Dr Hooles Proclamation About The Reprisals Over Militarilty Eliminating Velupillai Prabhakaran, A Far Fetched Fallacy !

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26th September 2007

In a statement which sounds like a load of tripe despite the writer being a recognized personality and an intellectual attached to the University of Jaffna, Dr Rajan Hoole, a Tamil rights activist who won the Martin Ennals award recently, has warned the Sri Lankan Government against killing the LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran as though his philosophies on the theme are gospel when all they are tantamount to are personal opinions absolutely non conducive to the well being of the Nation of Sri Lanka whose very existence has been plagued by Prabhakaran for decades not because he could not have been eliminated but purely due to the duplicitous excuses of past administrations towards letting the man continue his evil existence to their own advantage using one excuse or another towards the cover ups which granted his freedom as opposed to being incarcerated.

The former President J.R.Jayawardena, his successor Ranasingha Premadasa as well as present leader of the opposition Ranil Wickremasinghe and his distant relative the former President Chandrika Kumaratunga can realistically take a bow towards this worthless accomplishment (the first two mentioned posthumously!) as these are some of the players in the Administrative game of cat and mouse which let the villanous Prabhakaran also dubbed Public enemy No.1 get away when cornered. It is sacrileginous on the part of Dr.Hoole to even hint that "Prabhakaran's destruction through military action would only result in his becoming a more dangerous legend among the Tamil people than he was already" where he almost seems to be exhorting the continued villany of Prabhakaran and perhaps even attempting to incite the Tamil people to take up this " crapology " which has no place in the projected well being of the Sinhala Nation and needs to be objectively trashed.

It would seem a very appropriate and meaningful euphemism for Dr.Hooles idealogy about Prabhakaran to be transmuted to suggest that the only means for Sri Lanka to acheive a lasting peace and posterity would be through the total elimination of Velupillai Prabhakaran and his murderous terrorists.This nonsensical reference towards making Prabhakaran a legend if eliminated through Military Action would be best infered as a figment of his own mind rather than the minds of the Sri Lankan people who would line up in a milling throng to proclaim that Prabhakaran is worth more dead than alive but not for the reasons portrayed by Dr.Hoole whose Tamil activist mentalities consequently come to the fore and perhaps even slighting the prestige of the Martin Ennals award relative to the impact which statements adulating criminals such as Prabhakaran would have on the entire concept of such awards!This is quite apart from the tongue in cheek assumption that the M.E. Award is terrorist friendly!

To further emphasize the fallacies of the Hoole deposition which suggests that "treating the destruction of Prabhakaran as an end in itself" has to be once again transmuted to emphasize that it would be an end to a long standing era of pain and suffering for the Sinhala Nation which incorporates not only the Sinhalese but also the non terrorist supportive Tamils, Muslims and other minorities which would thereby make him a menace to the Nation which when removed in the sense of eradication as in vermin, a far cry from being 'a legend' with the exception of the Tamils in a minority around the globe who were having an obvious difficuly in coming to terms with the fact that the LTTE had been committing crimes against the Tamils themselves. When Hoole suggests that he was often reprimanded by the Tamil people for exposing the LTTE's violence which somehow does not align with the mentality of a Tamil Activist. It seems more of a personal idealogy to suggest that there was a powerful government in Colombo "committing terrible atrocities" against the Tamils which had to be fought and in that context, it would not be prudent to expose the wrongdoings of the LTTE which seems tio have been cleverly twisted to sound as though he was the peacemaker and not someone surreptitiously inciting his Tamil Community as an alternate interpretation.

Dr Hoole's reported reaction to the Sri Lankan Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa's declaration that there would be a political settlement only after the Tamil Tigers were militarily crushed where Hoole has said that "this was putting the cart before the horse, and would be completely counter productive" seems somewhat confused and with all the natural bias that such a statement carries being a Tamil activist.There are many who agree with the Defence Secretary's rationale which includes a multitude of freedom loving Sri Lankans who have put up with the Prabhakaran band of cowardly terrorism for long enough and many representatives of world powers pursuing the cause of eradicating global terrorism and if Dr Hoole prefers to champion him it is his business with obvious ramifications and to deal with the impact it may have on the Sinhala Nation may be an onligation resting with the Sri Lankan Administration to confront Dr. Hoole to verify whether or not his statements were intended to incite the minority Tamils at which point he probably needs to be dealt with within the statutes governing Sri Lankan Law at a time when emergency regulations and the Prevention of Terrorism Act amongst others may be binding factors towards stifling the likes of Dr.Hoole !

