The Latest Counter Terrorism Conference Rendered Unproductive Through The Logic Of Dr Chailand.

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21st October 2007

As an aftermath of the latest counter-terrorism conference in Colombo the so called counter terrorism expert Dr.Gererd Chaliand seemes to have shot himself in the foot contrary to the premise that he is an expert and appears to be more of an LTTE stooge sent out in collaboration with Sri Lanka's enemies who seem to have fed him with so much balderdash which contradicts practically every reality which attests to the state of affairs in Sri Lanka today and all he has had to offer to the conference is a wimpy rhetorical effort where he says somewhat circumspectly that the Sri Lankan Defence Forces can’t crush the Tigers leaving many analysts and intelligence sources who know the realities behind this speculation somewhat perplexed and angered including Sri Lanka's much respected Defence Secretary!

Some have even asked how this individual was invited to the conference which was more a fact finding mission about the progress relative to counter terrorism than a commune of interfering ne'er do wells towards the cause of counter terrorism where to all intents and purporses the man seems to have been attempting to ursurp the progress made by the efficient march of the SLDF which is overwhelmingly decimating whatever is left of the LTTE residue.

He has even attempted to portray Velupillai Prabhakaran Sri Lanka's Public Enemy No.1 sought after by Interpol, the Indian and Sri Lankan Governments and made such a hash of his own image that the conference intended to find further means to counter the terrorist problem in Sri Lanka has been transformed into a comedy of errors and perhaps even a media circus! Case in point for the Sri Lankan Authorities about their choice of invitees in the future towards such conferences where the contentious presence of self styled experts including Anne Arbour the so called United Nations Specialist on Human Rights which seems to be no exception where lessons need to be learned towards the future and if necessary the Sri Lankan authorities would probably be better off going it on their own rather that deopending on coackamanie 'authorities' who oftentimes tend to compound issues rather than resolve them! These issue after all are better known to the Sri Lankan authorities or one would assume this to be the case where there seems hardly a need to involve foreigners who intervene and disrupt rather the help the cause with their pundit mentalities at times laughable!

Contrary to 'expert Chailand's myopic views presented at this conference which by rights should have had a stronger response by the GOSL it is becoming fairly obvious that there appear to be many ways the Sri Lankan Government could categorically crush its Tamil Tiger foes ( with all due respect to Prof.Hudson Maclean who has waxed somewhat draconian! ) simply because the logistics, armaments and the direction with perfectly capable leaders appointed towards the military task have given every indication that it will simply be a matter of time before the LTTE are run to ground and disbanded within Sri Lanka and all indications point to this at the present! Whether they regroup outside the Nation is of no consequence to the issues within the Nation once they are dealt with and their non emergence as a terrorist force thereafter by way of re-entry has to be one of the Nation's foremost priorities with the expected collaborations of every existing source dedicated towards eliminating world terrorism. Whoever harbours them or help their cause outside Sri Lanka is something the international community will be obliged to deal with. They of course will have to be able to differentiate between LTTE terrorists and freedom loving Tamils and perhaps no mean task with all the theatrics the former's supportives are capable of and daunting to say the least but a worthy Fait Accompli as the incentive!.

It is this strain of freedom loving Tamils who deserve the wide political autonomy as minority Tamils and part of mainstream Sri Lankan Society with little or no terrorist links which Chailand was perhaps refering to inadvertently and indeed the only answer this so called leading European counter-terrorism expert should have alluded to in the aftermath of the LTTE's demise rather than talk shop at a conference which to all intents and purposes has been funded at the taxpayers expense and appears to have been a wasted effort beyond irking the wrath of many Sri Lankans who know what the LTTE represent, the direction they are headed in and believe that their demise now appears to be a foregone conclusion.

Somehow the attitudes and mentalities of Chailand and Arbour before him seem to reek of an agenda which would serve the enemies of the Government very well where disrupting the advances of the Armed Forces seem to be the objective behind their nasty little schemes while conveying a tarnished picture to the world about National Objectives at the highest level while holding its highest representation responsible where the skullduggery of the likes of one Ranil Wickremasinghe and his motley band of anti Government disruptives could easily have been the catalyst for such individuals to make such bold and perverse statements without lending their unstinting support towards the Nation which invited them to participate in Sri Lanka's struggle against terrorism in the first place!

It needs to be observed with no trepidation and confirmed realistically as reported by many unbiased sources that " With near daily land and sea clashes, ambushes, bombings and air raids amid a new chapter in a two-decade civil war is being enacted by a more powerful and well equipped Armed Forces than ever before.The Government is now taking the war to the rebels with offensives to drive them from any territory they might control which is sovereign and the justification for same unquestionable. Sadly despite the unfortunate increases to the toll in human lives, public and private property a felt need towards eliminating the terrorists is being met and as long as the terrorists do not relent their terrorist objectives the Government of Sri Lanka must persist in the drive to eliminate them whilst any interference by meddlesome foreign pundits should be deemed intolerable!

Beyond the conjecturial and incongruous logic of Dr Gerard Chaliand, former Director of the European Center for the Study of Conflicts incorporating his rhetoric which has suggest that theSri Lankan Government 's tactics are flawed, he has gone on to adulate somewhat ignorantly the almost disbanded and crippled LTTE who are struggling for their survival with a leader said to be in very poor health and perhaps on his way out of his misery through natural causes rather than with the help of a Cyanide capsule. and has had the nerve to suggest by his own reckoning that "No way, you can't crush the Tigers ! Technically speaking they are the most efficient movement at present in the world." "Before them I've seen two others which were outstanding. The Vietnamese, and the EPLF from Eritrea-they won. (The Tigers) are the third one," he added. "You don't crush those guys with the Sri Lankan Army, which by the way is not the best in the world." That a man who utters such apathetic and misguided statements needs to be evaluated for his stupidity needs little assessment where many questions need to be asked about the credibilities which have projected him to his status as a terrorism expert!

One thing he has said at the conference has a ring of truth to it .When Chaliand describes the Tigers as a totalitarian killing machine, and says there appears to be little prospect of negotiating a peace deal with the rebels as long as shadowy rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran remains at the helm it points to the indelible reality of the direction of the Armed Forces and why it is justifiable! They need to be waved on towards completing their task and ridding the Nation of terrorism with no thanks to the sources that constantly try to disrupt the objective !

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