IF This Is Not The Time To Wipe Out The LTTE What Is?

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Time to take stock of the situation in Sri Lanka from a military standpoint where the purported two attack air-craft belonging to Liberation Tigers said to have carried out bombing raids at the Sri Lanka Air Force airbase at Katunayake at 12:45 a.m. early morning Monday seems loaded with speculative nuances.

For instances how did they fly into a high security zone uindetected by radar and how did they allegedly return safely to the Wanni or is this more balderdash generated by someone the LTTE call a " military spokesperson "of the LTTE, Rasaiah Ilanthiraiyan who is more a rif raff monger of their putrid organization at the best of times and someone who needs to be cornered and dealt with effectively for his role as a terrorist in a banned terrorist organization!

There are unconfirmed reports also that in the aftermath of the attacks a plane or planes missed their intended target and went down in the compound of the base. However if this is the latest capability of the LTTE it seems a challenge now for the armed forces to search out where the craft returned to and deal with their presence effectively and for the Government to stop parleying about tolerance, dialogue and devolution packages and secure National Security to the fullest where not a single Tamil Tiger or their supportives in any capacity should be left standing or alive

.It surely is a smear on the nation's defence capabilities that a puny outfit of terrorists now have the capability to targert an air base aerially where in reality they run around refugee camps and churches trying to recruit child soldiers and most of their efforts to ship arms and aircraft parts into the nation, extort money through intimidation and threats are reported to have been thwarted albeit some of the tolerances shown by the present as well as previous administrations could well be taking their toll! This ring very true to a degree if one looked at the manner in which the LTTE are said to have built a satellite broadcasting system capable of transmitting to Europe whereas they continue to remain a terrorist organization and one hardly needs to ask the question " is this for real ?"

Then comes the bewilderment that despite the intelligence reports made available to them where the GOSL and its armed forces have for sometime now known of the LTTE's build up towards aerial capability even in some small measure, have done little or nothing to quell it if all the information about this latest attack is true.There was a comforting thought sometime ago where it was reported that the Air Force in its relentless drive against the LTTE had in fact destroyed an LTTE airbase, lightaircraft parked covertly in a secluded part of the Wanni and also destroyed a takeoff and landing runway but alas as the case often is, this seems tantamount to high flown rhetoric alone regardless of who broadcast it given these latest attacks!!

Obviously the targets for the air attack have been the SLAF's Kfir and MiG-27 hangers and their planes at the military base located adjoining the Katunayake International Airport (KIA), according to this jungle rat in hiding Ilanthiraiyan calling himself a 'military spokesperson' who spews all his rhetoric from a hole in the ground rather than coming out into the open where his castigations if caught would probably be unmentionable.To his utter dissapointment and those of his criminal buddies the attacks have proved somewhat futile and misdirected where the planes have missed their tarket and a few innocent Air Force personnel have been killed and airbase staff injured as reported."Two SLAF personnel were killed and 17 wounded in the attacks according to SLAF spokesperson in Colombo. The injured have been rushed to Negombo hospital from the military airbase, medical sources said some said to be in critical condition!

While the main Katunayake International Airport (KIA) did not suffer any damage, according to military sources there has been a great deal of anxiety and a mad scramble of passengers for safety who were present at the time, and here again after the previous attacks on Katunayake some years ago in July 2001 it appears that enough has not been done to secure the Airport and safety of the passengers and workers where there might have been another carnage had Katunayake been targetted! Case in point being how did these aircraft avoid the safety radar surveillance and how did they direct themselves to the area other than if the security was lax or certain negligencies had been set in place based purely on the apathy of personnel appointed to the task?

Certainly it is easy for Mr.Sandana de Silva, Communication's Director for 'Srilankan,' Sri Lanka's flagship passenger air-liner, to assert that the International Airport is shut and all 'Srilankan' flights have been diverted to an air-port in a South Indian state. Immediate areas surrounding the air-port and the adjoining SLAF airbase have been cordoned off etc etc. as part of his bulletin to the media but the fact of the matter is it seems to override the fact that this attack has ensued due to a huge breach in national security where the LTTE have been given too much leeway when they in fact should have been either cornered and incarcerated or decimated and crippled when the opportunity was there, taking note of the negligences of previous regimes also who prefered either to pay homage and or kiss their rear ends and to let Norway do the playacting on behalf of the LTTE courtesy of the duplicitous Eric Solheim and co.doing the hooting and literally dancing to their tunes while playing into their hands while the LTTE made merry regrouped! and returned to the shooting eventually

The despotic deposition by Rasiah Ilanthiraiyan following the first 'major aerial attack' by the Tigers where he has further said that "The attack is not only pre-emptive but also to safeguard our people from indiscriminate bombing by the SLAF seems another aberration of the logic and rationalities needed to interpret his garbled verbosity as there is no "Our People" other than his loyal LTTE cadre and residue of scattered diaspora which no longer constitute an appreciable or accountable percentage of all the peace loving Tamils of Sri Lanka who have long since abandoned their faith in Prabhakaran and named him as a psycopathic killer who needs to be brought to justice! And if this is infact the first 'major aerial attack' by the tigers it should also be their last where the Sri Lankan Administration and the Armed Forces now have their work cut out in an obligatory response to the people of Sri Lanka and her neighbours to ensure that the LTTE are wiped off the map or face the real related consequences!

In having the nerve to suggest even in fantasy that " Other Sri Lanka military installations will also be targets of our future attacks." this wretched example of humanity Illyanthiran who seems to have carte blance towards his terrorist identity as well as his bragging by virtue of an incomprehensible administrative tolerance which should be of a zero nature rather than tolerated at all! has further compromised his terrorist organization's expectations towards recognition of any form towards their credibilities not only within the Nation of Sri Lanka but the entire global community which decries and denounces terrorism in any form and is truly paving the way for the Sri Lankan Armed Forces, India and every other world power dedicated to the task of hunting down criminals of the image of the LTTE and perhaps Illyanthiran has signed his death warrant alongside those of the Wanni tigers who need to be sought out and destroyed in their entirety.



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