Enough lip service has already been paid to the somewhat monotonous theme suggesting a "reasonable political solution" which has not worked thus far with a bunch of terrorists who don't seem to comprehend the meaning of the word reason where the so called" long standing aspirations of the Tamils" seems steeped in conjecture and an imagined sovereignity for less than 25% of a visible minority of Tamils who until the internal armed insurrections of the Prabhakaran criminals were content to lead a peaceful existence within the confines of Sovereign Sri Lanka and until terrorism reared its ugly head and all hell broke loose for no apparent reason other than the personal idealogies of the terrorisrs which due to the ineptitude of the authorities to deal with effectively at the time has surely resulted in the calamities which followed!

In the present climate of things within Sri lanka what needs to be offered to the Tamil people as a priority( the right to their free existences as citizens of Sri lanka unimpeded by the didctates of terrorists!) certainly would seem logical in whatever form presented only after Prabhakaran and his motley crew are totally crushed and kudos to the Defence Secretary for his unfettered view about this! The LTTE's violence, intolerance and separatism needs to be dealt with perforce utilising the long arm of the law and all the military resources available and none other, inasmuch as other nations such as the USA, Great Britain, France, Spain. Germany, Indonesia and the Phillipines to name some that are currently dealing with their own terrorist related problems where in some cases peaceful resolutions have been concluded.

Yes Sir Dr Hoole! The LTTE must be defeated, and the way they are defeated indeed crucial but contrary to your belief the ultimate defeat could only be achieved by the relentless armed forces offensives in place today given the reluctance of the LTTE to lay down arms and come to the bargaining table as ordinary Tamils and the only time the concept of the Tamil people being given adequate democratic opportunity becomes realistic as it would not be overshadowed by thew will of mendacious terrorists of evil intent.

With all due respect to his status at Jaffna University Dr Hoole seems to have forgotten somewhat conveniently that the political solution on offer refered to has indeed been at the disposal of the LTTE for some years now but one which has been categorically repudiated and scorned by the LTTE with the likes of S.P.Thamilselvam, R.K.Illyanthiran and the rest of the semi illiterate and cross eyed LTTE spokespersons leading the cacophony about their firepower, their idle threats and what they would do to the nation as an alternative to peace and quite naturally as he suggests would be very difficult for the Tamil moderates to wean the Tamil masses away from the LTTE where most unfortunately for them the Tamil moderates only have the bearing of fangs of retreating tigers with tails between their legs to support their bogus claims towards the task whether it be war or peace!

Dr Hoole appears to have overstepped his metes and bound once again in suggesting that the Sri Lankan Government was wrong in taking Indian support for granted. According to him India was feeling that if the Sri Lankan Government continued to be insensitive to the political demands of the Tamils and concentrated only on military action, a separate "Eelam" might be inevitable. If this were true Dr Hoole probably needs to be asked where this State of Eelam might be today as the military action has been persistent and continuous towards the need to eliminate the LTTE not only from the North and East of Sri Lanka but from wherever they may have ensconced themselves in the smallest perspective for sometime now! and according to the Hoole logic Eelam must surely be well established in Sri Lanka by now but to the seeing eye not even a speck on the horizon !

To all intents and purposes Dr Hool is on a mythical journey himself in deluding himself to believe that by propagating what appears to be backwater bilge such as "Disregarding Tamil aspirations and stocking up an excess of hardware to defeat him (Prabhakaran) militarily, would make him a more dangerous legend, dead or living. People would then remember him not as a villain who brought ruin on the Tamils, but as the man who understood the Sinhalese polity and refused to bow down," which seem more of a speech made in desperation and frustration that the only semblance of establishing what some might envision as Eelam has long since evaporated and perhaps a desperate attempt at an impossible recussitation A La the Hoole bleatings! To call this worthless psychotic despot, a man who understood Sinhalese polity not only sounds totally far fetched but is also a bold attempt to humiliate the Sri Lankan Administration with subterfuge and unclassified statements of similar nature solely intended to prey upon the gullibilities of a Nation in turmoil as a direct result of the very criminal being adulated by Dr.Hoole. That the man wreaked ruin and havoc on his own Tamil people however an understatement which brings to bear that not all of Dr Hooles emphatic emotions in his statement are incomprehensible!

It seems however a fair conclusion based on recent opinion polls to deduce that it is a mere minority of blinkered Tamils who deny the stark reality of the man's criminality and regard him as a liberator where even this blinkered, myopic states of minds relative to their opinions are fast losing the intensities of their intended adulations of a criminal whose tranparent criminalities are all but exposed to the world and a felon who needs to be brought to justice for crimes against humanity regardless of the praiseworthy songs of Dr.Hoole and the dangers linked to his elimination in his opinion somewhat mythical and exaggerated !

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