highlighted that thisTamil Tiger Agent who Invaded The Cricket Pitch In Grenada on April 16 is purported to have done so in similar capacity to a previous disruption of another game by Amnesty International the World Human Rights Watch Group at another World Cup Game which has now entered the annals of infamy for Amnesty Int. who campaigned against Sri Lanka's alleged human right's record which comprises more of fabrications than reality by comparison with other parts of the world!

Many analysts believe there now seems to be a conspiracy to defame Sri Lanka by both the Tigers and Amnesty and prompt preventive action needs to be taken by the authorities so as not to permit carte blance to either of these organizations if they are working hand in clove to discredit the Sri lankan Government.

Amnesty International are now attempting to enter Sri Lanka perhaps to further indulge in their meddlesome activities but have been denied permission to enter Sri Lanka which seems an appropriate move by the Sri Lankan Authorities especially when they are said to be in collusion with the Tamil Tigers! A greater investigation into A I's track record needs to be conducted before they are even considered as bona fide visa recipients.

The conclusion that Amnesty has links with the LTTE has been arrived at on the admission of Maiyooran himself who also had on his possession Amnesty International anti Sri Lankan propaganda material where the credibilities of Amnesty seems to have been floored by their own indiscretions and many worldwide accusations that they are a bunch of meddlers and now turned bucket carrying sycophants for the terror group LTTE where there is ample evidence of links between the Tamil tigers and AI!

Maiyooran has had the nerve to state to the Canadian media that he did not encounter any problem at the Pearson International
Airport, Toronto when he returned from his terrorist mission having been promptly deported from Grenada to Canada for invading the cricket pitch during the World Cup Super
eight cricket match at St. Georges, Grenada between Sri Lanka and Australia on April last 16th where in all probabilities he deserves to be apprehended, indicted for being a terrorist collaborator and deported to wherever he entered Canada from, while revoking his Canadian Status! This of course might be wishful thinking as the Canadian Authorities have a long drawn reputation for protecting such individuals where previous Administrations are even accused of participating in some of their front organization's activities!

The incident which took place On April 16th when Sri Lanka was fielding in the match between Australia and Sri Lanka, involved Maiyooran running across the field holding the Tiger
flag over his head. This was a move to glorify Tamil Tiger terrorism, an organization whose activities are banned by international law as well as a multitude of nations around the world and frowned upon by greater proportion of the International Community well aware that the Tamil tigers have exploited pubic events to carry out such contentious propaganda.

The first such incident took place when the Tiger terrorists invaded and desecrated the pitch at Lords, London UK where on that occassion too a blind eye seems to have been turned by the British Authorities on what was tantamount to a leniency towards terrorism and its global network when the Sri Lankans were due to play against England at that prestigious cricketing venue also known as the Mecca of cricket! Despite the issue being raised on may occassions in both Houses of Parliament as to why the LTTE were tolerated to the extent they were in the UK? nothing constructive had been done previously towards tightening the net around UK based LTTE activities and one of the most notorious LTTE activists Anton Balasingham was provided a safe haven there until his passing where his terrorist links together with those of his wife Adele a banned Persona Non Grata Australian were known globally .

A profile of Maiyooran indicates that he is a Canadian Citizen of Sri Lankan Tamil origin, who admits that he was acting on behalf of the Tamil Tigers a banned organization in Canada, United States of America, European Union countries and India. In an almost contemptuously arrogant manner he has articulated that "At the Canada airport Canadian Immigration officials let him enter Canada freely without any problem. In an interview published in the Tamil Tiger website Tamil Net, Maiyooran
while speaking about his performance in Grenada, West Indies said he was deported by the Police in Grenada and did not face any problem at the Toronto airport when he arrived which is a slur on Canadian Immigration Authorities and perhaps a faux pas by the the New Conservative Government which has vowed to go after terrorism in any form or perspective and if this isn't a manifestation of terrorist support one wonders what is?

That this seems a clear cut case of a huge collective oversight by the International Cricket Council and the West Indies Cricket Board initially for very lax measures initiated to prevent an intruder invading a game leaving both the spectators as well as the players very vulnerable to any attrocity the intruder might have initiated hardly needs emphasizing more relative to the reprisals which could have been far worse than a terrorist flag carrying miscreant running across the pitch.

There is also a great irresponsibility on the part of both the Administrations and Law Enforcement Agencies of Grenada and Canada respectively for having permitted this individual to go scot free as it could well be a precedent creating scenario for the ambit of terorists at future major sporting events not forgetting the disastrous and tragic events of the Munich Olympics and given the dangerous terrorist image and reputation of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam where this person has openly bragged about his links with the terrorists this incident should not be treated lightly!



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