Attacking the Christian community in our motherland.

Prasad De.Silva

Dear Lanka Web,

First of all let me convey my heart felt thanks to your good self for hosting a very important site for all Sri Lankan’s, I do read your site every day to get vital information & up to the minute news of Sri Lanka. This site I believe is a very helpful site to all Sri Lankan’s specially for those who are Living oversea to get information of our motherland, whom we all as Sri Lanka’s treasures & loves dearly.

But unfortunately, it’s quite disturbing to read some of your articles specially attacking the Christian community in our motherland. I have read many articles in your site, involving Specially the Christian Clergy supporting and abating the LTTE propaganda & there undemocratic acts of violence etc, etc.

Unfortunately I have never seen the Editor or who ever is writing these information & news on your site, saying or highlighting any wrong doings of Buddhist clergy. It seems to me and I am quite sure the articles that our published in this site attacking the Christian Clergy & the Christian community is done by a Buddhist.

Please do remember we Sri Lankans do have a written history of 2500Years, It means we should be proud to say that as a Sri Lankan we were civilized 2500years ago. In a civilized society any body who condemns/ insults/ or attacks another Human Being because of his/her faith is not acceptable & it is Racism.

At the same token I would like to bring it to your attention, 99.99% of the Christian community is Sinhalese. So If the Buddhist Insults or marginalize the Christians because of there faith means, There will be a division amongst Sinhalese. Because 99% Christians are Sinhalese. So the LTTE do not have to wage a war against to take over Sri Lanka, it will be us who gives the LTTE the Key to the Country. Because the Sinhalese are divided & dividing at present for there Religion too. May be it is a way of showing the insecurity of a society & a faith.

Furthermore, May it be Buddhist or Christians, Our people have relatives and family in both faiths in the same family & friends unit. So in all means we are connected either Buddhist or Christians. We should not forget it was at the right time President Mahinda Rajapaksa came into power, If not at that stage there would have been a Religious Cleansing be done by the Buddhist to the Christians. As you aware the Majority Buddhist started burning & assaulting the Christian Clergy and the Christians & there churches just before president was elected {this form of unethical & uncivilized acts were done on many occasion for the Christian community. Can any one deny it in Sri Lanka????}. We as Sri Lankans should be shamed of this situation.

We are divided for;

Cast/ Creed/ Race/ Name (Ex: William Perera is respectable than Somapala Perera)/ Religion/ Height/ Area you Live in (Up-Country Sinhalese & Southern Sinhalese)/ Colour (Fair Skin Sinhalese are High class than Dark Colour Sinhalese) The House we Live in/ Food We eat ( If you eat Pasta with the Fork is high class than eating Sinhala rice with fingers) /Language we speak (If a Sinhala person cannot speak English, they are low grade)/ Job we do (House Helper is a Low grade person) / The Car we drive/ clothes we wear/Now when I think I wonder as to what we Sri Lankan Sinhalese are NOT DEVIDED. Isn’t it a shame???????????

Once I read an article in your site saying, Christians are giving money to convert Buddhist to Christianity. I personally was shocked to see & read this article. I think you have to be more responsible when you publish an article. We should make all efforts to unit the country and not to divide. I truly understand that your site is a News & current affairs site, but yet you have to be careful when publishing any form of sensitive subjects. You must refrain from publishing insulting articles against any religion.

It is evident in the 2500 years of written History of Our Motherland, Not a single Buddhist Monk has done Politics & has gone to the Parliament until recently. Once any human being takes up politics, that person at times cannot behave as a civilized human being due to the pressures of politics & its demands of all kinds. So I see even Buddhist Monks have done wrong in our country. To become a Buddhist Monk a person must give up all worldly pleasures and they are not entitled even for a pairs of slippers. But are they doing it in Sri Lanka????? Are they practice this in Sri Lanka???? And who question this from the Buddhist Monks???? I see many Buddhist Monks traveling on Pajeros/ Benz etc. These are questionable to the Buddhist faith…. But no body publishes this type of behavior.

Any how there’s so much I can write and highlight, but it is not worth... Because we must strive for a united Sri Lanka. It says “LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH AND LET IT BEGIN WITH ME”….

Hope you will take notice of this mail and its views. Once gain let me assure you that this is my personal opinion and I have sent you in good faith and not to offend any one or any faith what so ever.

I know I cannot change the world or Sri Lanka on my own, But I try to do my part to my people, what ever the religion they may be. Because any faith is in a man’s heart, So no one can take it away. I mean No body.



Prasad De.Silva

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